Sunday, June 28

Formation of Parti Dayak Iban (PADI)?

While Prime Minister Najib Razak has been advocating for Malay/Muslim unity between PAS and UMNO in the spirit of 1Malaysia concept, is it wrong for Dayaks to call for Dayak unity between Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), Parti Pesaka (which is now a branch of Parti Pesaka Bumiputra) and Sarawak National Party (SNAP)?

William Mawan SPDP president, as reported in The Borneo Post today (27 June) called on the people (I am sure he means Dayaks, as they were the main audience in Gawai Ngiling Bidai in Kapit) not to allow themselves to be separated politically.

Instead they should be united and focused on the spirit of ‘segulai sejalai’ (moving forward together) to progress and develop with other races.

To me moving forward together is not enough, we should be ‘segulai sejalai sepenemu’ (moving forward together in united voice). What is the point for us to move forward together if we do not share the same aspiration, the same objective, and the same destination?

Anyway, Mawan’s call should be food for thought. But the only problem towards achieving this “segulai sejalai” is that SPDP is being controlled by big towkays whose objectives are dissimilar with those of the Dayaks’ aspirations. In other words, the non-Dayaks are the stumbling block to Dayak unity.

No doubt there are also other obstacles to Dayak unity. SNAP tried it (Dayak unity), but the party failed. PBDS tried it, it also failed. Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC) tried to revive the spirit of Dayak unity, but it was not allowed to be registered.

So what then should we do? Like the call for the Malay/Muslim unity, perhaps the Ibans should organise themselves first before talking about Dayak unity, so are the Bidayuhs and the Orang Ulu.

By this I mean, we should form our own political party before we can have a loose coalition in the spirit of Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat among the Dayak parties and call it Pakatan/Barisan Dayak Sarawak.

For the Iban, I am thinking of Parti Dayak Iban. In short, PADI and the emblem should be a paddy stalk to symbolize our farming and rural background.

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Anonymous said...

Manah idea nuan nya tang enti kitai iban agi arap ka sida keling bungai nuing enggau bala antu ti bukai kitai iban enda ulih beserakub..laban antu nya ti mai kitai belaya...

Apai Semalau said...

PADI? Yes, lets go back to our respective "rumahpanjai" and plant padi. At least you won't go hungry.
Remember PBDS! That's our dayak party that came and go because of internal bickering amongst its leadership. It shot itself in the foot that gave reasons for other Sarawak political parties to rejoice. It started with genuine interests to fight for the dayak cause but "money" and "greed for party positions" led to its ultimate demise. How can we expect to bring unity amongst the dayaks like the malays in Malaya if we can't even register MDC? Maybe Mawan should walk the talk and get MDC registered otherwise its just another blank piece of "cheap" political rhetoric. Does he honestly think PBB and SUPP would agree to dayak unity? Dream on Mawan! That's your first tsunami.
PADI is definitely not a good idea. It speaks of another race base entity. Why "Dayak Iban"? We have enough racial polarization in our midst and there is absolutely no reason to add another.It should be Unity for all SARAWAK DAYAKS! MDC should be on our card.

Remaung Enam Renjer said...

Borneo is a Land of the Dayak. Therefore being the biggest group amongst the dayak, we should not neglect the rest of the dayak such as Bidayuh and kayan(eventhought Kayan sometimes reluctant to be known as Dayak, they should read Dutch History on Indonesian they are known as Dayak).
We should emulate our brothers in Kalimantan Indonesia, all dayak united under one party. Forget about SNAP and PBDS as both of the parties were not 100% dayak..Moving forward used dayak as our platform for unity we should be able to chase away Taib from his power.

Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

tuskani said...

I'm so confused Tuai...

1) First you promote Dayakism in the form of MDC ie Iban/Bidayuhs?orang Ulu together

2) then you promote/lean towards PKR with its inherently multiracial agenda/platform

3) now you are regressing and advising towards forming an exclusively Iban platform and advising the bidayuhs and orang ulus to do the same?

