Wednesday, November 19

Is Larry Sng joining PKR?

By associating himself with Gabriel Adit, State Assemblyman for Ngemah and Anwar Ibrahim at the dinner in Sibu last Saturday, is Sng Chee Hua preparing his son Larry to join Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)? This appears to be so as Sng knows that his son Larry’s days as an assistant minister are numbered.

In fact this Saturday Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) supreme council will meet in Bintulu to discuss among other issues the replacement for Larry Sng who has become partyless following his expulsion from the party.

“Now that Larry is partyless, he should therefore be replaced as an assistant minister,” said a member of the PRS supreme council who suggested he should remain anonymous considering the sensitivity of the issue.

He said: “We are giving Abdul Taib Mahmud the name of YB who should replace Larry. He cannot simply ignore our recommendation as it is the president’s right to nominate his own man.”

During the dinner function in Sibu, Larry Sng’s deputy Jimmy Donald Lim, vice presidents Munan Laja and Earnest Chua, woman chief Josephine Mawat, youth chief Leon Donald Lim and several other supreme council members and supporters were not only present at the dinner, but were actively involved in its preparation.

Knowing his son has no future in BN, Sng quickly seized the opportunity by riding on the wave of Anwar Ibrahim’s popularity. The combined forces of Pakatan Rakyat and Sng’s resources will make Larry a hard nut to crack in the Pelagus constituency come next election. Even some Dayak State assemblymen who are pro-Taib’s NCR land grabbing policy may face an uphill battle if only the wrath of the people can be translated into votes.


Anonymous said...

'Is Larry Sng joining PKR?' is speculative and may not reflect exactly what is going on. Larry , because he is Tan Sri Ting Pek Khiing's son-in-law as he is married to May Ting, is unlikely to join PKR, because of Pek Khiing and Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister. He remains Assistant Minister not because of Dato Sng Chee Hua but becahse of Tan Sri Taib Mahmud,the Chief Minister, who listens to Pek Khiing, not Sng Chee Hua.
I am wondering what Masing's PRS will do if Larry Sng continues to be retained by Taib?

Will Masing and PRS pull out of the Barisan Nasional like SAPP of SAbah?

Or will Masing resign from his post as Minister and prepare for the worst consequences!

Outside, Masing and his Dayak supporters cannot survive.

However, Masing knows if he is forced out of the BN he will run to Anwar Ibrahim, pledge his support for him, and ask every Dayao to support PKR and Anwar.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you also mentioned the list of names of Tuai Rumah from Balleh that Dr Masing mentioned in the interview with the Borneo Post?

That is the most stupid thing to do, exposing your supporters and friends to risk of penalty by administrators and politicians in power.

NEIL said...

Larry have the best of both world.If he stays where he is now,James Masing will be taking panadol everyday and sleeping pills every night.
If Larry joins PKR,both Taib and James Masing will be seeing the exodus of the dayak supporters to PKR.
If this happens then PKR sarawak will be the offshot of PBDS.
Rumours are circling around that the dayak paramount chief,Leo Moggi ,is likely to return to active politics if PKR is stake to take over BN in sarawak.
Another APAI,Daniel Tajem is quietly waiting in the wings and will pounce when clearance is given.
As you all know ,after PBDS,the dayaks are split,but in fact they are quietly befriending each other and when times comes they will join forces .

NEIL said...

With Sarawak famous dayak son,Gabriel Adit,the stage is set for him to lead the way to be the next Chief Minister of Sarawak.
My dayak friends,don't hesitate,join PKR now.Do not miss the boat.This window of opportunity don't come very often.

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned, this is a dangerously naive article.

Since most posters on this site believe that the King /Client paradigm in Politics exists, then Larry Sng and his ilk must have a voice regardless if you find what they have to say objectional. That's why the alleged move to PKR.

As someone who looks beyond race on every issue and endeavour to see people as human beings, I find the "victim" element of Larry's departure to be more destructive to the PRS and the Dayaks than the actual Fraudsters passing off as Dayak politicians in the Sarawak BN.

Just look at the SNAP/PBDS debacle. They are a pathetic group because they destroy their own credibility at every turn. Sarawak is a ever increasingly multi-cultural society and this cannot be undone so the PBB/SUPP approach is now obsolete. Their techniques or fearmongering will only ever attract people with irrational fears based on ignorance and fuelled by laws and policies on discrimination that actually creates divisions and begets resistance and resentment.

There's nothing wrong with a right wing ultra conservative party, like UMNO is supposed to be, being protectionists. They claim to be just and fair rulers and so do the Sarawak BN, but they are VEHEMENTLY against the Dayak in practice but at the same time good old towkays, alibabas and their cronies like are like the pigs at the trough in Kuching and Kuala Lumpur.

I think the PRS/PBB/SPDP is a deliberate joke played on the Dayak. If you think back to certain time in 2004, those following Sng and Co around, they portray themselves as heroes and leaders when in fact they were narrow minded confidence tricksters and hypocrites. They get publicity and use it to destroy their own credibility.

