Friday, May 29

"One Sarawak" should mean one Sarawak

After PM Najib Razak introduced his “One Malaysia” concept, CM Abdul Taib Mahmud followed suit by introducing his version of “One Sarawak”. Next we may hear the Mayor of Kuching introduces “One Kuching” and someone else introduces “One Simunjan”, or “One Malay”, or “One Chinese” or “One Dayak” and so on.

I have, and so many others, tried to interpret the meaning of “One Malaysia” and to me “One Malaysia, One family” where equality, justice and fairness should be the guiding principle. But judging by what is happening now, it seems that “One Malaysia” has a different meaning and interpretation.

Not many people really understand it. Not even the civil servants especially those in the Ministry of Information, who recently underwent a course to understand it.

For Sarawak, it is hoped that “One Sarawak” should be “owned” by all Sarawakians who should enjoy her wealth and prosperity. But currently it appears that “One Sarawak” belongs to one family where businesses, government contracts and tenders are grabbed and monopolized by those closely connected with the family members. Projects in SCORE are a fine example. The rest of the Sarawakians are by-standers.

“One Sarawak” is a mere slogan that helps divert the people’s attention from the real problems confronting Sarawak. One such problem is involving NCR land like the termination of the rights of the natives over their ancestors’ land and leasing such land to companies for the plantation of oil palm.

It is the off-shoot of “politics of development” where development is being concentrated in Mukah such as the proposed airport, the coal powered station, new administrative centre and so on, whereas other under-developed divisions like Kapit remain undeveloped.

If it is to be practised true to its name and concept, “One Sarawak” should really mean one Sarawak where its citizens from the various ethnic groups should be given equal opportunities in fields of education, in recruitment to the civil service and promotions, given business contracts and tenders, given political posts such as in government-linked companies as well as to participate in Sarawak’s development.

“One Sarawak” should therefore be aimed at eradicating poverty, a very, very rampant occurrence in the rural areas. Do the present State government and its leaders have the political will to do it now? Or do the rural people have to wait for election times to hear the BN politicians announcing those projects? – The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

One Sarawak is a political postering viz-a-viz UMNO and Federal Leadership. Najip did say "Sabah is BN fixed Deposit". He however did not say the same when he visited Kuching after assuming office. This Johari Tun Openg had to say this to assuage confidence lest the populace in Sarawak having listened to Najip pronouncement in Sabah could get awry over it. Yet another, Najip increased number of federal ministers and deputies from among Sabah MPs byt same was not accorded to Sarawak and this despite open protest by TIKI, and to be fair, other MPs as well. It is surmised that a certain corridor has wanted a "beloved son" to be promoted to a full minister as a prelude to introduing him to entually taking over the helm of politic and government in Sarawak. At the very least this certain corridor wanted to place a Senator a ministership at Federal thus to be able to be close in the cabinet to 1Malaysia proposer, and to soft talk same to accepting "beloved son" to be blessed to return to take over the leadership in Sarawak. When none of this happened, the need for postering was hatched. This postering borders on stepping on an edge of a cliff - the ramification or implication is tell-tale "we can be 'independent'. This means in the event no headway is achieved from 1Malaysia proponent, then the rigid control of Sarawak politic card could be applied. The worst case scenario is such 'rigid control' could even be applied to bargain with present enemy when need arises. The final objective is to preserve the current political/business and government hegemony under one roof and one master, and forever. This makes sense. Surely if millions of dollars are milked year in and year out, and the comfort in lifestyles that go with that millions of dollars, the one having such hegemonic control will never want to do it without. In short this explains 1Sarawak.(annyomous)

Anonymous said...

What we'll like to see, for our politicians that is are the following;

1 wife
1 salary
1 car
1 house
1 party
1 term
1 job
1 generation in politic

Anonymous said...

nya meh.....brp kali aku ulih pecaya ke jaku sarawak=one taib... full stop

Apai Semalau said...

Thats "One big-bull crap"!
1Malaysia like 1Sarawak is nothing more than just political rhetoric to distract attention from the incompetencies of BN and to garner support. If the civil service doesn't know what is
1Malaysia how do they expect malaysians to know? Goes to show they wasn't any planning for
1malaysia all all. Just so happened that the horse of
1Malaysia spoke of it out of impulse. the rest is just media trash. Maybe Malaysia123 would be more appropriate since how could there by 1Malaysia as in "one nation" when BN propagate racial polarisation? 1Malaysia therefore is as clear as mud!
When 1Sarawak was mentioned could it be he actually meant "want Sarawak" all for himself? The media being as incompetent, took "want to mean "1"?

Anonymous said...

the solution to all our problem in sarawak is to exterminate all BN voters. no need to bother anymore with this Taib and gangs

Anonymous said...

JT, Selamat Gawai to you and family. Keep up the good work.

komando said...



If Tg Razaleigh, the then Min Of finance said: "If I win the UMNO elections and become PM". Malaysians need not pay taxes! Yes this he said when he challenged the MAMAK....!

He knew how much money we had in the kitty back then....

How much was wasted, scoundrels to the likes of UMNOputeras, vicent tan, abdullah ang, BMF, the whole long list of screw ups & bail outs during MAMAK's time!

All because mamak wants to survive and save his cronies!

Now this country is poor! Who made us all poor?


Najib his kutty, another scoundrel took every opportunity to buy capital equipment for ATM/MINDEF!

Commission by the millions poceketed, only just one is exposed, numerous still hidden!

NOW he says One Malaysia ! He is bull-shitting!