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Dayaks in S'wak BN 'should join PKR' ~ Malaysiakini

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Sarawak PKR leader Augustine Liom wants Dayaks in Barisan Nasional (BN) to join Pakatan Rakyat to change the state government, so that native customary rights (NCR) to land can be protected.

“It is a matter of urgency that we put into power a government that is kind to us and which is protective of our rights especially land rights and the rights to property as guaranteed in the federal constitution,” he said.

“Any support to the BN and its component parties means only a support to maintain a status quo. We get nowhere. A handful of seats to Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party, a handful seats for Parti Rakyat Sarawak and a handful of seats to Parti Bumiputra Bersatu and Sarawak United People’s Party. That is all.

“We continue to be split, divided, ruled and manipulated and to gradually lose our lands. So we have no choice but to go for a radical or revolutionary change in our political approach.”

Liom, a former judge, was recently appointed to head the land and human rights bureau of the state PKR. He was speaking at a Gawai Dayak dinner organised by the PKR women’s wing in Kuching.

“Our Dayak friends in BN ought to now join us to make this happen to change the state government. Otherwise posterity will not judge then too kindly [...]

“Do not be overwhelmed by your comfort of office that you forget where you have come from. I say ‘comfort of office’. I don’t say ‘comfort of power’ because we know that they do not have that much power.

“Real and meaningful power is in the exclusive domain of chief minister and his handful of inner circle of confidantes. They will not be so kind as to share that power.”

Liom said the results of the March 2008 parliamentary elections have led Sarawakians to realise the political reality.

“The Dayaks now need a national party as their political vehicle. Sarawak National Party is nominally alive. Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak is dead and gone. Malaysian Dayak Congress has not seen the light of the day.

“What we need is a political vehicle, that is PKR, and we need Malays like Anwar Ibrahim (right) to champion the Dayak cause, not Malays who will divide us or who will rob us of our NCR land.

“We place our trust in PKR and Anwar to champion the Dayak cause. This is a stark political reality we have to come to accept and to live with. There is now no alternative to that.”

‘Daylight robbery’

Liom said BN leaders have denied that the state government had robbed the people of their NCR to land.

“But when longhouse folks wake up one day to find tractors ploughing through their rubber or fruit trees on land they have toiled for generations and are told that the government had granted lease to their land to a logging or plantation company usually connected to people in power - is that not daylight robbery? That is what is happening in our midst,” he said.

He said the government would then tell the landowners to prove that it was NCR land, but that this is difficult when the original settlers have died and because landowners could not acquire NCR by purchase.

“So in effect, it means gradually and eventually NCR land will be no more. And that is the policy of the BN government,” he added.

“Have we heard any BN Dayak leader calling for a survey and for the issuance of titles to NCR land? No one in BN dares to make such a call. On such matter, only one man decides.”

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who was present, said: “If we want to change Sarawak for the better, then it is now or never.”

At a press conference after declaring open the Batu Kawa PKR service centre earlier, she said the party had held discussions with a number of past and present BN leaders to join the party before the end of the year.

“I am not going to reveal names. Let there be an element of surprise,” she said, without dismissing the possibility that some of these leaders are from Sarawak.


Anonymous said...

A tall order from augustine liom.

Anonymous said...

This is one option that give a win-win for the current Dayak leaders and the overall Dayaks. To Dayak BN YBs, its now or you will regret it for the rest of your life. Please switch to PKR.

Agom said...

Ofcourse we would like to see a single Dayak-based party or any political party to unite all dayaks in order to establish to realise dayak identity, strength and one voice. As long as an "outside interference" still exists in this universe, who wanted to see of splitting the dayak so that easy to bully, easy to control and easy to rule.He is an abstacle to unite dayak in one political platform.

In addition to that, lack of discipline among dayak politicians is another contributing factor. Some incidents within the parties in the past proved these, for instances, political rivalries and paralysed by an importence compounded by self=interest, like phenomenon a political defection (party hopping) to get employment and position. These happened because no manisfestation of good discipline, a lack of personal example by leaders who were responsible first and foremost for self-discipline. Sometimes, there was internal rivalry, witch hunting, passing the buck or back bitting within the members in the party, which led to internal crisis - the deregistration of the party.

Anonymous said...

Hello there all Dayak YBs in BN - the call directed upon you urging to join PKR rings the bell aloud. Make no mistake, for how much longer can you guys clinge to your present status as BN YBs in present scandouls, shame, corrupted, robbers, thief, lies, fraud arrogant,blundered, unjust and unfair/criminal regime under Taib.

Your comfort in the office is just a temporary one and can be taken away in no time.

If you don't have any authority to speak and purpose to serve the rakyat other than getting hammered by the day, what's worth now being in a position as YB akin to "Between the Devil (Taib & his confendante) and the Deep Blue Sea (the rakyat". The trust on you diminishing by the clicks of the clock. You probably didn't see what many see in your standing and performance as YB, or you dind't even realized the negative standing. Your performance in serving the rakyat is all time low.

You guys are now just holding onto a "thin line". When that "thin line" breaks off, all of you will fall apart in deep trecherous pit. Don't you ever look up, expecting Taib to retrieve you out from the pit. He is still counting how many more Dayak YBs should goes into the pit..!!

Dayak BN-YBs are a bunch of mere clowns, very much treated like a "YoYo", being used as a piece of instrument/tool to fool your own race. YB can best term as .. "Yang Biol", "Yang Bodoh", Yang Bangsat", "Yang Bele" (Ko kita Iban) or even "Yang Bula".

Ask yourself this question...What does it take to be the essence of man? The good times in the comfort of your office will never last. MNake an effort now to abandon the present "FORT" and start anew with PKR. Together we can build a united, strong, resilent, respected, inspired, feared and most adored Dayak race of all times.

Roll-out and get the campaign urging all Dayak BN-YBs to leave BN for PKR.

Break loose now from BN and join PKR....!!!

Anonymous said...

“ … In addition to that, lack of discipline among dayak politicians is another contributing factor….” Quoted from posting by Agom.

Historical events tend to support what Agom wrote on the subject of “ ..lack of discipline among dayak politicians…...”

What Agom wrote reminded me about something (I heard) happened during the recent PKR’s organized Gawai dinner. The incident had something to do with indiscipline among dayak politicians …. It was sai that one political leader was seen to be drunk and lost control of himself showing his colours before many including PRR’s President.

If that is true, it is sad because the incident somehow become a "yaerstick" for others to look at Dayaks' quality of political leadership.


Anonymous said...

PRK needs disciplined and credible leaders.A person may be current or ex-YB. It does not means that they are better than others. They must prove that they are worthy to be elevated into positions of responsible leadership in PKR for PKR to credible, discipline and better in image than BN to take over the state government of Sarawak.

His or her show of indiscipline or indulgence in public function like in the recent gawai is the outflow of his or her indicsipline in private life. How can such leader(s) be elevated to position of authority, responsibility and leadership, when he/she had shown such bad examples.

Citizen- For the change in state administration

Anonymous said...

It is not going to comfortable to leave behind "bones" in BN.

The BN's system of forcing submission and obedience is deeply entrenched ...
It is just like a bait-covered hook deely swallowed inside the stomach. With a slight pull by ... a "swlalower' feel the excruciating pain inside ...

UNLESS swallowers dare enough to cut off the line and bear the pain... then ... Otherwise ... WAIT TILL DEFEAT AND DEATH OF ....

Hidup segan- mati tak mahu ..

What are the ways out ????