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The Broken Shield feels honoured

Despite hundreds of local blogs, some of which are very critical of the state government and its leaders, the blog - The Broken Shield – was singled out when a deputy chief minister, Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang mentioned it during a cabinet meeting on 16 October 2008.

“As the owner of the blog, I feel honoured that The Broken Shield has been singled out. It means that there are people including those in high places reading the blog,” said Jetty whose real name is Joseph Tawie. He is also the author of a book, The Broken Shield that features problems confronting the Dayak community.

“I will continue to write and highlight injustices, unfair treatment and discrimination against the Dayak community,” he said.

The following is a Malaysiakini story
by Tony Thien on Oct 16, 2008. Your views and comments are most welcome.
Penan Sexual Abuse: DCM Jabu ticks off blogger
A blog posting urging the state authorities to probe the alleged sexual abuse of young Penan women in Sarawak’s Baram has angered Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu Numpang so much that he singled out the blogger for criticism at the state cabinet meeting yesterday. The blogger, Joseph Tawie, a former police press liaison officer and now freelance writer, accused state leaders of trying to cover up the controversy in his blog, The Broken Shield.

According to a state cabinet minister who asked not to be identified, Jabu also expressed his displeasure at another article by Tawie, who lambasted Dayak ministers of not supporting the inaugural Dayak Music Awards organised recently by the Sarawak Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI).

The weekly cabinet meeting was chaired by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Another cabinet minister also confirmed that Jabu also directed his scathing remarks at several individuals, including a journalist of a national newspaper, in connection with the hard-hitting postings in Tawie’s blog.

It is well-known that Jabu, who is also Parti Pesaka Bumiputera (PBB) deputy president (Pesaka wing), is echoing Taib’s views whenever there are public criticisms against the state government, especially on land matters, such as the native customary rights (NCR) issue.

The DCCI president is Leo Moggie, a former state and federal minister and now Tenaga Nasional chairperson and deputy president is a former state minister Celestine Ujang.

State Dayak ministers also stayed away from the joint celebration of the DCCI and its Sabah counterpart, the Kadazandusun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), which was held in Miri earlier this year.

The truth embarrassing for state leaders

Writing under the headlines ‘Penan rape cases: Let the truth prevails’, Tawie said: “The instant formation of a task force by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry to look into the plight of the Penan schoolgirls as a result of rapes and abuse allegedly perpetrated by timber workers is timely to search for truth.

“Timely, because state leaders in particular (Chief Minister) Abdul Taib Mahmud, (Deputy Chief Minister) George Chan and (Deputy Chief Minister) Alfred Jabu have not only accused newspapers of deliberately publishing false news, but have also accused them as saboteurs. ‘Saboteurs’ is a very strong word indeed.”

The blogger also referred to the reports in The Star on Oct 6 where incidences of rape cases and abuse of Penan schoolgirls by timber workers were confirmed.

“If there are some truth, then the truth will have an embarrassing effect on our (state) government leaders.”

He added that if the truth could be established by the national task force, then parents of the abused girls should seek compensation from the timber companies as well as the state government.

Tawie also touched on the display of public anger by Taib Mahmud against newspapers when they highlighted the 10,000 Kedayan Muslims who were to be evicted from their century-old settlement in order to make way for an oil palm plantation.

“Let take the case of the Kedayan Muslims. It seems that the state government was embarrassed when the case was reported by the media, as if they were unable to protect the Kedayans who were their strong supporters,” he said.

In order to cover up for its seemingly nonchalant attitude, the state leaders and Land and Survey Department director issued a number of statements blaming the media for publishing false reports.

The purported eviction of the Kedayans is the second of such cases in recent months, according to the blog.

Early last month, the government also denied being involved in the removal of 44 graves from a Muslim cemetery at Jalan Keretapi in the capital city of Kuching.

According to rumours, the land has been given to a company owned by an individual who is related to a state government leader.

“Now the government has assured that the cemetery will not be removed, compensations are being discussed for the damaged graves.” added Tawie.

Iban ministers no show at music awards

On the Dayak Music Awards, the blogger said the DCCI’s efforts are commendable and should be given “all-out support”.

“But sadly, there seems to be lack of support coming from the Iban businessmen and Iban ministers and assistant ministers and the absence of (state ministers) William Mawan, James Lasing, Alfred Jabu, (federal minister) Douglas Uggah, (federal deputy ministesr) Joseph Entulu and Jelaing Mersat, (state assistant ministers) Francis Harden, Gramong Juna and Peter Nyarok were obvious.”

Only state minister Michael Manyin, assistant state minister Naroden Majais and deputy federal minister Joseph Salang were seen at the event.

“Never mind Jabu, but what about the rest? We know that Jabu has always been against the formation of DCCI and its activities,” the blogger added.

