Saturday, November 15

Focus on Masing as a leader

Eyes on Masing now

Eyes are now on Dr. James Masing after he dared to stand up for the rights of his Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) against Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB), the backbone of the State government, for the ill-treatment meted against his party.

His outbursts against PBB leadership last week have not only received praises from his party leaders and members, but have also earned the respect of members of the Dayak community.

Watching Masing closely are also some 100,000 hardcore members of the defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) who have remained partyless upon the deregistration of the party more than four years ago as he has a round of spats with PBB over the Batang Ai seat and other issues.

Many of them have pity on Masing because they know that Masing and PRS have been bullied since the PRS crisis in 2006 and during the State election that year its candidate for the Balai Ringin constituency had been deprived of the seat to contest.

Instead PBB through Donald Lawan, a PBB man, and Sng Chee Hua, a rival for the PRS presidency at that time, hijacked the seat and laterally handed it to Snowdan Lawan (Donald Lawan’s son). Of course Snowdan is with Masing’s PRS now, but in his heart of hearts he is a PBB man.

Likewise in the March parliamentary election two of Masing’s preferred candidates were sidelined. Instead PBB put up candidates who have an inclination towards PBB to stand on a PRS ticket. Masing has tolerated all this while until he blew his tops recently. A week earlier, his “right hand” man not only accused PBB of a big bully, but also called on Abdul Taib Mahmud and Alfred Jabu to resign.

PRS is not the only party that has been bullied. Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), led by William Mawan, has also suffered in the hands of the bullying PBB, although they will not admit it openly. SPDP’s representatives for Marudi, Sibuti, Batu Danau, Ba’Kelalan and Tasik Biru were not their candidates, but that of PBB’s.

Mawan was forced to lend the SPDP shirts to them to don. Having no choice, Mawan has to accept a “fait accompli”. Today the PBB men and a woman are firmly rooted as they hold important posts in the party.

After the departure of Tan Sri Leo Moggie and Datuk Sri Daniel Tajem from the political scene, the Dayaks are still looking for a leader, not a “confrontational” leader, or a leader who is only able to do “apple polishing” duties, but a leader who dares to speak for and defend the rights and interests of the community who have been marginalized, suppressed, bullied, unfairly, and unjustly treated. It appears that they have found one in Masing.

However, many ex-PBDS hardcore members still harbour ill-feelings against Masing for what he had done to PBDS, but they can still forgive and forget him if he can prove himself worthy of their and Dayaks’ support.

What they want from him is no more rhetoric, but a firm action. Their message to Masing and to anyone who aspires to be a leader is: Walk the talk to help the Dayak community.


Bujang Singkang Kala said...

Dr James Jemut Masing must dare to stand up to Taib and Jabu antics and I'm sure the Dayaks community will stand behind James Jemut to lend their support. Taib is a big time bully to the Dayak community especially the Iban and Jabu is an Iban pariah whom should be ostracised for good. Dayak will be better-off without Jabu. James Jemut should take the lead to rebelrouser against Taib leadership. Enough is Enough of Taib's dictatorship.

Aki Josh said...

It's a balancing act on a slippery log across a raging torrent. Too compliant and he is dubbed the "New Jabu". Too outspoken and he becomes the "New Kalong Ningkan". And it's a matter of timing. Too soon into battle and he could be ambushed by the Wily Silverhair. Too slow and his manok sabong could move without him. He needs all his political skill right now.

Anonymous said...

masing should make way fo his dayakism. we are living in a new worl. get rid of your ddayakism, and every other sarawakian who are tired of taib and his goons will give you enough support. i saw the tide is already arriving with gabriel adit and his thousand of followers joining pkr. what's next for the dayaks ? dayak should follow the trend of chineses and indians in peninsular. if they thought what ds anwar is preaching is bullshit, why would they let bn fall in five states. dayak should learn the new way. forget the old way because we're living in a world full of uncertainties. change before your own people are forced to change you. forget the wealth and money for the time being, struggle for the sake of the new dayak generation. forget the chief minister post, just remember what ever you are going to do will be placed history. you rise as hero, or you will fall with disgrace. masing, it's time for you to change. forget pbb, supp, spdp, and their bn counterpart. just join pakatan rakyat for the sake of the new dayak generation. peace bro.

Bugau said...

Iban politic is almost for nothing,so much hu-ha, hu-ha. Looking back 10 years, 20 years ago, nothing changed or any betterment for the dayaks. The new Iban generations tends to look for the oppositions. Why have to trust those who could not deliver? The present Iban leaders in BN are total failure.

Anonymous said...

