Tuesday, May 5

Stanny to defence of Ibans ~ Malaysiakini

Taken from: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/103618

Sarawak PKR’s Stanny Embat has criticised state deputy chief minister Alfred Jabu anak Numpang for speaking ill of the Iban community.
Stanny said it was unfair of Jabu (pic above) to generalise the Ibans as irresponsible, when there are only a few bad apples among some one million members of the community.

“Such remarks are not only unfair, but are a mockery of the achievements of, and contributions made by, many members both in their personal and public life,” Stanny said in a statement.

His remarks followed Jabu’s accusations that the Ibans are involved in wasteful habits like drinking, gambling and cock fighting, and that they have not made much progress especially in education.

Countering this, Stanny said: “Like other active communities, there are few Ibans who drink, gamble and waste their time, but the majority are responsible, hard-working and practise a healthy lifestyle.

“Not a few Ibans now are highly educated and qualified people. Some hold top posts in both the private and public sectors.”

Describing Ibans as an advanced group, he added: “The Ibans of today aspire to be contractors, traders, managers and owners of businesses instead of being daily paid harvesters of oil palm fruits.”
On the cock-fighting issue, he said this is a well-controlled pastime associated with rituals and ceremonies and that the police are strict when issuing licences for such sessions.

Psychological warfare?

Stanny, a special branch police officer before he retired a couple of years ago, is seen by many as a firebrand politician.

Given that this is his first statement, political observers see it as the start of psychological warfare against Jabu, a veteran politician.

Stanny, who was recently appointed chairperson of PKR Layar division, is also tipped to challenge Jabu for the Layar state seat when state elections are due to be held by May 2011.

Jabu, also the rural development minister and minister for infrastructure development, had been quoted as saying that certain Ibans would rather spent their money on cock-fighting and are prepared to splurge between RM100 and RM1,000 on a bird, instead of saving for their children’s education.

He added that these habits have hindered the community from producing successful individuals when compared to the Kelabits, who are a minority among the Dayaks.


Anonymous said...

The more I read Jabu's statement in MSM, the more I have no respect for his very shallow stereotyping brand.

His influence is diminishing daily because of his characteristics were out of fit with today's environment. He is now totally lost his direction.

Anonymous said...

Jabu always blamed Ibans for drinking, gambling and cock-fighting. He must have seen his own son who is drinking every night as one example of Ibans indulging in wasteful habits.

NEIL said...

As for the cockfighting game,this must stop.This form of past time are often misuse as a form of gambling and the cruel treatment of this birds cannot be accepted. This form of abuse must not be allow to continue.The Iban must accept that this is the 21st century and we are not living in a uncivilized world where in those days the tribes practice cannibalism.
The police MUST stop issuing this license and the Ibans MUST stop this form of cruelty to this birds.Grow up and don't find excuse to engage in this crazy pastime.

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure. Stanny is a relative of Jabu. On his retirement, he worked a couple of months with Jabu`s family. Only now he is criticising Jabu, quite strange. Could it be just designed `sandiwara` by planting Stanny in PKR to get information on party`s strategy? Being a former SB officer, Stanny knows the theory.

Agom said...

Under Syariah Law, drinking alcohol is `haram` for Muslims, so Jabu should propose to amend The Native Customary Laws Ordinance (The Adat Iban Order, 1993) to make drinking alcohol, tuak, langkau, ai ijok for Ibans is an offence punishable with imprisonment and fine or both.

Secondly,Jabu being an Iban leader, should propose to the government to withdraw licences for operating Magnum, Toto, Cash Sweep and Lottery in Sarawak.

On cock-fighting, we have a law to deal with it.

This probably will help Ibans to get rid of `wasteful habits, if not to minimize it.

Anonymous said...

Is Tedwin Ngumbang not going to support Stanny Embart???