Wednesday, July 29

Blame Masing for Hadi’s remarks

A Sarawak PKR leader and former Sri Aman Member of Parliament Jimmy Donald has put the blame squarely on Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president James Masing for remarks alleged to have been said by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

Hadi was reported to have said that Pakatan Rakyat lost the Batang Ai by-election on 7 April this year because the voters did not know how to vote as they were still wearing loin clothes (cawat).

“In all previous by-elections the results were favouring Pakatan. Only in Batang Ai we lost because the voters did not know how to vote as they are still wearing loin clothes,” Hadi had said on the run-up to Manek Urai by-election recently.

Donald, who was ex-colleague of Masing in PRS said: “I would like to put the blame squarely on Masing who was once the state minister of tourism. He spent time and money travelling overseas promoting Sarawak by showing Lemanak Ibans wearing loin clothes in order to attract tourists to the state.

“In my visits to European countries, I saw with my own eyes photographs of Ibans wearing loin clothes appeared in their televisions.

“If you are using Iban culture as tourist attractions, who is to be blamed?”
he asked and pointed out that Hadi’s remarks could be traced back to Masing who used the Iban wearing loin clothes as a tourist attraction.

Stressing that he did not condone any insults on any community by anybody, Donald said: “To me this is a small issue, but Masing used it to hide bigger issues where Dayaks have been short-changed.

“As a minister of land development, Masing should ensure that NCR lands are not taken away from the owners. These are the bigger issues that affect the lives and the livelihood of the Dayaks,” he said and hoped that one day he would not look back in later years blaming other people for the loss of NCR land.

He also questioned why Masing had not taken any action against his deputy Joseph Entulu who wanted to obliterate the word ‘Dayak’ as it implied the Dayaks were uncivilized, uncouth and low class.

“All these issues are much bigger than issue of Iban wearing loin clothes,” he added.

Meanwhile, there appears to be a concerted effort by the State BN particularly PRS to arouse anti-PAS feelings among the Dayaks in Sarawak as pro-BN newspapers keep on highlighting comments from Dayak leaders and politicians on remarks made by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

Just as Teoh Beng Hock’s death has been an issue by the Pakatan Rakyat against the government in the peninsula, Hadi’s remarks have been capitalized by BN especially PRS to arouse anti-PAS feelings among the Dayaks.

Since Hadi’s remarks were made public by Masing last Friday, one by one of the Dayak politicians came out to condemn Hadi and demand he apologise to the Dayak people especially Ibans.

Masing felt that such remarks reeked of PAS’ especially Hadi’s ignorance and arrogance, pointing out that his comments meant that the Batang Ai voters, the majority of whom are Ibans, were uncivilized.

“Such comments can stir racial tension in the country,” he said and added: “Calling Dayak voters uncivilized are uncalled for. It shows just how ignorant PAS is of the situation in Batang Ai. It is ignorant about the fact that the people there are well-educated and civilized.”

Masing advised Hadi to go to the longhouses and see the situation himself.

Malcolm Mussen who won the Batang Ai by-election on 7 April 2009 said that Hadi’s remarks were an insult not only to the Ibans, but Sarawakians as a whole.

PBB Deputy President Alfred Jabu who has returned to work after more than two months of sick-leave joined other Dayak leaders in condemning Hadi and accused him of being an “armchair” politician who did not know what was happening on the ground.

His remarks were not only damaging, but derogatory also to the people of Lubok Antu, added Jabu who said that any sensible person would apologise because such remarks were untrue and if he did not apologise, then the people knew what kind of a person he was.

Jabu said that if anyone was to go to Batang Ai, one would find every body there wearing normal clothes and that they would only wear their traditional attires during festive occasions.

Another PRS leader Mong Dagang labeled Hadi as a typical narrow-minded politician who should resign as PAS president who was not interested in other parts of Malaysia, except his own kampung.

PRS women chief Doris Brodie said that Pakatan Rakyat should forget about making any headway in Dayak majority constituencies, its leaders continued to talk like Hadi.

“They can forget about making their existence in Sarawak especially in Dayak majority constituencies as they are not ethnic-sensitive. On top of that, such remarks can stir racial tension,” she said.

Hadi’s remarks are sure to be used by BN leaders as an effective tool to frighten Dayaks from supporting Pakatan come the next election.

In fact the state BN had already used Hadi’s remarks to warn voters in the rural areas not to support the opposition. – The Broken Shield


Anonymous said...

Jimmy lim donald is up to nothing. He is of no use to us dayaks. look at what he's doing, himself in PKR, his son in DAP. Baka aduh anang iya nya, diasur bulih, dibatak pan bulih. What happen to Rumah Dayak in Kuching? He should be able to furnish us with the answer.

Anonymous said...

Ikan Masing cannot take action against Joe Entulu cause his own position not stable. Talk of Joe Entulu going for the top post with the other Joe as the deputy is gaining ground. Would prefer it the other way around but who gives a shit about PRS nowadays....too many people have to throw out to overhaul the party.

So this Malcolm Mussen can talk...I thought he lost his tongue and can only talk when Jabu allow him to. Now wonder he so quiet when Anak Numpang tengah kenak potong. No license to talk.

The rest of the PRS people like burung tiong...only repeat what their bosses say....

Doris gives more head than she is the head of PRS women.


Jabu calling people armchair least he is sitting in an armchair and not from the hospital bed.