Not only Taib and Jabu should step down but all the Dayak DUN/MPs including Masing because "every second with them spells doom for Dayak" None of them can lead Dayak. Masing is not a good choice. He had given the chance for more than a decade. But no better than the others. Let us forget about all this old cock and let them rest and enjoy people's money that they have robbed. Now let us search for the new future leaders.We long to see Dayak Chong Chieng Jen. Enough is enough!

NEIL said...

Masing,you have to see this daring Gabriel Adit who have led 12,000 supporters to join PR.Where is your balls.There will be more to come.Don't wake up to find that you are alone in PRS.
I salute to Gabriel Adit for making a wise decision.
To the people of Ngemah,you have a leader who have vision .

Anonymous said...

The only way I am convinced Masing is genuine and serious about helping the Dayaks,especially Iban, is not towaste time engaging in a proxy fight using people like Beginda(as in the past) and Tedewin Ngumbang( as at present) and anybody else willing to do his bidding BUT to quit BN tojoin PKR or Pakatan Rakyat and make amends with his old foes in PBDS and PRS to resign from the BN and get rid of the horrible man
Taib Mahmud and his No 1 henchman Alfred Jabu.

For the moment I can only see YB Gabriel Adit who is close to Tan Sri Leo Moggie and YB Aaron Dagang from Kanowit able and willing to fit the shoes to fight in the open for the oppressed Dayaks

Anonymous said...

I am not sure Masing. He had his chance. Even when he was in PBDS in the end they didn't trust him because he is not exactly someone you can trust.His first and second wives couldn't trust him. Many friends had to cover for his sexual appetite. Then he partnered Sng Chee Hua, too his money but later forgot him -- bites the hands that feed you, as the saying goes. Then the Iban and Chinese fell apart and PRS has never seen piece since the leadership crisis.
Now Masing is engaged in a proxy fight, very dangerous, using people like Beginda Minda to attack Taib and Jabu.
As an Iban I have given up on Masing.
I hope and pray Gabriel Adit will be able to fill the role of a saviour for the Dayak,especially Iban against the present political tyranny

PT said...

He is as gone as the rest......he had his days! He is the MAIN PLAYER to break up the sole community and I dont believe he change color for the community BUT only for self interst!

A total new change in the personalities who can be real front for the Dayak community in order for some changes for the better can be expected!

All current so-called Dayak's leaders are "spent and sold souls"....their interest are only their personal survival and.....NO MORE!


NEIL said...

I tell you if there are Ibans out there who can follow Gabriel Adit's footsteps,that day shall be known as the messiah's coming.
Yes,one small step for Gabriel Adit,one big step for the dayak community.
If masing and Willian mawan can take this steps,all the dayaks will bow down and call them 'APAI'.

Anonymous said...

Hey...hold on your spear, put back your shield. Think first before you follow Anwar or Ibrahim. Can you all trust Anwar? Can Anwar fight for our land? Can't you all see who are with Anwar Pakatan Rakyat? Lim Kit Siang is made in Taiwan....Abdullah Adi Awang is made in Mecca....and Ibrahim or anwar himself is an hungary Malayan allegator... to me these people are no better than Bodohwi or Najis NOR Tai Mamut.. Can we find another Rentap that dare to fight against the Rajah? Can we find another Rentap that dare to shout at his Superior Gangster Head Tai Mamut? When Adit was with Taib BN have you all heard him fighting for his dayak people? So now let us Sarawakian be united support the daring hero that dare to fight against his superior gangster head Tai Mamut, who ever he is we will support him...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who said you don't need Anwar Ibrahim in Sarawak is dead wrong: It's Anwar and PKR which is a national party, PBB is NOT.For the Dayaks, especially Iban, like YB Gabriel Adit they realise a national party like PKR which has many MPs and State Assemblymen and in power sharing in several important States in Peninsular Malaysia the answer is PKR, not PBB which is used by Taib Mahmud to stay in power and to continue to enrich himself and his family.If and when Pakatan take over the Sarawak government a Dayak stands a very good chance to become Chief Minister. Anwar has promised that, and we must believe that. In BN, especially PBB it looks like nobody else can.

Anonymous said...

You can trust Dr James Masing.Many Dayak leaders don't trust him but why we will never know. We don't need politicians like Dr Masing and Larry Ng. Look for other Dayak leaders who are not afraid to speak

Bugau said...

Come on, guys, if Masing is what you say he is, well, to me, he is too chicken to stand for his own party members. During last election, 2 of his very own party candidates were shot down by scub missile fired by Jabu. Jabu put up his own choice of candidates in the name of PRS, whereby these 2 scum bags (Masir & Badak air) are not registered PRS members.

Why didn't Masing voice up against these issue? Is he too chicken or have no ball at all? Btw, Masing is PRS president, am I right? Or PRS president with not POWER?

Anonymous said...

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