Monday, October 20

A superman at work?

Datu Haji Len Talif

In his Dayak Baru blog, Dr. John Brian’s question as to why there were few Dayak civil servants in any government departments nowadays drew a host of reactions and comments from the readers. But one comment regarding a senior civil servant, Datu Len Talif being likened as a “superman at work” caught my attention.

I must take off my hat and salute Datu Len Talif Salleh as he is, I believe, not only the most remarkable civil servant in the Sarawak Civil Service, but also possesses a super human ability and capacity. With a Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree in 1979, Len Talif’s right connections and his rapid rise to the top is therefore not surprising at all.

Today after a period of 29 years, he is now the managing director of Sarawak Forests Corporation, the Director of Forests Department, the General Manager of Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC), and the Deputy Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Planning and Resource Management.

In addition to the four, he has also been given four other special tasks. All these departments, corporations and ministry are extremely important, the ones that are involved in multi-billion ringgits worth of projects, resources such as land and forest products including timber.

One commentator said: “Len Talif must be a super human to be able to cope with the tasks or duties of these organisations. He should be cloned to create more “Len Talifs” to deal with the development of the proposed Sarawak Corridor Renewable Energy (SCORE) worth about RM110 billion in terms of possible investments. Another “Len Talif” should be assigned to Sarawak’s first silicon that is now losing close to RM2 billion.

While we do not envy Len Talif’s unbelievable ability, his appointments, however, are depriving others especially in the four organisations of being promoted. In the STIDC, for instance, there are a number of civil servants including one Dayak PhD holder who are capable and qualified to helm the corporation.

In the forest department, there are also a number of highly qualified Dayak officers and so are in the Sarawak Forestry Corporation. Given a chance, they are as capable as Len Talif or as good as Idris Jala. (Idris Jala is a Dayak who is able to turn the ailing MAS in 2005 into an airlines that reaped a profit of nearly one billion ringgit last year).

But sadly, the Dayaks are not given a chance to prove themselves, although heading the Dayak promotion exercise in the State is a Dayak minister.


Anonymous said...


Good! Post it to as many Dayak as possible, including the "Creator" of "Yang Amat Berhormat Ketua Menteri Yang di Kasihi".


Anonymous said...

I guess the Dayak minister in charge of Dayak promotion exercise in the State as mentioned in the blig is none other than Datuk Patinggi Jabu aka "Yang Dikasihi"

NEIL said...

Look at what Jabu have for his loyalty to Tiab.At king centre he own Queens Court,Queens Tower,2 Badminton courts,a building rent out to the federal government near Simpang Tiga and plenty more.With a few dirty ringgit he have compete forgotten dayakism.Like what Masing say,'I won't like it today if people call me 'Lakia'(Native Iban).People with this type of mentality are what chinese call 'Kiasu'(afraid of losing).I'm really ashamed that today after they have make a few bucks,they completely have forgotten where they came from,may be they will be ashamed to walk together with their parents or friends.

Anonymous said...

the longhouse people should be told that they had been bully by UMNO/BN.. They should be told that how racist this UMNO/BN really are!!. Every Dayaks should go to all Dayaks longhouses to tell them about reality, about how bad their conditions under UMNO/BN goverment. Tell them there is no religious freedom in Malaysia. Tell them minority were not allowed to be Chief Minister and Prime Minister. Tell them we can only be Chief Minister or Prime Minister if we get out from this racist Malaysia country!. Spread the message, and don't ever stop!!!


LangRimba said...

Very sad that we Dayak people are being used by UMNO people, they categorized Dayak as Bumiputra so that we will support them, they deprive our right, they took our resources, our land and destructing our environment. Taib family rob us, taking our money. I'm putting this blame to our own people. What our people want is MONEY! Don't believe? Ask our longhouse folk, what they want.

Jetty said...

Dear readers,

Only constructive comments are welcome. Comments too derogatory, too racialist in nature and too personal will be disallowed.


Unknown said...

to jetty,

why you delete some of the comment in your blog. The comments that you delete is not racist, but it is the reality of what happening in our country Malaysia! Are you had been receive warning from UMNO people?. Do you know in Malay blogs, their comment is more racist and more extreme!!

NEIL said...

Jetty,If you keep on deleting comments from your blog then keep this blog to your mother and your children.Let them write all that you want to hear like what is happening in chedet.I have read all that have been written in your blog and I find nothing,nothing that deserve deleting.Have you been bought over by Jabu or his boss.I have a six sense that you are just waiting for them to make you a offer and off you are like those lapdogs who love to be leased.Dare you to delete this one also and then all the above are true.No wonder no one but all anonymous writers who are yourself, spinning out comments that are filtered to your liking.Brokenshield is not moving forward but down into the ravines.I will see where it ends.

NEIL said...

May be you don't like Jabu but dare not offend his boss becos that where your hopes are.Just wait for that few dirty ringgit.May be you need it desperately to repair your leaking roof of your longhouse.

NEIL said...

Jetty, reading some of your comments about Taib shows that your are trading a very careful line.Why!That shows your true color.Waiting for some 'offer'.Regarding your comments about some other dayaks, you are quite critical.For such a small blog like your, deleting comments only wipe out your followers.Count me in.

NEIL said...

Jetty,In order to stay relevant,copy Malaysia Today.Wake up!not kampong mentality.