Tuesday, November 11

Masing’s outbursts confirm PBB a bully ~ ref Malaysiakini

James Masing’s outbursts over activities of a BN component member trying to claim the Batang Ai seat is understandable. Although he did not name the party concerned, it is a common knowledge in the constituency that he was referring to PBB (Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu) whose leaders have been active lately in the constituency preparing for a by-election. The incumbent state assemblyman, Dublin Unting is still lying at the Normah Hospital following a stroke since May this year.

What makes Masing angry is that PBB is undermining PRS influence in the constituency as well as showing no respect for Unting and his family as if they want him to die. PBB has identified a senior civil servant and a brother of a minister to be a PBB candidate. In his effort to introduce his brother, the minister has allegedly been distributing “ang pau” projects through a partyless State assemblyman, Johnichol Rayong.

“If you are weak, this is what PBB is doing to you. They have already hijacked PRS candidates in the March parliamentary election in the Lubok Antu and Sri Aman constituencies. They are planning to take away Batang Ai, Bukit Begunan and Balai Ringin come next election,” said Beginda, and accused PBB of a big bully. For that statement Beginda was rebuked and in the end he resigned from PRS to save the “embarrassment of my president”.

But why was Rayong involved? Simple: After being sacked from SNAP, Rayong has become partyless. He applied to join Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) together with Aaron Dagang, Jawah Gerang and Gabriel Adit, but was opposed by other members of the BN. Rayong then applied to join SUPP last year, but again his application was opposed by PRS.

Now he looks to PBB leaders like Alfred Jabu and Douglas Uggah to help him join BN in exchange for introducing the senior civil servant to the Batang Ai constituents.

But Masing has found out the truth. A few months back, Masing would not dare complaint. This time it is different; he does not want to be bullied any more. With the support of his supreme council members and party leaders, Masing puts his foot down, saying “Batang Ai belongs to PRS, so stay out”. The message is loud and clear.


Anonymous said...

Suddenly the so-called non-issue of Beginda Minda's statement that PBB is big bully is big issue after all.

Your storey here confirmed the bullying is for real.

"babi reri makai tai, jang"

But this time,if they (PBB) think that they can go away with it,they can dream on...and on!!

Very good and conclusive storey,jang.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

There you go masing...hit 'em hard this time....

NEIL said...

Masing is heading straight for the cliff.
He will be in dilemma when some of his PRS members will switch and join PKR in the coming days.Watch out !
It's time masing quit to prevent the internal bleeding.

Anonymous said...

Dr James Masing has the right to point out publicly that PBB (he did not name it but everyone knows which BN party is involved) is proven a big bully. Worst, like you said, even when YB Dublin Unting is dying(I think) in hospital, these people from PMM have no patient, preparing on the ground for a by-election that may have to be held if the worst happened to YB Dublin.

Like you rightly pointed out, there are two things here: The lack of respect for a sick man and his family and disturbing another component party's turf.

Dr Masing's outburst is understandable and warranted. Taib Mahmud and Jabu are as usual bullying PRS knowing full well the party is divided, between the Masing supporters and the Sng supporters. It's a derivative of a policy of divide and rule to ensure that the Melanau family supremacy stays in power by splitting the Dayaks, especially the Ibans.

Of course, the Ibans to a certain extent deserve it: they deserve the Government they elected.Hopefully, they have learnt a lesson and know what to do next.

The Dayak hold the balance of power and they should wise up by now and vote the corrupt PBB-ped BN Government out of office.

If Dr Masing as much as dares to do it, he will have all the support of the Dayaks ,especially in Iban, in Sarawak.

Get rid of Taib, get rid of Jabu.

Work with Pakatan (PKR/DAP/PAS) and the victory shall be served on you.

Give YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat leaders a BIG WELCOME whenthey are in Sarawak this weekend.

Agi idup agi ngelaban.

Anonymous said...

Neil , you are wrong: Masing will be happy when PRS members join PKR including some Dayak YBs.
It will be one of the happiest days in his life!

Anonymous said...

Beginda Minda is not a non issue.The fact that he resigned to save 'my president' all the possible embarrassment meant he(Masing) what people say he is to Begind and the other way round. Ofcourse, he is one of his right hand men.In KL the person he sees and asks to do things for him is Beginda Minda. Go and see them dine in the Chinese restaurant in Jalan Imbi.With Doris Brodie that Empiang Jabu, wife of Jabu, called a scandal tainted woman and so could not be made a candidate.
There is one Chinese run blog that is trying to argue that Beginda Minda did not resign to protect Masing. By protection, my friend, it means not putting Masing into further trouble with people in the BN if he wants to continue as a Cabinet Member. Go back to school and polish up your English.

chapchai said...

I hope Masing will retrieve some of his lost pride and do the right thing. He has evidence of PBB interference in a PRS constituency which goes to show that PBB has no respect for PRS. This goes to show that PBB is not unlike UMNO in its dealings with other BN component parties. Why then do you still sit around in BN?

