Friday, May 1

Thanksgiving dinner

On Wednesday night (29 April), Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) organised a thanksgiving dinner to celebrate the BN’s victory at the recently concluded Batang Ai by-election. The dinner was held in Kuching and was attended by some BN leaders including Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

At the dinner PRS president James Masing spoke of the “unity and excellent” example of teamwork of Barisan component parties from Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia that helped ensure their victory.

“If all BN components in Sarawak, the Peninsula and Sabah can work together as we have done in Batang Ai, we can beat anything that the opposition parties throw at us,” he said.

Was Masing telling the truth? Or did he say it to please DPM and others present? That is really a good PR exercise. During the campaign for the Batang Ai by-election from 29 March to 6 April, we were told that Masing was furious that he was left on his own with no money coming from the other BN.

Lucky for Masing, one of his men who had business contracts, had to come up with over RM500,000 to help finance the election. A PRS supreme council member, Tedewin Ngumbang admitted that PRS and members toiled hard to look for money to help finance the election. He confirmed no financial assistance coming from PBB and other BN parties.

It was true that PBB was there, but it operated separately with no connection with Masing. DCM Alfred Jabu went on his way after he had a spat with Masing over some Party symbols and posters. Awang Tengah was also own his own after he argued with Masing during a meeting in Sri Aman.

During the counting of votes, Jabu who was with CM in Kuching only phoned Awang Tengah for the latest results and not Masing, although Masing was the director of operations.

Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) “semadi” campaign, because in its heart of hearts it wished that PRS lost the seat so that its (SPDP) position in the BN would be strengthened while PRS position was weakened.

Even its president and deputy president did not attend the thanksgiving dinner as if they had no respect for the presence of deputy prime minister.

Anyway, we want to know how much money was spent on the thanksgiving dinner and why it was held in Kuching and not in Lubok Antu? Could it cost RM200,000 or more? Could it not be better to spend such money on a project that would bring direct benefit to the Batang Ai voters say on improving medical facilities as a way to say thank you?The Broken Shield


Anonymous said...

The money spent on the dinner can easily be used to buy a site for Batang Ai Clinic.

Apai Semalau said...

Yes,they can gouge and enjoy the food in Kuching while the dayaks in Batang Ai are left with eating salt and rice!
What is there to celebrate?Thanksgiving for another loanee PBB candidate? PBB should be the one celebrating. Its more like a mourning dinner to mark the demise of PRS. It won't be long before they have PBB loanee to replace Masing. PRS is only a shadow of PBB. Eventually PBB will take over from PRS thus increasing its majority in the DUN. Thats reality and as always the dayaks are again being marginalised.

Suntat said... sounds like the relationship between Jabu and PRS deteriorates.

Agom said...

It was a lavish thanksgiving dinner costing RM200,000. I hope this is not government`s money, otherwise this big amount should be given to longhouse folks to repair their longhouses and other facilities.

There are some truths regarding the feeling of `unhappiness` with one another between Jabu and Masing during Batang Ai by-election when Masing admitted that he was backstabbed by his friends during election due to the infighting.

However, both of them and their soldiers could hold the `unhappiness` on their chests without exposing it to the press and the public, otherwise it could affect the result of the by-election, contrary to the crisis in PBDS where the factional politics within the party were created by `naughty newspaper boy` which led to the deregistration of the party, Datuk Seri Daneil Tajem said.

Jackson Mangan said...

Roughly a RM200K spent on dinner in Kuching?! It’s a nutty 1.7% of the total budget for telecommunication projects (or zero project?) proposed for N.29 Batang Ai lah!

RM500K assistance from its own member? Morally, it’s more than worst compared to “Kempen Bersama Mu di N.29 Batang Ai”…

The “Semadi Nadai” campaign?! Again, it’s more than worst compared to Sarawak’s Bloggers’ campaign…

And now, let the Dayaks in Batang Ai lick their fingers – watching from afar – as most allocation has been towed away to Mukah…

Wonder why some kampongs around Kuching are still without electricity supply? Not that these kampongs are supporters of opposition, but the worst thing happened when allocations were also been towed away to Betong…