I'm very confused to say the least...

We will never be rid of this merry-go-round big fish eat small fish and backstabbing politics that we have if and when we still think along ethnic lines....

Mandoh ak. Galau said...

Anang bemimpi ka ngaga parti baru dikena nyerakup bala Dayak seagi-agi " Aki " agi idup. Sejarah udah nyadi saksi kitai, Aki meda kitai Dayak, kitai Iban besarakup dalam sebuah parti.

Aki lebih senang ati meda kitai dayak bepechah, awak ka nyamai dikemeli, dikeduan enggau diperintah. Tambah mega perangai ketuai kitai dayak, kitai Iban nadai berubah, sama agi nyimpan ati kepapas ka pangan diri, sama-sama ka nyadi `boss`. Siapa nyadi President? Udah tentu sida ka belaya ka postnya.

tsunami said...

Being a bidayuh, i got no comment. But why not Parti Se-dayak Sarawak?

Agom said...

A suggestion to form a new single dayak-based party to unite dayak Iban? No way, as long as an " outside interference " is still alive, who was in the past liked to see dayak splitting, easy to rule, easy to control, easy to bully, easy to manipulate and easy to use as tools to achieve his political agenda.

" In a parliamentary democrary, anyone can form political parties and it is up to the people to decide whom to support. " said Najib when he agreed to splinters of PKR led by Nallakaruppan to form a new Indian party (MIUP).

But when a protem committe of MDC comprising of a retired Senior Police Officer, ex-Military and retired senior government servants submitted its application for registration which was rejected by the government for ` security reasons `. Is this a parliamentary democracy?? Anyone of you believe that these retired government servants were threatening the national security? Whereas in actual facts, they had proved themselves in carrying out their duties as efficient, impartially, honesty, legally and tactfully and most of all loyal to the Rulers and to the Country.

The truth is, MDC was not a friend of BN during the Sarawak State General Election in 2006. That was why its application for registration was rejected.Secondly, MDC was fighting for dayak to safeguard their NCL/NCR but was seen by the state government against its policy of development

Anonymous said...

hi everyone there.
Au manah endar penemu nuannya unggal. Well, like you said, when people of other races can talk about their unity, why can't we do likewise? If we are suppress just because we are going for the same goal as the malays, why so? But we never tried that before.
I support you in full Unggal on IBAN UNITY. Enti kitai betunjang ke siti tiang, kering kitai baru ulih kitai bejako ka penusah kitai Iban.
We iban are too far behind other races interm of education, ukai ketegai kitai Iban enda pandai tang there are problems facing us thet need to be solved with one united voice, the same thing when it comes to the award of government projects.
It is time now that we speak in one voice inorder to be heard and heed.
A reminder to the Iban leaders baka JAbu, Moggie, Linggi family, Masing, who enjoyed the present fruit season, CAN you guarantte when another season comes, you enjoy the same plentiful harvest as now?
At the end of the day, your Iban generations surely will look up to the Iban for support, tang enti Iban agi ingat ke pengawa kita ke enda iboh ke Iban ke diatu, you have yourself to be blamed for it.

Agom said...

It is not easy to implement as you could imagine, a lot of obstacles ahead. Whether Jabu, Mawan, Masing and Dundang are willing to lose their presidentships? The first three are most comfortable with their posts in the government now. It is not quarantee that everyone of the current dayak ministers in the cabinet would be appointed with a ministerial post in future should all of them are in one single party.

Incidents in the past like, an internal leadership tussle in the party, unwilling to compromise, attitude of quarrelsome and self-interest among the dayak leaders were a proof that they just could not be united, not less interference by outsiders who wanted to see of splitting the dayaks.

Should a new dayak-based party (PADI) is formed, would a dayak be elected as the Chief Minister of Sarawak? I don`t think so. Any effort to use Dayak nationalism to unite the dayak community to form a government or to show a strength would be doomed to failure, simply because the number of constituencies with a dayak majority was not enough to form a government.It was a `plan` by greedy non-dayak politicians to see that the number of constituencies with a dayak majority did not increase, eventhough the present state constituencies has increased from 48 to 71.

