Saturday, November 1

News for bloggers

A group of persons met on Thursday (30 October 2008) in Kuching to discuss the possibility of forming Dayak Bloggers Association (DBA). If it is to be formed, DBA among others will:

~ coordinate all activities of Dayak bloggers;
~ help shape Dayak opinions on matters pertaining to the community such as unity;
~ act as a resource centre or a directory; and
~ promote professionalism in ICT, etc.

The following persons have been assigned to do specific tasks:

(1) Henry Joseph is to draft the constitution,
(2) Kassim Jeritan is to look into its design, logo, etc.
(3) Anthony Banyan is responsible for membership drive,
(4) Joseph Tawie is in charge of getting application form, registration, etc.
(5) Dr. Dusit Jaul is to coordinate all the above activities.

Another meeting will be held towards the end of November 2008.

Interested Dayak bloggers can contact the following persons:-

Mr. Anthony Banyan (019-9888480) and Dr. Dusit (012-8921106).

Any comments are most welcome.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Bear with me. This is hard to stomach.

Called it a process to 'streamline' the mind of the bloggers, Jetty. Are you sure you want to call it "Dayak Bloggers Association", not Iban Bloggers Association. Believe me, unless you have representatives from other Dayak tribes in the DBA I will start making hell lot of noise in my blog about it. What's more if James Joshua Guang and gang want to make inroad into DBA... I can immediately suspect something not right is cooking. They care nothing about Dayak; they only see to Iban Supremacy.

To shape Dayak opinions, I would recommend all Dayak bloggers to emphasize on agenda "Sarawak Supremacy", in which Sarawak built this country, we feed the country folks and that the Malaya must respect our rights; that the Merdeka Day falls on Sept 16, 1963 not Aug 31, 1957; that we have Full-Bumiputera privileges. I'm sure we can agree not many Sarawakians knew important facts about Malaysia Agreement, not to mention the 18-point safeguard. I learnt about it only in recent years.

But of course we need to play safe at this stage of setting up an association.

At this juncture I must say the motion is indeed brilliant and timely. Make DBA a force to reckon with and I will give my vocal support plus plus.

Perhaps Sarawak bloggers can also make Penan Abused as agenda, and whoever Sarawak politicians who also want to 'rape' the Penans shall be sent to the gallows come polling day.

::: James anak Bond :::

Jetty said...

This was suggested by Uchu Keling

I suggest you guys use Dayak Blog Writers Association rather than bloggers.

Uchu Keling

Jetty said...

Mr J Bond,

Thank you for your constructive feedback.

I will inform the other 'committee members' about your comments.


Anonymous said...

DBA aspirants,

Go ahead boys, and, count me in,please.

NEIL said...

For the dayak to stand up and be counted,they must first of all get rid of Jabu and masing.These 2 person are a threat to dayak's unity.Jabu with the advise of his mentor will never,never let the dayak unite.Dayak's unity is too dangerous for sarawak becos been the majority race, when united,will cause a big headache to Taib and KL.Jabu is only paying lip service to the dayaks by saying as if he is the paramount leader of all the dayak ,calling for them all to be united,only to please his mentor.In fact what he meant is to unite under him and only listen to him.In this way Taib will keep him by his side to show that there is dayak leader who helps in the nation building.To sum it up ,Jabu is simply the boss 'good boy'.That's why he is rewarded with all the goodies.
Masing is also another threat to dayak's unity becos he only fighting his own battle since day one.Whenever his position is threatened, he will sell anything for his own benefit.Can anyone tell me what masing have done for the dayak since he was in PBDS till now,the president of PRS.All he have done is only fighting his self battle,for himself.He have been barking about NCR land for ages but never have the will to solve this problem once and for all.Why he bark about NCR is becos he got alot NCR land and so are his cronies.They want the gov't to survey it so that they can sell it to the potential buyers.He is only looking after his own ass.Who cares about those dayaks living in the interior, who never know what masing is barking about.Give them a few dirty ringgit and they will shut their mouth.
I don't have to dig too deep becos I know those dayaks in the cities who have been reading this, knows exactly what I'm talking about.
Till then,as I have said,for the road to be straight and the views clear,these two 'dayak heads' must be remove.Otherwise dayak today is the same as the dayak from the Jugah era or may be even earlier.The only improvement is they discard loin cloths for shirts and trousers.

