Tuesday, October 28

More cases of 'bullying' by PBB ~ ref Malaysiakini

Another PRS division leader has come out in support of a colleague’s claim that PBB is ‘bullying’ state component parties, even as speculation swirls that heads could roll. The following article was extracted from Malaysiakini
By Tony Thien Oct 28, 08 11:23am
The Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN) is abuzz like a hornet’s nest that has been disturbed, following an accusation that Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) has been ‘bullying’ component parties.

Another Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) division leader has come out in support of the claim - Simanggang division publicity chief Nanta Chaku cited three examples in a statement to Malaysiakini.

On Saturday, the party’s Baleh division publicity head Beginda Minda had revealed two instances of alleged bullying by PBB, led by Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud (right), as well as by Umno.

Nanta said: “To support Beginda Minda's contention... three other examples come to mind immediately:

1. Since 1981 other component parties in the Sarawak BN have been required to send two to three names of candidates for each constituency held by them, for the PBB leadership to pick the ones to contest. In other words, the final selection is subject to PBB's decision.

2. A certain high-ranking Iban personage in PBB who fancies himself as the paramount chief of the (community) always insists on appointing his favourites as Penghulus, Pemancha and Temenggong (even) where PBB does not have elected (representatives).

3. In the contest for top posts in component parties, the election is dependent on close (connections between) the candidates (and) the PBB leadership. In other words, candidates perceived to be supported by the PBB leadership always seems to win. Social and economic issues doesn't seem to matter, but closeness to the PBB leadership does.

”Nanta also said ‘big boys’ in Sarawak BN deny ‘small boys’ any say in the final selection of candidates, whether for a general election, appointment of community chiefs or party leaders.

Since this is subject to final approval by PBB leaders, it makes a mockery of the original concept of the BN power-sharing concept in Sarawak, he said.

“It is perhaps more accurate to say that PBB is not only all too dominant but also domineering in attitude vis-a-vis smaller component parties.”

‘Explore other options’

Nanta urged members of other component parties to examine their options.

In the two examples cited by Beginda, reference was made to selection of candidates for the Sri Aman and Lubok Antu parliamentary seats, held by PRS in the March general election, and to a particular candidate selected for the 2006 state election.

Beginda had reminded the BN top leadership that the coalition must wake up to current political realities and stop being in a state of denial.

“Before, there was only BN which could provide the national leadership. After March 2008, it is clear that PRS has other, perhaps better, options,” he ended with a veiled warning, without elaborating what these options might be.

In an immediate reaction to this, Masing - the state assemblyperson for Baleh - distanced the party from the claim, describing it as Beginda’s personal stance.

Masing said he could not stop members from expressing their views but felt that they should not go overboard in their criticism. He also said he would initiate an investigation.

Beginda is one of Masing’s right-hand men and his comments have irked Taib, who is the state BN chairperson.

It is learnt that Taib has told Masing to take disciplinary action against Beginda.
Rumours are circulating that the latter may already have been sacked, but this could not be immediately verified.


NEIL said...

QUOTE:...'Masing said he could not stop members from expressing their views but felt that they should not go overboard in their criticism. He also said he would initiate an investigation'.
I dare Masing sack Beginda.
Dayakism is slowly waking up.But I don't see many following the steps of Beginda and Billy Abit.These are the brave who will triumph.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Sng, Larry Sng dad is still the figure maker behind with Taib still in line with him. Sebiro Holdings owned by Sng family is related to Shahidam Kassim, ex-Perlis MB (part shareholders of Bernas) which is at odds with Pak Lah. For Taib to keep Larry Sng in state cabinet surely doesn't goes well with Pak Lah. The fact that ROS accepting James Masing's faction as legitimate office bearer over Sng's faction confirmed Pak Lah action against Shahidan Kassim. As more Umno MPs also spoke against Bernas sole monopoly over rice cartel in the country got nothing to do with Bernas operation or smuggling issue but rather nailing final coffin for Shahidan Kassim for pick up a fight against Pak Lah. Right now James Masing have advantage over Larry Sng but then under Najib things can change. The noise of Umno, PBB bullying just another smoke from PRS.

Anonymous said...

Masing is on a confrontational path with Taib and Jabu. What's happening?

Bujang Singkang Kala said...

I hope many more PRS members come out in support of Beginda, Nanta and Billy Abit. Let Taib and Jabu know that peoples are no longer 'saperti kerbau dicucuk hidung' and kowtow to their whims and authoritarian politics of patronage. Their time is up and it's time to go before the real political tsunami kick their ass out for good.

p/s: Pls visit my blog at http://bujangsingkangkala.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

As a state that produce oil and gas, we Sarawakians deserve a lot more infrastructure development, but yet we still being marginalise. After 45 years joining Malaysia, our people in the longhouses still don't have clean water and electricity 24 hours and the worse is there is no Tar-Sealroad to connecting all our longhouses to the big cities. Where is all our oil and gas money goes !!

NEIL said...

If you really find yourself been bullied,then stand up and be counted or you will be called the boy who cry wolf.

NEIL said...

Jetty,I'm really curious why there are no show for dayak bloggers.Is it that they are below par with other races in writing good comments or are they just balless.This the best ways for Ibans to express their views so others will see what the natives are up to.You must find ways to publicise your blogs to the wider audience.They must learn to express their views through writing instead of waving parangs.

Dayak Blogger said...


There are some Dayak bloggers who dare to speak up their mind and writing about the truth to expose any wrong doings by the Dayak leaders..

Besides Jetty, which I think one of the top Dayak blogger & author, the other Dayak bloggers that I "know" (some using their pen name) include Dr. John Brian, Sarawak Headhunter, Yes Minister, TBS Bidayuh, Tiyung Dayak, Borneo Warrior, etc..

I think we should organise a forum to provide a platform for all the Dayak Bloggers to share and exchange their views, thoughts and ideas on current development issues in Sarawak especially issues concerning Dayak's interests and rights.

Maybe we could form a protem working committee to promote better understanding and common vision among all the Dayaks Bloggers..

NEIL said...

Dayak Blogger said...

Yes, that will be a good ideal.Dayaks must stick their necks out and be counted.Ya, there are good dayak websites,but I don't sense there are many dayak bloggers by reading the comments.More needed to come out and give your ideals so the public can see what are your grievances .

NEIL said...

, "Underneath the scales, it's still fish."