Blind Colour said...

No more racial party based please...!

Anonymous said...

lebih manah PRS ngau PBDS begulai sama ngau SNAP, ngaga parti baru. Anang peduli sapa ke nyadi presiden, tang pelama maia ia nyadi tuai 2 term aja, 1 term 4 tahun. Kerusi ali kunsel atau MP enda tahu panjai ari 3 term, lepas nya parti milih orang baru. Enti bekenya tetap mayoh orang sukong. Orang ke nyadi tuai parti ngidup ke parti dan duit parti tetap simpan ke parti baka MCA, Gerakan dan MIC, sida semua bisi bangunan tingi baka mega UMNO. Bisnes parti dipejalai ke orang ketiga misti dibayar untong nya ke parti. enti berknya baru parti oleh idup ngagai ni miaia pen. Anang baka ke udah, nyah diatu kitai bergantung ke orang taja pun kitai mayuoh tubuh. SNAP, PBDS, PRS, SPDP semoa dipegai orang bukai ari segi duit tajas pen pokok bisness baka lisen-lisen semua nya datai ari orang kitai.
Enti na olih nukar ke gaya lama tu na eboh sebut ke ngaga parti baru!

Chakui Chabu said...

Even a proposal of SPDP-PRS merger initiated by Taib in 2005, until now has not materialised. The reason is simple, both the Presidents and their party supreme council members did not want to lose their posts in the party. What more trying to get 4-party merger?

Instead of building ` a castle in the air `, it is better for all dayak leaders irrespective of their differences political ideology work in hand to help dayaks to get back their NCL/NCR land alleged to be snatched by "thugs".

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we can learn something from our Dayak brother from down below.

Sida ia begempong - 4 Provinces are now in the hands of Dayak.

Perhaps it would be good for Iban leaders to unite and forget their differences but focus on similarities.

Have Council of Iban Elders (Negeri Sembilan is a good example in their selection of their YDPN). Choose one (1).

Perhaps Bidayuh and Orang Ulu unite to a political party of their own since it appears in Sarawak, unity among the Dyaks, at least at this point of time appears to be illusive.

Anonymous said...

setuju....setuju...more easier for us comunicate in our own language coz we much know our aspiration.Sice the other Dayaks doesn't show their interest to be united with us.Nadai kiruh betalat ke jaku dikena lebuh baum..

Anonymous said...

sarawak congress then udah ulih register....all sarawak congress

Watt said...

In order to unite the Dayaks, we need divine guidance as promised throughout the entire Scripture. Therefore, we requires an awareness & submission to the will of God.

"I will instruct you & teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye" (Psalm 32:8). God has a plan for those who follow Him.

To focus on the spirit of 'segulai, sejalai, sepenemu', the Dayaks must " Trust in the Lord with all your heart, & lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, & He shall direct your paths.(Proverbs 3:5-6)........We need prayers to unite the Dayaks.


Your ideas are brilliant!!! But please bear in mind it is not so easy to register any new political parties now or for the time being if all the powers of ROS be vested under the control of UMNO or certains MALAYS.They may not so stupid to let a go the registration of any new political parties if such future party is tentamount to instabilize their positions and to erode the powers of Pak Uban. You should know Pak Uban may not just sit there watching you people registration a new political parties..for sure he will do something to interfere if he finds that such a new political party will be a big future threat to his present administration and powers. Therefore, one possible ways for Dayaks to do is to ' FROG FROM THE PRESENT POLITICAL PARTIES AND JOIND THE PRESENT STATE OPPOSITION PARTY such as SNAP,DAP, AND PKR and then formed a new state government.I believe that our brothers Kadazandusun in Sabah will follow-suit as they have experienced in " FROG-JUMPING POLITICS BEFORE " Not to forget our brothers Sarawak Chinese voters, they will follow-suit if such situation exists.....