Sunday, June 21

PM not told the truth about NCR ~ Malaysiakini

The Sarawak government has been accused of deliberately misinforming the prime minister on the row over native customary rights (NCR) in the state.

“I am sure the prime minister has been ill-informed on the true situation of NCR land issues,” said Sarawak National Party’s Stanley Jugol in responding to a statement made by Najib Abdul Razak on the issue.

Najib, who was on a two-day visit to Sarawak, had assured the Ibans in Lubok Antu that the government would not snatch their land away.

“We have no intention of grabbing anybody’s land. The Ibans should not worry. The BN government will not take away your property,” he had told a huge gathering in Nanga San, Lubok Antu, about 250km from state capital Kuching.

“We want to ensure the future of the Ibans and we will solve the land problem that I know you are concerned about. You can have confidence on the BN government.”

However, Stanley pointed out that there are currently hundreds of disputes over NCR land before the courts.

“What will happen to the NCR land that has been taken away from the natives? The proof of this is the fact that there are more than 200 cases of NCR land filed by the natives against the government and companies. These cases are pending hearing.”

“I am sure the state government leaders are not telling the truth when they briefed the prime minister,”
he said.

Native customary rights to land in Sarawak is a system of land tenure based on ‘adat’ (native customary laws), allowing the natives the right to cultivate the land and to benefit from the produce of the jungle, including hunting and fishing.

Stringent opposition to state’s NCR model

Under a government scheme, more than one million hectares of land - the bulk of which is NCR land - have been leased to companies for 60 years for the planting of oil palm.

Najib said that from his discussions with Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, he was convinced that the state’s NCR model would bring development to the Dayaks, particularly the Ibans.

But what Najib was not told was that there has been stringent opposition from the natives to the NCR land development promoted by the state government.

Under that scheme, only 30 percent of the equity is given to landowners, while state government-linked company Pelita Holdings has 10 percent, and the lion share, 60 percent, goes to investors.

Moreover, although the landowners hold 30 percent, they are in the dark about the management of the plantations as they are not included in the decision-making of the company.

“The Ibans are against this concept,” said Stanley.


Apai Semalau said...

"Bugau"! These Ibans are just plain simple and gullible! That's how the PM sees us as. For us Ibans, enough is enough. We want to be treated as equal.
We agree we want our lands to be developed for the benefit of our community. In doing so, we want a fair share of the return from our land, be given management rights and have access to all financial reports to justify our share. Is that too much in the asking? At the moment we have no say, are getting peanuts while the crony company gets the lion's share of profits.
200+ court case shows that our lands were not only snatch but were robbed right under our very nose! The PM is still wearing blinkers not to see that.
By the way, the PM gave a hefty sum of $1.3millions to the bidayuh community in Serian a few days ago. How many million$ did he bring with him to give the ibans in the Sri Aman division? Are we not as deserving or are we once again being discriminated? Wake up Ibans! Maybe our iban leaders didn't ask so we don't get any money. Seems like, we ibans are afterall but just "BUGAU" if we don't see how we are being used as pawns.

Anonymous said...

The Ibans are not all against this NCR model as up to date more than 40,000 hectare of NCR land being planted with oil palm throughout the state.

The land was developed with a consent from the NCR owners, none was developed by force. Under this NCR model, any land that is under disputed, will not be developed.

The intention is to help the poor and uncapable to at least generate some income from their idle land.

The NCR concept never stop or restrict the well off and capable owners of NCR land to develop their own land

Just to correct the statement.

Thank you!