Bugau said...

Jimmy Donno Duck should shut up because he had failed in everything in his previous post as YB for Simanggang. What developments had Jimmy brought to Simanggang? NOTHINGS....! Jimmy had accomplished nothing at all.

Ask those from Simanggang, you should know better. As far I know about Jimmy as YB before, he only give anak manok to those in longhouses in Simanggang, which Jimmy said as a federal project.

One interesting fact about PRS, it never run out of internal problems and the total failure of PRS YBs to bring developments to it's constituencies and members.

So many time, PRS own candidates being shot down by Jabu. Jabu's own choice of candidates over PRS are Masir Kujat, Nyallau Badak & Malcolm Mussen.

People like to talk or give almost negatives comments about PRS because it makes very interesting 'coffeeshop issues'.

I strongly believe that PRS will one day crack, crumble and sink under it's own heavy weight internal problems.

Anonymous said...

Read this too thanks ,"

Agom said...

Those of you who love peace, let we put together the `cawat` issue to rest. Sending a petition to PAS President by PRS elected representatives is just fine and wait for Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang to respond. I wonder, why PRS is doing it alone without the participants from dayak NGOs like SDNU, SADIA, DBNA, OUNA and Ibans in PBB, SUPP and SPDP?

For the PRS Batang Ai Youth Wing is planning to burn PAS flags in Engkilili town, it is better for you to abandon the plan. Don`t aggravate the situation. In my opinion, your action likely to excite a disturbance of the peace and public order and the police has the right to refuse a permit.

Remember that the 1Malaysia concept aims to unite all races in the country and our culture teach us to apologize and forgive.

Anonymous said...

this crony of that white hair is using the iban loin cloth to promote tourism so as to fill up his bank account. u o know how much money was spent promoting tourism.millions was lost and only a few backpackers trickle here. so all in all,most of the money just 'disappear into thin air' and macc never look into this.

what happen today regarding the loin cloth incident is a prove that the money used to promote tourism was never put to good use.masing never care a shit what happen to the iban. he is now half chinese and is living a 'civilize' life in the city.before u can call him 'lakia' but now if you call him this he will be upset.

ever since taking over prs, masing have never put in effort to increase the living standard of the dayaks. that's why u can still see some of these rural folks who are too poor to be clothed.

i think it would be fair if masing started promoting loin cloth by asking all the iban mp and yb to wear loin cloth when they celebrated gawai or attend the state assembly. in this way others will say this loin cloth is just a ceremonial gear instead of them saying that wearing loin cloth shows the dayaks are poor and stupid.

hadi would be surprise if he is told that some dayak still carry a piece of stone when they travel abroad becos they don't know how to use toilet paper to wipe their arse.perhards masing can start another tourism campaign to promote stone as toilet paper so as to save the planet and prevent global warming.another project to enrich himself and his cronies.yagah!

i think it's high time for masing to step aside and let joseph salang reunite prs.if masing insist on clinging to prs, he is taking prs to his grave and what happen to pbds is still clear in everyone's mind.

by Lord Nelson

Anonymous said...

A person's comment reflect his character, emotion and maaners. Obviously that is what Hadi Awang is. A provocative comment but not a smart one, probably for a person with below average intelligent. It could give PR more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

ba penemu aku...utai tu enda patut disalah ke pangan diri...tu ari mentaliti urang malaya empu...laban sida iya alu empai meda menua bukai...anang gik baka PAS nya...nadai pikir bukai...pikir pasal agama iya aja...untak alu bedau tebuka ka meda menua bukai...

ba aku, ukai salah tourism ke apa.....mentaliti dulu tanya...

Anonymous said...

Dayak politicians pick on people's words to pass their precious political time.
When the ground is messy with so much injustice and grievances and nothing is being done - what is all this empty talk?

Tok Hadi may be right! Many people in Sarawak still do not know how to vote - loin cloth wearing or not.......

Anonymous said...

masing will be buried for good comes next election. he is a shame to the dayaks. i don't know why some dayaks are still following him blindly.
dayaks like jabu, masing, mawan etc must be ejected to outer space for good.

neil armstrong

Anonymous said...

What do one call a man who wear a skull cap? My good Iban friend Dennis used to call it "palak haji" whih reference to the male ding dong.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong wearing cawat. Its not what we wear but how we bring ourselves and are we progressing? If we judge people by what they wear PAS people is definitely moving backwards to Arab olden days whereas the Arabs are wearing three piece suit now. Ibans wearing cawat have made quantum leap because from wearing cawat we are now involved in the cyber world.

Tbsbidayuh said...

PRS still like the Cawat thing..let it be. PRS is barking alone for the sake of it's master..Taib

more at

vag said...

sapa ngasoh ktk ngau Malaya nubuh ke M'sia suba deh?! Konon kitai takut ke konfrantasi, tapi, mayuh ga bala Iban trekkers nulung sedadu Malaya suba. Hasil minyak & balak mayuh abis kena ngaga Putrajaya, KLIA, KLCC & mcm2 agi utai ba KL dia meh. Dini bc duit agi kena ngaga & ngadu jalai kitai ditu... ngadu ai & api... pengangguran bala di rumah panjai. Nama kebuah SK Ningkan suba labuh?! bc bala kitai nemu? Belajar meh kitai ari sejarah pemedis kitai empu.