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Sarawak PKR revamps leadership to face polls ~ Malaysiakini

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Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) today has announced a new list of leaders for Sarawak, an effort to strengthen the party in view of the upcoming state elections, which may be called any time between year-end and mid-2011.

The emphasis of the new leadership is on rural areas where Dayaks, after the March 8, 2008 parliamentary election, have now become significant numbers in the party, said Mustaffa Kamil Ayub, the newly appointed chief of the state liaison in a media conference today.

"The number of Dayaks in the party has increased significantly, especially after the last parliamentary election," said Mustaffa, who took over from Anwar Ibrahim last month as the liaison chief.

"It is important, therefore, we give an emphasis to the participation of the Dayaks in the party," he said, pointing out that PKR is now a real multi-racial party of Dayaks, Chinese, Malays and others.

He added that the initiatives taken by certain Dayak leaders to join PKR have opened the minds and eyes of their supporters so much so that they too have now joined the party.

To date, about 30,000 people had joined PKR and more applications are being processed, he said.

State leadership council to unify members

In line with the latest development in the party, it is therefore important for the party to reorganise its leadership at the state level with the formation of a State Leadership Council and various sub-committees, he said, adding: "This new structure is made more important in view of the coming state election.

The State Leadership Council, which would consists of leaders from various ethnic groups, would act as the state ‘think tank' responsible for implementation of policies and activities of the PKR Sarawak.

"It is hoped also that the formation of this council will bring the people of Sarawak closer to the party," he said.

Various working committees, Mustaffa said, would implement programmes and activities that have been assigned to them.

Appointments would take effect as of June 3, 2009.

Meanwhile, PKR Sarawak has now formed 14 divisions: Santubong, Petra Jaya, Stampin, Bandar Kuching, Kota Samarahan, Serian, Batang Sadong, Betong, Saratok, Sibu, Miri, Bintulu, Baram and Julau.

Another 14 divisions which are waiting to be approved include Batang Lupar, Sri Aman, Lubok Antu, Sarikei, Ulu Rajang, Lanang, Selangau, Kapit, Sibuti, Lawas, Mas Gading, Mambong, Kanowit and Limbang.

Discussions are also in progress for the formation of Mukah, Matu and Tanjong Manis divisions.

PKR Sarawak is forming its divisions based on the number of parliamentary constituencies, of which Sarawak has 31.

The following is the leadership and management structure of PKR Sarawak:

Overall adviser: Anwar IbrahimAdvisers: Hafsah Harun, Michael Bong and Dominique Ng

Chairman: Mustaffa Kamil Ayub

State leadership council: Gabriel Adit, Baru Bian, Nicholas Bawin Anggat, Granda Aing, Wan Zainal Wan Sanusi, Baharuddin Mohsen, Dr. Michael Teo, Jawah Gerang, Augustine Liom, Jimmy Donald and Abang Zulkifli Abang Ebgkeh (secretary)

Working committees: Piee bin Lin (Secretary), Mexlian Gombek and Zulhaidah Hadie @ Suboh (Assistant secretaries), Wong Huan Yu (treasurer), George Chen (Assistant treasurer), See Chee How (Information Officer) Norhanim Mohsen and Zulrusdi Hol (Assistant Information officers), Ibi Uding (Women chief), and Rahmat Aidil (Youth)

Election bureau: Mustaffa Kamil Ayub (chairman), Haji Baharuddin,Voon Shiak Ni, Boniface Willy Tumek, Munan Laja, Dr. Manssor Husin, Loo Chao Min, Harrison Ngau, Granda Aing, Zulrusdi Hol and Wan Zainal Wan Senusi

Strategy bureau: Granda Aing (chairman) and Wan Zainal Wan Sanusi

Education bureau: Dr. Mansor Husin (Chairman), Stanney Embat and Zurinawati Zaidel

Training bureau: Lokman Aba Ibrahim (chairman), Mumbang Hillary Mukit, Zulhaidah Subuh, Bobby William and Tan Tian Mine

Integration bureau: Paul Raja (chairman), Dr. Francis Ngu,Dr. Idwar Bakarudin and Lawrence Dick Sakalai

Policy bureau: Dr. Christopher Kiyui (chairman), Angela Baginda, Frankie Bedindang Manjah, Abang Zulkifli Engkeh, Dr. Lau Liak Koi and Mod. Said @ Beti Gapur

Welfare and health bureau: Abang Othman Abg. Gom (chairman), Dr. Michael teo, Vincent Sijem. Lina Soo, Hung Soon Hu and Cecilia Stanney

Land and human rights bureau: Augustine Liom (chairman), Ali Basah, Henry Joseph, Desmond Khoo, Arif Ameran and Ahmad Nazib Johari

Environment Bureau: Harrison Ngau (chairman) Simon Tiong, Maxlien Gombek and Ong Fook Fong


Chakui Chabu said...

I noticed that only Nicholas Bawin and Paul Raja are in the list. Where are other members of MDC protem committee including its adviser, Datuk Daneil? Are they not interested to join PKR or are they going to submit fresh application to re-register MDC?

Agom said...

Judging from the voting trend among the rural electorate as shown in the just concluded Batang-Ai by election, indicated that the rural voters in Sarawak still favoured BN, thus PKR has to work hard from now to get the confidence of the rural folks in its struggle.

The rural folks are more attracted by development fund and instant noodle projects given by BN and they do not really care about the current issues.

But the urban voters who are majority chinese and more educated cannot easily sway by the government policies affecting violation of rule of law, separation of powers and human rights.They are likely taking the lead to effect the change in state political landscape. PR victory to capture 8 seats from SUPP in the 2006 election was prooof that the urban electorate were supporting the opposition.