Anonymous said...

yep! absolutely agreed with Dr Masing statement. PBB is bullying fellow BN members. Come on Dayak wake up.William Nyalau( IND candidate) fight Jawah he won. Masir ( D. Lawan's Man) who is DLawan. Aiya! PBB. Nama bala Dayak beli magang.

Unknown said...

The same thing for the DUN Marudi. Sylvester Entri anak Muran a.k.a. Muhamad Hadi Adullah is a planted mole PBB member but was made as SPDP secretary general at the behest of Awang Tengah and Taib (insider SPDP informer). In fact when he first stand for the DUN Marudi, Dato James Wong was reluctant to take him as SNAP candidate but Taib insisted that Entri be the BN candidate. He was a PBB member before joined SNAP for the election.

Baram (SPDP - MP) and Sibuti (PBB - MP) parlimentary constituency, all state DUN are under PBB. The same strategy employed in places like in Sri Aman (Masir Kujat) and Lubok Antu (William Nyallau), they're both PBB members. PBB is trying to control all the rural state constituencies, because Taib knew that without these rural based representatives PBB will not survive it alone. In case the Ming Court Hotel incident repeated itself, Taib or PBB will be saved by those planted mole. This strategy is also to bolster Taib's position as Chief Minister for life.

PRS and SPDP representaives, are for namesake only represent their party but in actual fact they are all PBB planted mole.

Only the gullible Dayak (Iban) are stupid enough not to know what kind of political game Taib's is playing - divide and rule strategy. And Jabu is the 'Mother of All Puppets' entrusted by Taib to destroy the Dayak political power based.

Anonymous said...

No need to join PKR. PKR is also big bully. Stand alone and fight. Revive the spirit of PBDS in 80's

Anonymous said...

well, you are entitled to you opinion. Whatever you write is not wrong but it may not be right 100 percent as well. To me there is half truth. The truth is only when you interviewed the guys that you have implored your writing. I am sure PBB don't bully anybody let alone PRS, those guys who bully PRS is actullay Datuk Sng and his son Larry. Look, the Sngs never actually recognised Masing group. Beginda at one time was SNG body guard when they both were involved with Datuk Anwar Ibrahim. Remember Beginda also gave evidence in Datuk Anwar Ibrahim's case. So can we really trust a guy whose character is worse than a crab. IF he dares to pull the then Deputy Prime Minister down, he will pull everybody down. Well, apart from shouting above his voice and asked CM and DCM to step down, what roles has Beginda do to develop the Dayaks? I am a Dayak, but I am ashamed to be associated with Beginda, and the Sngs. They are crooks.

NEIL said...

My tattoo friends,Please walk your talk.You can talk big but not at the end of the day your tail will be between your legs.
Stand and fight like your good old day warriors.

Anonymous said...

The chap who called himself a Dayak does not sound like a Dayak but sounds more like a born loser who has an axe to grind against the Sngs who refused to give him money when he tried to extort the Sngs, and conveniently gunned down Beginda because he asked Taib and Jabu, two of the most corrupted politicians, to step down. Good of you Beginda, keep in asking Taib and Jabu to step down.

Hidup Pakatan Rakyat, Hidup Anwar Ibrahim, and down with Taib and Jabu, No 1 enemies of Sarawakians.

Anonymous said...

I have the greatest of respect for you, Mr Blogger, for the bold and courageous statements you have made regarding Dayak politics and Dayak political situation today.There is no need to say who is largely responsible because we know who.Down with Cina Melanau, ngidup Dayak.

Anonymous said...

I salute you, Joseph Tawie, the only real Iban blogspot worthy of mention, not like the Chinese run hulampa huana blog run by a Cina Lanun boy

Anonymous said...

Yaakub is back. Any Dayak takers to be fooled by Yaakub again?

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah open secret la guys

pengajaran? dont let others bully us again..sejalai nulung pangan dirist

Anonymous said...

Agi idup agi........Masing needs to stand up like a man just like Baginda. Beating around the bushes doesn't get him very far. He should speak his mind without fear. Lets not play the guessing game and let others do the dirty work. Thats the very reason why Masing does not have much respect from the dayaks and other communities. Wake up Masing! Face the devil head on. Walk the talk.

Anonymous said...

PBB had been creating a grand design called the "20 Years Slaughtering Cycle" to all the Political Parties in Sarawak - i.e SNAP, PBDS and the sequences are as follows:-

Let me rewrite a few lines of history for all of us to walk thru again (refereshing the mind lah sikit-sikit ok).

SNAP was established in 1963 and was slaughtered in 1983, resuscitated back to life with the registration of PBDS with SNAP still around.

In 2003 SNAP and PBDS was slaughtered to becomes SPDP and PRS and that is what we had inherited till this days.

It's very clear the reason tendered were infighting amongst the members. Actually, that is where the grand design of 20 Years Slaughtering Cycle is taking place.

It is done so as to get rid of the unwanted leaders in the Dayak base Parties who are in disagreement with the PBB.

