Monday, July 25

DAP cares for Dayaks?

KUCHING: Encouraged by the support given by the Dayaks in the recently concluded state election, Sarawak DAP has formally formed the Dayak Brain Trust (DBT) with the aim to understand the needs of the Dayaks, their concerns and their culture as it expands its activities into the rural areas.

Dr. John Brian Anthony, a Kuala Lumpur-based consultant has been appointed to chair it.

The idea of forming the Trust came about in the wake of the strong support of the Dayaks for DAP candidates in the last state election, resulting in some constituencies where DAP candidates winning with bigger majorities.

DAP’s six of the 12 seats were won due to the swing of Dayak support between 30% and 34% in mixed constituencies.

The Dayaks comprise the Ibans, Bidayuhs, Kayans, Kenyahs, Kelabit, Penans and other non-Muslim natives who form about 60% of Sarawak’s 2.4 million populations.

Sarawak DAP Secretary Chong Chieng Jen, who revealed this today, said that Dr. Brian is expected to recruit at least 10 more Dayak intellectuals to sit in the Trust which objective is to act as a ‘think tank’ for the DAP.

"The members of the Trust are not necessarily members of DAP. Intellectual Dayaks who have the interest of the Dayaks and the State are allowed to join.

“This Trust is set up for the purpose of giving advice to DAP on issues affecting the Dayaks and making recommendations and proposals to help the Dayaks,” he said.

“It is a consultative council to look at the welfare and concerns of Dayaks working in Peninsular Malaysia who are forced to leave Sarawak to work in Johor Bahru, Klang Valley and in other parts of the country.

“There are 45,000 Ibans in Johor Bahru and 40,000 in Klang Valley. Altogether, there are 125,000 Ibans working in various capacities in Peninsular Malaysia,” Chong said, pointing out that some of them are faced with hardships and are separated with their families.

Chong related a sad story of an Iban worker from Bawang Assan who worked in Johor Bahru. Due to his own problems at work, he was unable to look after his wife and children who were left behind in the longhouse. His wife had to divorce him.

“This man told us of his plight,” he said, pointing out that the majority of them are earning between RM1, 200 to RM1, 500 a month.

“It is a sad thing that they have to leave their longhouses to look for jobs in Peninsular Malaysia because Sarawak’s economy is stagnant.

“They are young and productive workers who can contribute to Sarawak’s economy if they remain in the state. Imagine, if more than 120,000 workers return to Sarawak, they can contribute around RM120 million to the state economy,” he said.

“These are some of the issues that the Trust can discuss and recommend to DAP which will in turn raise them in the Dewan Undangan Negeri or in Parliament,” he said.

Chong, who is the state assemblyman for Kota Sentosa, recalled that he tried to raise the plight of Iban workers in Peninsular Malaysia at the recent sitting of the state assembly and why they were forced to seek jobs away from home.

“I was debating the amendment bill to Land Custody Development Authority (LCDA) and attacking the state government’s development on native customary rights (NCR) land which only benefits the cronies and not the landowners.

“The fact that there are thousands of young and productive Iban natives going to Peninsular Malaysia to earn a living shows the failure of the government’s land development policy.

“This was when BN state assemblymen shouting at me and so rowdy were they that the Speaker forced me to sit down saying that I was touching on a very sensitive issue.

“They were really scared to hear the truth,” Chong said.


Banting said...

In 2009, someone who is very influenced in a political party mooted the idea of setting up Dayak Endowment Board to help the poor Dayak community in the state. He said the setting of the board would make policy as it would facilitate assistance in section of the marginalised and left behind Dayak community, because he added in Sarawak there were families earning less than RM200 per month. WHAT IS THE PROGRESS OF THE BOARD? HAS IT BEEN MATERIALISED?

Arising from the proposal, some Dayak leaders lambasted it for being bankrupt of ideas and unrealistic.

Pathetic indeed, just because Dayak community are poor people, some individuals and quarters had made used of the community as "buah mulut" in their political agenda - make promises but they cannot fulfill them and excel in pouting issues sweet to the ears but are empty in substance.

Anonymous said...

My beloved Dayak, let's us ask ourselves this question - who employed Dayak the most? How many Dayak are in the government & GLC? How many Dayak are being employed by Dayak owned companies? How many Dayak are employed by the Malay companies? How many Dayak are employed by the Chinese businesses? How many Chinese are employed in the Malay owned enterprises? My guess is that most Dayak earns their living in the Chinese owned companies. Is that bad for the Dayak? The Dayak and Chinese have work together well and the partnership between the Dayak and DAP will be good for the community.

Sri Belalang said...

In disguise of helping Dayak by political parties, association and individuals are political games of "trading promises" and political rhetoric.

However, I really admire Dato Sgn when he started an education fund in Pelagus with RM1 million to educate mostly Ibans and James Masing knows it very well.

How much did PRS contribute?

Anonymous said...

Yes, before Sng was sacked by Masing, Sng was not actually a PRS member but a member of Kuomintang, China. Please remember that all donations made by Sng to our Malay friends in Kapit are 'haram' because you never know where the source is from, as Kuomintang Party, China.

Bok pisin dunggol manok said...

Setting up of DBT is a good idea,the effort of DAP is there.PBB<SPDP,PRS and SOUP don't have any.It mean,DAP is one step ahead of the other political parties when it come to Dayak concerns.My worry now is whether the THINK TANK can really function or 'FUNCTIONING HONESTLY'.So,to DAP,choose credible and honest people, never pick the IMPRESSIVE BUT QUESTIONABLE people to be in the think tank,otherwise DBT will become CBT.soorryy..

Faker said...

To make the team more credible, i wish to propose the following achievers.

1.Dr. John Brian Anthony
2.Dr. Thomas Buan
3.Dr. Richard Wil
4.Dr. Geruka
6.Dr. Johnny Kieh
7.Dr. Kristoffer Nyuak
8.Dr. Bunyau
9.Dr. Mujap
10. Dr. Girl Missi

Anonymous said...

DAP should be credited for taking another step in trying to uplift the socio-economic & educational status of the Dayak, be it for political mileage or not. We are sick & tired of all the Dayak leaders in the govt that practice "kekayaan sendiri didahulukan, keluarga&kawan diutamakan"....

faker100% said...

And the list of Phd "achievers" goes on.................

11. Datuk Dr. Anthony Nait
12. Dr. Akaw
13. Dr. Razali
14. Dr. Lamit
15. Dr. Dawus

Anonymous said...

No.Only umno cares for dayak

Jambu Batu said...

So to DAP,as we can see from the comments here,the Dayaks especially the Ibans have a lot of PHD holders. The choice is for DAP-Dr.Abu Sayap,Dr.Unseen University,Dr.Unexisting University,Dr.Scanned Cert,DR.Internet Cert,Dr.Diploma Holder.,Dr.School Dropouts, etc,plenty of choice but be carefooool.

jusbeingones said...

Do not leave out my friend Dr. John Bumper of Long Jaw'e Ulu Belaga.

Wish to have a phd? one can just jungle stay in ulu Belaga for a short while and declare your Phd puchased after a brief stint with the wildies.

With such QUESTIONABLE characters under their trusted wing, can we take DAP seriously for the programme??

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder where this Dr Johnny Kieh got his Phd... Never heard of him attained any U or college. He should justify his qualification because i read his speech at UN NGo's conference at Philipine, rather like a secondary school students' composition.