Sunday, November 30

Help us to get rid of Taib, says Adit

The newly appointed leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Gabriel Adit, has called on leaders of Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance) to help Sarawakians wrest control of the State government of Sarawak headed by Abdul Taib Mahmud.

In an emotional plea, Adit, who addressed delegates and observers at the PKR annual congress on Saturday in Selangor, said: “Please help us to fight Taib Mahmud. He has been Chief Minister for more than 27 years. Enough is enough. However, it is not easy to fight him.

“That is why I call upon leaders, Members of Parliament and State Assemblymen of PKR, DAP and PAS to come to Sarawak and help us,”
he said.

Turning to Sarawak delegates numbering about 200, Adit said that when they returned to Sarawak they must bring with them lots of membership application forms.

“In our membership drive we must go to every nook and cranny of Sarawak. We can even go to “lubang cacing” to look for members. Before the State election comes we aim to get one million members from Sarawak,” he said to the applause of about 5,000 delegates and observers.

He also called on Sarawakians to join PKR as it was a multi-racial party and it offered the “best” option open to them to replace the State government.

In responding to Adit’s remarks, Anwar Ibrahim, PKR’s de facto leader, said that every effort must be made to make Sarawak as the sixth State to be controlled by the People’s Alliance.

“We will begin next month. And we will have the next annual congress of PKR in Kuching,” he said.

Among the invited guests were former president of the defunct PBDS, Dato Sri Daniel Tajem, SAPP president Yong Teck Lee, and Zaid Ibrahim, former minister in the Prime Minister Department.


no to pirate taib said...

Nothing will come easy and dignity has its price. So fight Taib will all the power you have and can get. Read the letter in YB Lim Kit Siang's blog. It is about pirate Mahmud taib

United States Of All-Borneo said...

Tahi Mamut has to go, by whatever means.
Can we do that? We all want to. How?
1. Destroy Taib's Divide and Rule Policy, either by forcing all current serving Dayak YBs to join STAR and later join PR, all under STAR. Or kill them.
2. Close all Dayak organisations which are Tahi Mamut's agents, and all Dayaks join SDNU.
3. Say " Adil Ka Talino, Bacuramin Ka Saruga, Basengat ka Jubata" in all Dayak functions, regardless of whether you are Dayak Iban, Dayak Kadazan, Dayak Bidayuh, etc

NEIL said...

Yes, it may not be easy but with determination everything is possible.Look at Obama,nobody say it will be possible in those days but now he is the President Elect.
For us to topple Taib we must..
1,Arouse the sediment of the rural folks by telling them that this corrupt gov't have practice the policy of suppression,not development.
2,The leaders and MPs must start the ball rolling by joining PR.
3,We must hold regular consultations with the grassroots to gauge their support and listen to their complains .4,we must hold regular rallies and deliver fiery speeches to fire up the feeling of the rakyat and to bring them to their sense that we must change this gov't after 45 years of suppression and land seizure.
4,Put up PR flags at all longhouses and strategic locations to show that PR is here and are ready to serve the people becos in rural areas the old folks knows only the symbols not the photos of the person they are going to elect.
5.Infiltrate associations but keep mum becos if there is publicity the authority will change the head of the associations.
6,Try to hold rallies in all major towns in sarawak and give maximum coverage to these rallies.
7,Print PR manifestos and distribute to all sarawakian of how PR will be a different gov't to the present ones.
7,Spill the beans of all the wrong doings of this state gov't by mouth to mouth,blogging etc and do maximum damage to their
credibility .
In this way we will gain maximum advantage and with the strength and determination we will succeed. Remember ,'No pain No Gain'.Go for it ,my dear sarawakians.This window of opportunity must not be allowed to slip by without any fight.Fight a good fight and we and our children will live to cherish the fruits of labour.This 'Robert Mugabe' of sarawak must be stop at all cost, otherwise he will be starting a dynasty to perpetuate his ambitions to deprive all sarawakians of their chance for a better future.And if you all notice that his son Suliaman is already been groomed and will be the next 'mother of all rippers' .If this is what is going to happen ,then this land that our forefathers dearly cherish will be a barren land before our children will ever have a chance to treasure it.
God save us and our dear land.

Bugau said...

Getting rid of Taib might not be an easy task while he has all the money power to buy those opportunists and his cronies like Jabu, Masing, Mawan & George Chan are still around.
Remove all those support, the house will crumbling down. Let us get rid of Jabu, as we have heard rumours that Jabu is grooming his son Rentap, the drunkard to step in his shoes. Jabu is duplicating Taib's strategy when Taib appointed his son Sulaiman to fill federal post and became a minister. This is what Dr Mahathir mentioned before - Nepotism.
Then we removed Masing and his cronies too, who are good for nothing. Why do we need PRS if they are just a pain the neck?
Then we get rid of Mawan & SPDP, who like PRS is just a white elephant for the dayak.
George Chan and SUPP, the opportunist who really doesn't care for the dayak whereby majority of the SUPP supporters are the dayak.
Remove all those pillars because Taib really depends on them to pursue his personal dreams.
If we are to looked 5 or 10 years back, we don't see much development in urban or rural areas in Sarawak under BN (PBB, SUPP, PRS & SPDP). Nothing change.
Dayak voters please wake up..!!!!

Anonymous said...

thebrokenshield report ' Help us to get rid of Taib, says Adit' reflects the hopes and aspirations and the desire of most Sarawakians -- to change the present BN Sarawak Government which has done so much but so little for the benefit of the rakyat, only for the benefit of a very few, mostly Taib's family members.

Anonymous said...


Adit was right when he said that Taib did many things to Sarawak but not many things are good things - NCR, biz opportunities, employment in Sarawak Civil Service, Education, Loans/Scholarship to Sarawakians, etc.

Genisis 3:3
"but God did say - You must not eat from the tree that is in the middle of of the garden, and ..."

The Holy Bible says, there is only one forbidden fruit, but in Malaysia there are two (2) - race and religion. It is "forbidden to speak about MALAYS and ISLAM".

BP, Saturday November 29, 2008
"5-star drivers and cars, but no-star roads, says Jabu". Has he woken up?

BN YBs who have been voted in by >90% of poor Dayaks have not been able to articulate the problems faced by their voters. They turn their backs on NCR issues, education issues, employment opportunities in civil services and promotion, BIZ opportunities, etc.

Dams and more dams are to be built but look at people who sacrificed their lands in Bakun!

NCR lands are alienated to companies owned by cronies. Make a search with ROC!

High time to BOOT Taib out so that he and his plunderers are brought down on their knees and be BEGGARS again!

Aki Josh said...

Gabriel Adit calls for Sarawakians to join the multi-racial PKR in order to fight for social justice and against the corrupt Taib regime. Where does 'Dayakism' fit in this scenario? 'Dayakism' can generate strong emotions but it also alienates other groups, as PBDS discovered in its 1980s tilt at power. Can the feelings of injustice felt by Dayak landholders be channeled into a broader political movement in support of the rural poor of whatever ethnic group?

NEIL said...

With Gabriel Adit been the first YB from Sarawak to join PKR,the stage is set for more to follow.He is a person who walk his talk.
Many dayaks will join in the fight to topple Taib.this have been their secret wish and today it's no longer a secret .Now it's a open fight!Lets give him a tough fight and may the best man wins.

Shiok Guy said...

Dear Adit,

Congratulation for joining PKR. I am Yong from KL, and we used to work together at EDS Multimedia Sdn Bhd. If you read this message kindly get back to me by email at

Shiok Guy