Actually these were the manipulation of various individual in the PBB who are or the so called the Grand Slaughtering Designer and they are Adenan Satem, Awang MiddleTengah anak Hassan and few more bigots inside there with the blessing of Taib Mahmud.

Their action were to immobilized the Malays who want to reign supreme in PBB and chase them out and that what happen to Datuk Abang Abu Bakar and Datuk Sulaiman Daud and maintain those Malays like the Mr-minister-middle-hand-kisser anak Hassan and the son of Satem.

This is done so as to tighthened Taib's grips and his Melanaus Cronies in the PBB and to look for the Numpang type of Iban as their Horse and Buffaloes to ride around the Melanaus swampy Villages.

So that their hand and feet aren't dirty and the only people covered with mud is the Numpang Buffaloes and Horses breed of Iban.

To kill all the Iban Political Parties upon reaching the 20 Years Slaughtering Cycle.

This is done so as for PBB to gather strength from strength and the Dayak base Parties will continue with their 4 Season of Development in the 20 Years Slaughtering Cycle, that is the:-

1st - 5 Years is the Registration,
2nd - 5 Years is the Members Gathering,
3rd - 5 years is Organizing the Party and lastly
4th - 5 Years is Accumulation of Strength.

Then commence the another 20 Years Slaughtering Cycle again and again.

That what happen in 2003 to SNAP & PBDS. I think we realize that all these while.

Meanwhile PBB had become stronger and more organised during the length of time taken by the newly registered Dayak base Parties to put their home in order.

SUPP is the exceptional, where they still stand their ground, but they let the Opposition do the job and they support them by not voting for SUPP-BN candidate and to claim that seat in the sequence of State or Parliamentary Election.

The Grand Design is very fine tune and it seem that nobody or if there is any knows it, then it is not to late to turn the table around now.

More still, it's very obvious all the Dayak are nothing more than just a steeping stone to all these ugly devil in PBB goons to achieve their goal and desire, especially in grabbing the Dayak Land and gave it to the Chinese, accquiring the vast areas of State Land, whereas it belongs to the Natives for centuries and with a stroke of pen, the PBB ammended the Land Code, immediately that belong to all of them, with just a few ringgit of expense incurred, if it is ever there for them to spend at all, where the greedy Chinese monkey are there to foot all the bills and that land are sold and transferred to them later with a very big amount of money.

There is no more Timber and nothing left for them to enrich themselves, that where the emergence of CMS Sdn. Bhd or the China-Melanaus Sorokan Sdn. Bhd of Sarawak.

It is not too late for all of us to realise and to rectify these situation before it becomes very grave problem for all of us who care for the well being of the future of our generation.

We cannot let this breed of Goons continuously ruling Sarawak at their whims and fancies for any longer.

We have to get rid of all of this scoundrel from Power in the Next State Election or the sooner the better.

Beginda Minda had create a way so we move from there and gather our strength and dare to move mountains if we wish too.

We just dump them away, they are there because of our Votes. Deny them our preciuos gift. Padah ka semua bala kitai di rumah panjai anang agi meri undi ngagai orang BN tu agi.

Badu agi ngasuh bansa kitai Dayak nyadi ka andau serta titi sida nyemerai rari ari penusah, udah sida nyemerai ningal ka kitai garing-garing kadiri.

Kapa enda Taib parai, iya balat amat makai bansa Dayak

Anonymous said...

The headline says it all. This is no news, as far as I am concerned. In terms of strictly Dayak politics, we are all aware that whomsoever occupies the post of CM in Sarawak, heads the BN Alliance/coalition in the State. Within this circle, lists are drawn up, submitted for approval, discussed and then agreed on. So, it is never really one man's enterprise, is it Mr Tawie?

Why should we call it bullying, when the world and his mother knows it isn't?

I don't see the point here. If as a community, a union, a federation, a national front, the Dayak will is to be independent, then I am afraid to break the news to all here, that boat sailed a long time ago. Must we revisit this narrative, over and over again?? Any Sarawak Historian will verify that every election held since 1970, revealed the see saw nature of Sarawak politics. SNAP will contest, then renegotiate and join the alliance, break away again, etc etc etc.

In all this, a Dayak, being a citizen, must ask himself, what is the cumulative effect of this mercenary political behaviour, and he must ask himself, where does he stand in the bigger picture.

It is an exercise of cynicism if someone tells me, the community must fight and stand up for it's rights, and equally it is the same when support is drummed for the winning parties. What has the Dayaks done for themselves in Malaysia?

Apart from one single rebellion in 1987, that was orchestrated by Rahman Yakub (surprise, surprise)what has been the common pattern of behaviour for Dayaks?

The facts on the ground is eye watering. Every single Tuai Rumah, Every single Penghulu, Every single Temenggung, every single Wakil Rakyat, every single ADUN and MP, have all agreed to support the Alliance, no matter who the alliance is.

So the issue is not about rights. Is it?? Was it EVER THUS ???!!!!!

And don't anyone dare talk about headhunting here.

A Dayak. An Iban. A Generation without a FUTURE.