The article argued that if Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek could come from Kuala Lumpur to attend the awards, there was no reason why the Iban ministers did not show up at the event.“

That was the time our singers really needed our support and support is like a horse trading (You scratch my back, I scratch yours),” he said, adding that “you may not need them now, come election times, the Dayak singers are the most wanted commodity.”

“Like in USA, as also elsewhere, including Sarawak, the role of singers in attracting audience during campaigning is now part of democracy,” Tawie said.

Tawie told Malaysiakini he was not bothered by Jabu’s remarks to his cabinet colleagues as he had merely stated the facts in his blog. #


Malaysia Digest said...


There is no one else to show the plight of the Dayaks to the world other than a Dayak himself.

ctchoo said...

Broken Shield

Through your blog you have highlighted very important things that the Great Powers That Be often regard as insignificant. I have been reading your blog for some months now. Your tone is measured and reasonable and rational. That is why your message is clear and true. Keep on the good work, bro.

artic turban said...

I love the idea and name of your blog, it is about the shattered dreams and lies perpetuated by the bn politicians, I think the time has come to get rid of this scumbag mafia once and for all, get rid of all these scoundrels who will promise the heaven and earth come election, than after elections they come and steal your land. that is what you get for voting bn and their buayas in sarawak.

Exotic photos from Borneo said...

Continue with the good work. Regards

Anonymous said...

Broken shield means: Divide and rule tactics over Dayaks.

Dusit Jaul said...


When you write about the truth, your concience is clear. Very often, the truth hurts, so was the case with what you had written. Continue to write for what you think is the truth. The truth always prevail.


Philip Tero said...

Dear Joe,

Thanks for this and all other articles earlier. Keep the good work to make us better informed. God Bless.

Philip Tero


Jabu is a misfit Iban minister only good at sucking 'Yang diKasihi's ball. Just don't bother about Jabu's whinning because that is his specialty and capability as a minister. He does not even deserved to be mentioned at all for he is non existence being as far as I am concerned. "He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow."

To Jabu anak Numpang: "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool."

Anonymous said...

This blog is one of my favourite's blogs. I found your articles to be thought-provoking and unique from the other political blogs.

Keep up the good work bro...


Tony Chan said...

Dayaks know exactly where they stand in the political and economic spheres in this country, and we do not need the likes of Jabu to make it worst. Ignore what he says which is usually to chastise or embarrass or shame his community , more so his first-class apple-polishing remarks which even embarrasses the individual concerned.Such shameless creature.

Agi Idup

Anonymous said...

Kuching/sarawak is a very beautiful place with beautiful people and culture. you should try to preserve your beautiful natural environment. Pls do not allow these non-dayaks/ibans/penans to rape your forests/mulu caves and last but not least raping your women. pls educate, unite and mobilise them to rise against these ravagers of your resources, forest and women. good luck.

Anonymous said...

thebrokenshield is a hope for the concerned Dayaks to articulate, without fear or favour, how they feel about their own community in a world that they see enjoy enormously in marginalising the minorities.The little that we as individuals or groups such as the NGOs can do to right the wrong (or injustices) will go a long way to reduce the sufferings, but we must preservere and give up not, as they say, agi idup agi ngelaban.If Jabu thinks he has the exclusive monopoly to find the panacea to cure the ills, let him but the problem is he is not making things better but making things worst by his psychopantic ways....

Anonymous said...

Dr James Masing(see The Borneo Post today)is very right in saying that anyone born in Sarawak on Malaysia Day should automatically be a citizen of Malaysia. It is wrong for the Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar to have said that it is a privilege; he most betold it is ,in Sarawak and Sabah, a right, accorded by the Malaysia Agreement and the Federal Constitution. I think he forgot there exist Sarawak and Sabah. We hope BN YBs in Sarawak and Sabah will wake up from their drunken state or slumber and make change possible by supporting Pakatan Rakyat. As many are now saying,if you have to get rid of the whole lot in order to get rid of only one man, so be it. Do it. It's not too late.

amoker said...

Continue with your work. I am also looking at ways to connect and inform people in peninsular on the issues in Sabah and Sarawak.

kadazan said...

It's great to see you struggle for the rights of the people of Borneo.

I'm from Sabah and I too know how you feel.

Anonymous said...

I'm not dayak but proudly swkian who lead my life far away from swk/msia. congrats that people in swk are getting wiser and wiser and alert ofany misused/manipulative/corruption/cronisme anything you can call it, and fight for it. my support for u and all others. this is a small step, but significant one

Jetty said...

To artic turban,

You should read my book, The Broken Shield - the birth of Dayakism (volume one) and the volume two will be out in December '08: The Broken Shield - The Dayak Dilemma.


Anonymous said...

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