Tuesday, November 13

PRS jittery over PBDS possible return?

Former leaders of deregistered PBDS claim there are still 100,000 ex-members who are awaiting its registration and return.

KUCHING: Is the revival of the de-registered Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) a threat to James Masing-led Party Rakyat Sarawak (PRS)? Is that why PRS secretary-general Wilfred Nissom unleashed a volley of questions at its former PBDS leaders?

In a SMS message to FMT following reports that former PBDS leaders had met up at a reunion dinner and the party’s status was discussed, Nisson asked: “What are these ex-PBDS members up to in reviving the party?

“Is it a response to PRS’s stance? Or is it going to contribute to Dayak solidarity?”

Nissom said it is crucial that protem officials of PBDS Baru, which is pending registeration, explain their status.

“Is it [PBDS Baru] going to contest PRS’ claim of being the continuation of PBDS?

“Or is it going to recover the Dayak majority seats that PRS cannot claim back due to the fact that PRS is a member of the Barisan Nasional?

“How PBDS Baru chooses to answer these questions will determine whether the party can be said to be good or otherwise for Sarawak and Dayaks in particular,” he said.

PBDS was deregistered on Oct 21, 2004 when Masing, who was then PBDS publicity chief and Sng Chee Hua, then PBDS senior vice-president, were attempting to dislodge Daniel

Tajem as PBDS president in the 2003 party triennial delegates’ conference.

Tajem’s team mate was Joseph Salang.

100,000 members partyless

The challenge created an unresolved leadership crisis which led to the party to be deregistered in October 2004. It was the same day Masing formed PRS.

Masing is the PRS president.

Of 148,000 members, some 40,000 are now with PRS and other parties including BN component parties.

But more than 100,000 of them have remained partyless until today and their anger against Masing is just like the “embers of a fire”. They have blamed Masing for the crisis.

Masing, they said, chose to side with Sng instead of Salang.

In the effort to get rid of Tajem, Masing cooperated with Sng to destroy PBDS and was blind to the real character of Sng.

The Ibans likened Masing’s association with Sng to “Kumang nupi sawa” (Kumang rearing a python) which in the end would devour him.

(When they formed PRS, Sng, who was deputy president then, tried to get rid of Masing in May 2006. Sng’s efforts almost landed PRS in big trouble including deregistration)

Meanwhile, responding to Nissom’s questions, Louis Jarau, protem president of PBDS Baru, said there is nothing for Nissom or PRS to be afraid of as their efforts to register PBDS Baru do not concern him or his party.

“We are not disturbing other people. We just want the party to be registered. Is anything wrong with that?

“It is yet to be registered, so why are you so concerned with PBDS Baru?” he said, pointing out that PRS should be more concerned with the coming general election as Sarawak Workers Party is after them.

PBDS Baru no concern of PRS

Jarau said that the purpose of reviving the party was to continue with the struggle left unfinished with PBDS’ deregistration.

“We don’t want to pick quarrel with anybody. Whosoever is partyless and shares our struggle can join our party once it is registered.

“As a Dayak-based party, PBDS Baru will be the platform for the Dayaks to voice their concerns. This will be the difference between PBDS Baru and PRS which is a multi-racial,” he said.

He lamented that as of now no party, especially in BN, has expressed concern over the way the Dayaks are being treated.

On the coming election, Jarau said: “We never think about it. Our priority is to get the party registered.

“If it cannot be registered under this present government, we will wait for a new government that can be more sympathetic to our cause.

“I am sure things will change after the general election,” he added.

Before its deregistration, PBDS was the second biggest party in the state BN at one time with 15 state assemblymen and nine MPs.



Apai irau said...

Every time there is a new political party especially those that are Dayak-based,PRS will jump up and down(baka kera di sapi belachan).PRS are so restless with SWP and even wanted to bring it to court and now even afraid of its own shadow in the form of PBDS Baru which is not even registered yet. If Masing or Nisom did no wrong to SWP or PBDS and the Dayaks as a whole,why are they so afraid of these parties.To Nisom or Masing don't talk about Dayak solidarity-how many Dayaks are in PRS compared to other parties.There are about 29 dayak majority state seats in Sarawak and how many belonged to PRS? The undisputed fact is Masing shares Taib's agenda-never allow the Dayaks to unite.That was the prime reason why he killed PBDS who had made him YB and minister,of course power greed is another factor . .Without Taib's help how in this world can PRS get registered on the day PBDS get de-registered.So Nissom or Masing,stop pretending to defend the Dayaks.

pelacur politikus said...

Hukum Karma will befall Masing and PRS. With Sng,he killed PBDS and directly ended some of good Dayak politicians career like Moggie and Daniel Tajem. Taib being scared of Daniel,has a big laugh.But Masing wont have a smooth political journey -SWP is haunting him and the shadow of PBDS will haunt him too.He mingle around with SPDP affair and belittle SUPP,boasting his PRS is the 2nd biggest party in Sarawak.POOOOdah,how many YBs Masing has compared to PBB.And how many PBB nominees are in his party,does he knows?Soon Taib,mawang and song koh will hate this big mouth fella.

Anonymous said...

PBDS is gone and it will not possibly be back. Even if PBDS BARU being revived it will not be the same as the previous. I suggest let PBDS 'rest in peace' and think of the future. We have PKR (not PRS as they had always claimed)as a new platform where the Dayaks can rely on. With the presence of PKR , the Dayaks still can fight for their RIGHTs, Survivals and Fair Shares in variuos field.

Apai irau said...

Dear JT. Two days ago i've posted a comment to your latest news extract,till today the same has not appeared.BS used to be my favourite blog,but for the past few months very few news items were reported or written here.No doubt we can read the articles or news in the newspapers,but BS always highlight those that related to Dayak issues,and that is the part i missed most-the comments about the Dayak issues and problems.Hope JT not abandoning BS.

Jetty said...

Dear Apai Irau,

We take note of your comments and suggestions. Thank you.


Apai Semalau said...

Masing has missed the plot. He shouldn't be too concern about his own shadow,that of SWP or PBDS. He should watch his back because his own men in PRS will jump ship when the offerings right. History has shown that dayak leaders in the rank and file will not hesitate to opt for a "coup d tat" when the price is right.What goes round comes around! The towkay who dares lawan masing will always win.

Anonymous said...

Come on masing...where is PRS when the dayak needs you? PRS is full of talking cocks only...yes, many PRS YBs can talk only BUT CANNOT delivered.
Look at any PRS constituencies (both State & Federal), there are no developments or improvements and the scenario is still the same way back 5 yrs or 10 yrs ago. The only development is NCR land being converted to scheme kelapa sawit with lesser benefit to the NCR land owners.
PRS is not sincere in its struggle.
PRS cannot fool the new dayak generation now.
PRS is actually a platform for Masing, Nissom, Entulu, Mauh, Mong, Doris and PRS YBs for their own personal hidden agenda.
Don't worry masing...there lots of termite in PRS wooden building now. Termite that tends to bring down PRS.


khairul044 said...

We have PKR (not PRS as they had always claimed)as a new platform where the Dayaks can rely on

Anonymous said...

Party Bangsa Dayak Sarawak(PBDS) should be renamed Party Bersatu Dayak Sarawak.