Monday, October 6

Malaysia needs Equality Act?

Following the remarks made by Ahmad Ismail on Chinese being “immigrants” and “squatters”, during the Permatang Pauh by-election in August, the Federal Government is contemplating of introducing Race Relations Act as one of the ways to solve the racial problems confronting the country.

But is it necessary? Malaysians are divided on this. While some West Malaysians agree to its establishment, Sarawakians including their political leaders on the whole are not very receptive to the idea. This is because in Sarawak, despite its multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society, the people are more tolerant towards each other. And this has been going on since Sarawak obtained its independence more than 45 years ago.

Instead of the Race Relations Act, perhaps the government should introduce Equality Act which should be similar to the one introduced by Britain in 2006.

This Act should support the development of society where people’s ability to achieve potential is not limited by prejudice or discrimination; there is respect for and protection of each individual’s human rights; there is respect for the dignity and worth of every individual; every individual has an equal opportunity to participate in society; and there is mutual respect between groups based on understanding and valuing diversity and a shared respect for equality and human rights.

The Act should aim to reduce inequality, eliminate discrimination, strengthen good relations between all people and promote and protect human rights, ensuring that everybody has a fair chance to participate in society.

As it is now, the Dayaks, despite guaranteed by Article 153 of the Federal Constitution and Article 39 of the State Constitution, have been discriminated against in the fields of education, business and economic activities, funds for development, in the recruitment to and promotions in the civil service including the Army and the Police, in NCR land development, road infrastructures, basic amenities, etc.

Unless something is done to redress this situation, the Dayaks will be very, very far left behind, so far behind that they may not be able to catch up with the advanced communities when vision 2020 comes by. This is where the time bomb lies. And the introduction of the Equality Act is not only to prevent discrimination from getting bad to worse, but also to strengthen Article 153 of the Federal Constitution and Article 39 of the State Constitution.


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An interesting post!

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borneo warrior said...

Very good and timely suggestion!Write to the MPs and suggest this ACT for them to ponder upon!

Anonymous said...

King Cup is with the Broken Shield...all for Equality Act.

Gunung Kinabalu

dayak thinker said...


dayak thinker said...

Why wait sir?

Anonymous said...

Kerajaan yang memerintah dan AMNO telah melanggar segala perjanjian yang telah dipersetujui semasa Malaysia dibentuk. Di dalam perjanjian, Malaysia adalah sebuah "negara secular". Ini bermaksud Malaysia bukan sebuah negara islam dan pengaruh dari sebarang agama haruslah diasingkan dari pentadbiran kerajaan. Perjanjian kedua yang dilanggar adalah kebebasan untuk beragama, malah media antarabangsa juga menyiarkan bagaimana orang islam di Malaysia ditahan oleh pihak berkuasa kerana memeluk agama lain. Malah kaum minoriti juga dipaksa memeluk agama islam apabila mengahwini orang islam... Kalau di Sarawak orang Dayak dapat menerima orang bukan Dayak menjadi Ketua Menteri, mengapa orang Melayu dan AMNO tidak dapat menerima orang bukan Melayu menjadi Perdana Menteri. Mungkin sudah tiba masanya untuk Sarawak keluar dari Malaysia, kerana golongan minoriti tidak dilayan dengan adil dan tidak dapat diterima sepenuhnya oleh kaum majoriti !. Untuk semua yang mengundi BN mereka juga bertanggungjawap terhadap segala penindasan yang dilakukan oleh AMNO !.. Sarawak Patut Keluar Dari Malaysia !... AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN !!!

Anonymous said...

Strongly agreed! with anonymous October 7, 2008 4:04 PM

NEIL said...

Yes, Article 153 accords Malays certain rights and privileges. But that same Article, and Article 8, do not allow imposing of quotas and permits which deny Indians and Chinese their rights in favour of the Malays. This, many people do not seem to understand.
And the NEW “Social Contract” should no longer be a verbal contract but chiseled in stone. And it should be a contract to take care of Malays, Indians, Chinese, Portuguese, Ibans, Dayaks, etc. As long as you are poor, meaning earning below RM1200 then you are taken care of. That should be Malaysia’s NEW SOCIAL CONTRACT.