NEIL said...

Jetty,As I have suggested on October 30, 2008 8:08 PM,about the need for dayak bloggers to team up and spread the new around so as to put dayak on the word map,I think concrete effort must be make to ensure all the dayak participate,not just one or two tribes only.Please ensure that this grouping MUST NOT be infiltrated by people with gov't connections or minds that favour the gov't.
I hope it will be successful.

chapchai said...

Make this the inspiration for Dayak politicians to UNITE under one umbrella.

NEIL said...

I have long held that we cannot truly move forward in Sarawak politics, and truly get down to the business of government, until a new generation of politicians in tune with this new generation of Malaysians can take power.
However, as an objective observer, I cannot see them getting very far when they are all waist-deep in a heap of dung they have flung at each other — it is a bit too late to start digging themselves out of this now.
Identity topped the list for the generations past, but opportunity tops the list for the generation today.

Anonymous said...

emm...i think the idea is good though. we r not trying to impose the iban/dayak supremacy like the malays, but at least we must have a progressive dayaks with a malaysian spirit or sarawakian spirit.

Anonymous said...

kenak DAYAK BLOGGERS ASSOCIATION ? Ketuanan DAYAK? come on la uncle...why not Sarawak BLOGGERS ASSOCIATION? org sarawak lain pun tertindas

Anonymous said...

My apology, Jetty, not to litter your blog with sacrileges but I wish to enlighten that 'anonymous' about a disease I strongly believe is eating the Dayak.

You're right. We shouldn't restrict it to Dayak bloggers. But that's the least of my fear here. My utmost fear is "Dayak" is again made as platform to advance the course of the Ibans. Now, having that fear written on the inside of my skull, I agree with you... we must do away with word "Dayak" until we can prioritize rightly Dayak conscience. Dayak should be hollistic, an umbrella body under which all Dayak come as one, instead of only the Ibans filling the house from the threshold to the podium.

As written in my blog:
“The Iban Dayak especially have this self-defeating habit. When they drum up support for a campaign, they holler up the name ‘Dayak’. But as Dayak from all tribes answer to the call, the Ibans, already addressing the crowd in their dialect, would unknowingly imply that the struggle is all about the Ibans, instead of Dayak."

Perhaps this is one issue that we must discussed very, very seriously before anything under the label of "Dayak" can take effect. The Ibanism in the Ibans must be chopped off before the Ibans in the Dayak nation can walk straight in one line, instead of walking like a crab as it is already now.

James Masing, if you're reading this, I must tell you I am close to regret now for sticking my neck out for you in the PBDS crisis.

James Joshua Guang, you can take this up with me... I smell rat in you. Stop using name "Dayak" in your politics. Dayak is too holy a name for someone with vested interest like you and Jabu and Masing. You rats are good for nothing for the Dayaks. That I utter with a clear conscience like Earl of Lochester hurling insults to King of England. Hang me if you like but this truth will still find you in the end on its own.

::: James anak Bond :::

Anonymous said...

I support the idea. However, I am always wary of trying to group the three Dayaks communities together.

In my record book the Iban do not get much respect and support from either the Orang Ulu and the Bidayuh.

For whatever reason I do not know? Take for example on top Sarawak Dayak National Union we have (SADIA, OUNA, and DBNA); on top of Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association we have Orang Ulu Graduate Association and Bidayuh Graduates Association; in Dayak Golf Association we have ethnic polarization; in politics we are neither here nor there to be called under the Dayak umberella.

Call me paranoid but that's how I feel and what I observed since 1986and the day we had a big gathering for AGM at Rumah Dayak then. Regards,


Anonymous said...

aiyoooo belum start association pun sudah byk it first then argue brothers....constructives aeguements for better future

not only for blogger but for business men too...dont harapkan tender from gov only...make dewan perniagaan dayak (bisi?) powerful like chinese chambers...ukai baka dewan perniagaan mly

Anonymous said...

I just can't fathom why, we Dayaks have this weak mentality of branding ourselves with one sole communities aspiration. We should be proud Sarawakians first and foremost. Doesn't the fate of PBDS teaches us any lessons. Sad to say, history will be repeating itself with this race association of "Dayak Bloggers Association".