They take perfectly valid political positions, like development and marry this idea with arrogant money politics, and that's just unrealistic and the whole thing comes crashing down and they are a much hated and ridiculed bunch. Their outdated ideas mean they have no political credibility at all.And those who support them are much less better.

It's time that we Dayaks start to see past these manufactured divisions and treat each other as we would expect to be treated. We are all the same species and live in the same country. Must we continue to live under a cloud of silent discrimination????

Divide and Rule was the cry.Should we leave that mark on our children's future? If so, then we should then commit mass destruction by following the Sng's, the Chan's, the TPK's and etc into oblivion.

A Dayak an Iban

Anonymous said...

Join whichever party you want, parti bulan kah, parti bintang kah, parti ayam kah, parti nyamuk kah. This is because we are practicing democracy. The more party we have the merrier, but the question is will these parties have enough support from the grassroot. Do they have capable leaders to administer the state if they win? Do the leaders have the vision to unite the rakyat? Can Adit unite the rakyat? Can Leo Moggie unite the rakyat, can Daniel Tajem unite the rakyat, or can Larry Sng unite the rakyat? What I scared most is one day the Dayaks will go for each other head, worse come to worse they will be buried alive and there is no space for them in the national and state politics after they all have been sondomised by the sondomite. Hehehe, cheers to all the Iban CM wannabies.

Bugau said...

Come on dayak, whether Larry Sng will be joining PKR, it wouldn't make any different at all. The tussles, war of word and finger pointing between Sngs and Masing is never ending.

Larry Sng joining PKR will further splitting the dayak. The dayak will be the actual victim of these tussle.

Even now both Masing and Sng were in BN - PRS, they have their own disagreement which later resulted the sinking of PRS.

Sad to say, others races are watching the scenario of dayak politics of disunity. Do we really need this kind of YBs to lead and fight for the dayak? Or they are the opportunist, as the dayak are easily being swindled, manipulated and conned.

Wake up, dayak, wake up, the sun is high up in the sky.

Anonymous said...

Fake Melanau is talking cock, forever the born loser. There are many good Ibans, there are many bad Ibans and one of the very bad Ibans is Dr James Masing, who after promoting the KMS1 and KMS2 (we can produce the newspaper cuttings to show the kind of statements he made against Taib Mahmud when he (Masing) was in the Opposition PBDS) denied he had anything to do with it or that he had any ambition to become CM. For a Dayak leader to say he has no ambition to becomeCM is like saying it doesn't matter who his mother or father is, as long as he is what he is, born into this world in a woman's womb whose identity is unimportant and whose egss that created the fertility are unimportant.
Fake Melanau should be forewarned that since he does not even have 1% Iban blood he cannottry to pass himself off as a Dayak an Iban.Full stop

Anonymous said...

Let us all be reminded the message contained in Bujang Berani Beginda Minda who called on Taib Mahmud and Jabu anak Numpang to resign as Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister respectively.
Let us continue to spread the message around andthe reasons given by Dr Masing's trusted aide Beginda Minda.
That we Dayaks especially Iban should not allow ourseleves to be continued to be bullied by the monkey faced lanun.

Anonymous said...

If and when Tan Sri Taib continues to retain Larry Sng in his Cabinet. I would say this to Masing: Hang down your head Tom Dooley, hang down your head and cry
Sing your heart out in your usual karaoke joint and get mabok. Palau

chapchai said...

I know this much about Chinese businessmen in Sarawak politics. They are fence sitters who switch allegiance to benefit their businesses. The last thing on their minds is the welfare of Sarawak and its people. This is indeed a very sad indictment of my race; can someone prove me wrong? I doubt it.

chapchai said...

My opinion of Chinese businessmen in Sarawak politics is that they are fence sitters, switching allegiance to benefit their business interests - a sad indictment of Chinese politicians. Opportunism underpins their allegiance.

Anonymous said...

Beginda is not berani after all. Who decorated him with the title? Beginda is just another guy who is the pain in the ass and wants cheap publicity. Putting his boss next to the gallow. Beginda is used by Anwar as a bait to say bad thing aout Sarawak leaders. That was what Anwar did and he will continue to do. But Sarawakian are not naive. He went to campaign in Bukit Begunan, but you think the Iban in Bukit Begunan fall prey to his bait? Begnda is know to be a guy who supply Anwar with young handsome boy for Anwar to fest with his lust.

Anonymous said...

Nadai guna anti ngeransik leaders leaders...

iban race is cursed, senang ajak dikemelik uhang, nama kebuah?

ooooh, enggai meda bangsa bukai, ooohh... buru magang cina anti parti dayak menang, nya meh, padan muka, tanah pesaka pun dirompak, udah ambih kayu kampung..

orang putih pun ngelangkau, ngapek nadai salah, laban iban flip flop, nyameh kebuah bangsa bukai tusah ka pecaya ke iban, u shud learn to earn trust.