Thursday, October 30

“Paramount Chief” title for Beginda?

It must take Beginda Minda a tremendous amount of courage to come out with a statement accusing both UMNO, the backbone of the federal government, and PBB, the backbone of the state government of Sarawak, of abuse of power and of big bullies.

He risks of being expelled from Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), of his business being taken away and of being condemned and ridiculed by BN leaders. But what he said is true and the abuse of power mentioned is only a tip of the iceberg.

How many our YBs and Dayak leaders who dare to speak for and on behalf of the Dayaks who have been marginalised, who have been sidelined, who have their NCR land taken away and who have been ignored in any field? You just name it!

But the way our elected leaders speak as if they do not have “tails” and what we often hear from them is “don’t do that Taib does not like it” or “Taib does not like so and so as president” or “this is sensitive to Taib” or “we must refer it to Taib” or “Taib has the final say”.

Our leaders are only interested in “apple polishing” to borrow a term used by YB Tiong King Sing against teachers who defended the director of education and they heap praises on the chief minister, hoping perhaps, that the chief minister may give them his ear.

Phrases like Taib is “champion of our NCR land rights”, “father of politics of development”, “the best chief minister in the world” are common to hear. And they are those who say “yang disayangi” or “yang dikasihi” or “our beloved” chief minister.

And one leader (enggai aku nyebut nama iya, laban iya deka nganu) uses phrases not once in a speech, but up to 20 times. When he speaks, those in the audience start to count their fingers. In North Korea, these are the phrases being showered on their leader Kin Jung-il.

Beginda would have been a better YB than many of our current YBs who have failed to serve the rakyat who elected them. In fact, Beginda deserves not only our respect, but also deserves to be bestowed with the title of the “Paramount Chief of the Ibans” or “Raja Berani”.

The last person who held the post was the late Tun Jugah. Perhaps it is a good idea to have this title restored to its former prestige and honour in an effort to instill the spirit of unity among the Ibans. Is there any SPDP or PRS leader who dares to raise the issue? Certainly this is not a sensitive issue.


James anak Bond said...

About a caution you put up in the portal:
"Dear readers, we appreciate all your views & commments in our articles. However, please be reminded that only constructive comments are welcome. Comments that are too derogatory, too racialist in nature and too personal will be disallowed."

My dear Jetty,
'Constructive argument' is subjective. 'Deragotary' is subjective. 'Racialist in nature' is subjective. 'Personal attack' is subjective. It all depends on which side we sympathize with.

Be bold, Jetty, be bold as you should. We don't expect any less from you. If I 'hentam' Dayak as a useless nation here, will that tantamount to racialist in nature? For all you know, I was only doing Dayak a big favour, which from my perspective is just and timely.

Did Jabu advise you to relax your speech? To hell with Jabu, Jetty. He's a dinasour trying to grasp with challenges in modernised political survival.

Be bold, Jetty, be bold. You have what it takes to be Sarawak RPK and Sarawak version of Malaysia Today.

::: James anak Bond :::

NEIL said...

Jetty,don't forget Billy Abit is another one.The dayaks should encourage more people to follow the footsteps of guys like this 2 great dayaks.MPs and YBs must have the courage to speak out without fear or favour.I know of many dayak MPs and YB s who are 'sleeping' from day one until they finished their terms.Such is a waste of time and these people should be shown the exit.
For now everything seems quiet.Let wait what is the next big move PRS will make.

Jetty said...

Mr J. Bond,

The note is just there as a gentle reminder to all of us (including myself) i.e. not to post comments just for the sake of giving comments. E.g. comments that are not related at all to the topic; comments that that could incite racial tensions; comments that attack people's private life (such as sex) without any basis; etc will be disallowed.

I agree with you that the word 'constructive' is very subjective. Like u said, it all depends which side we sympathize. Well, if you read my second Volume of The Broken Shield, you will discover that I "hentam" many fellow Dayak leaders in the book. Of course I have the facts and arguements to support my statements. This is what I mean by constructive comments..not just pluck from the air..

Nevertheless do not be alarmed with the reminder. We'll review any comments on case by case basis.

Thank you & regards.

Dusit Jaul said...


An EFFECTIVE leader is one who LEAD not LORD over his subject, and at the same time, knows how to win the heart and mind of his people. Now you can conduct an audit check; how many of our Dayak leaders fit in into this leadership framework?


James anak Bond said...

Neil and Dusit Jaul,

View my assertion here from positive point of argument, not racist. So, it was true what I said in my hypothesis about Dayak Syndrome, in that the non-Iban Dayaks should be allowed to path the way for the Dayaks. That I say because the Iban leaders have become so corrupt they lost sense of priorities in the Dayak political struggle. When you allow an Iban like Jabu to continue making choice for the Dayaks, we will forever get leaders like Balang Rining, Lihan Jok and Jacob Dungau Sagan. The trio were handpicked by Jabu. If we feel they're as less courageous as a Jabu in front of Malay leaders it is because Jabu shaped them in his shadow.

EXTRACT from early post:

What is Dayak Syndrome?
By James anak Bond

Drug B.
For a CORRECT sense of identity
The Ibans play a key role here. All they need to do is shut up. Shut up and allow other tribes to speak. Shut up and observe how they do it. Let everyone speaks and works in this Dayak family. That’s the only way a Dayak nation can be identified as a nation, otherwise they will continue to regard Dayak as small as a tribe, and that tribe is Iban.

I’m sure other Dayak tribes will be encouraged to play active parts in the Dayak branding if the Ibans stop horsing around as if they own the planet. Given enough room to manoeuvre, perhaps a true Dayak identity will slowly come to notice and everyone will take pride in it. I repeat, taking pride in it.

Don’t pull a face at me. All I’m saying is you give room for others to paint a Dayak identity on a canvas as big as Sarawak. You don’t own Dayak, you hear me? We need an extreme measure now, because after trying for many, many years the Dayak tribes continue to put some distance between them. Something must be wrong somewhere. Maybe the Ibans are the culprits. So maybe you should make a sacrifice. I know this is very difficult for you to do, given your nature and all, but please, please, please, please, please, Jabu anak Numpang, you shut up.

::: James anak Bond :::

Anonymous said...

siapa belakang beginda...dun care long as this guy has balls to speak/critize tuan besar taibland pun kira 1 pencapaian bagus...not cemerlang yet

where are the elected wakil2 rakyat?

vote for development OR vote for me to help me get richer?

Anonymous said...

dun care la who behind this fella but we must give him respect as he has BALLS to stood ermmm critize supreme lagi agung maha powerful taibland leader

non-wakil rakyat politician ermm just publicity cheif in rural branch has the guts to critize taibland chief-of-all , that was a good but not yet cemerlang action

as long as we the dayaks n whole sarawakians still divided by taibland and has no common goal, we will be always behind the rest

no to current gov n opposition

let us be the new force/coalition/movement to energize later movement for the better future os sarawak