Tuesday, November 24

Dayaks have benefited very little

KUCHING - Dayaks have benefited very little from the special rights and privileges that have been enacted in the Federal Constitution, says Sarawak National Party Secretary general, Edmund Stanley Jugol.

Prior to the formation of Malaysia, he said Dayak leaders requested for various safeguards and constitutional framework to protect the interest of the Dayak communities who were lagging behind the various communities in Malaya.

“Among their worries were the rights over Native Customary Lands and a request for a special rights and privileges to entitle them to preferential treatment especially in socio-economy, education and employment in the civil service.

“The special rights and privileges were agreed to and therefore enacted in the Federal Constitution.

“However, until today not much of that special rights and privileges has been invoked to benefit the Dayak communities since independence,” Jugol said, pointing out that this has been the sore point that caused much dissatisfaction among the Dayak communities including Dayak members of SNAP and others at large.

He said: “They have always wanted us to bring up and highlight this issue for the attention of the government with the hope that a more affirmative action will be taken to address this matter.

“The recent case of Marina Undau is just a tip of the iceberg,” Jugol said when he expressed support for DAP State Assemblyman for Batu Lintang Voon Lee Shan who has become the target of complaints and a Police report lodged by BN State assemblymen.

The BN State Assemblymen led by Abdul Karim Hamzah (PBB-Asajaya) wanted the Police to investigate Voon for his remarks believed to be seditious when he (Voon) spoke on the interests and rights of the Dayaks under the constitution.

Jugol said: “There is nothing wrong in highlighting this issue as it is a social contract, guaranteed and enshrined in the Federal Constitution. Since SNAP has no elected representative or YBs and other Dayak YBs are reluctant to bring up this matter publicly, the Dayak members in our party agreed to ask YB Voon Lee Shan to bring it up in the recent DUN sitting.

“We specially asked YB Voon because of his deep understanding of Iban culture and the fervour for the socio-economic plight of the Dayak communities. He has many Dayak relatives and Malay friends and speaks Iban fluently.

“Dayak members in SNAP are thankful to YB Voon for bringing up this matter in the DUN and hope that the government will address the plight of the Dayak communities instead of condemning him,” Jugol stressed. – The Broken Shield.


Apai Semalau said...

Yb. Voon is a dayak by way of his mother being one. He has therefore every right to voice on our behalf the plight of the dayaks! Remember we have been short changed from the start. Why therefore are our full blooded dayak leaders so muted? Does it take a half dayak in YB Voon to show them the way...and to lay before the poverty of our communities? Goes to show our real dayak leaders are ball-less and only indulges in ball polishing at the expense of all Sarawak dayaks! Shame on them!

Anonymous said...

Nadai salah sapa2 YB ti berani bejaku ka penanggul rakyat enda milih bansa tauka Agama asal uti ti disebutnya tau nguntungka bansa enggau menua. Amat meh YB Voon tu bansa China ari Parti DAP tang ia ga berani, anang baka bala YB d
Dayak/Iban baka Ukoi ti besiratka iko, takut.

Kitai patut meri besai terima kasih ka ia.

Anonymous said...

but other hand people like jabu, mawan,masing, linggi and many others benefited alot.
what went wrong!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ya, still fresh in our mind regarding the Batang Ai by-election. Now if the dayak benefited so little then why the hell do these people keep on voting BN. Is it that they can be bought with just a few ringgit.If so the why the NGOs don't lodge report with MACC.

Something must be very wrong and I can smell fish and it's a dead fish.No one with a clear mind wants poverty.If really they are bribe to stay poor then BN MUST be held accountable and they MUST be reffer to MACC or the international court of justice .

If the dayaks want to stay that way and vote BN then they must be absolutely mad.Some one must find this out and take it to the international media.

cheng ho said...

Rightly or wrongly, a YB should and must voice the issue the people asked him or her to raise it up in DUN or Parliament. If he is wrong, the appropriate minister or YB concerned would tell him so and explain to him and the people who asked him to raise it. To my simple mind that is democracy.

Well done to YB Voon and Encik Stanley for standing up to the YB.

Keep democracy alive. Speak up for the people.

Cheng Ho.

sulu injau said...

Dayak leaders have no guts. Fear to lose positions. Fear for not being nominated again as candidates in election. They are thinking of their own rice bowls, their families. Aku-aku, nuan-nuan apa aku peduli, asal bini anak aku makai, ko sida.

Anonymous said...

maybe another reason why these dayaks got so little from the gov't is becos their mouth is very small.They seldom ask and if they do they just ask for food or some salt or tobacco.

that's why the gov't don't really bother to listen to them and their representatives are sleeping most of the time.

another reason is that most of the funds reserve for these dayaks are diverted to other projects where their YBs and MPs have interest in it. in these way these funds are pocketed without any complaints.

perhards the most talk about is their Ybs and MPs who most of the time are lazing in coffeeshops, waiting for money to drop from the sky instead of going to their respective kampongs to see what their community needs.

so you see how would these dayaks air their grouse if they don't see their YBs and MPs.how many of their representatives have brought up their community problems to the dewan to be debated.

i think if these YBs and MPs ever say anything about the state of wefare of their community, they will be blacklist or put in cold storage.but at least they must bring it out into the open.it's their duty as the peoples representative to say so.

but alas, not a single word have been said about the dayaks plight.all is swept under the carpet and forgotten for 46 long years.

this land is surely our land and we all will die fighting for it.let our children and our grandchildren knows that those crooks try to steal our land.

Anonymous said...

Sulu injau,

That's the mentality of the Dayaks till the end of times.Very soon according to the Mayan calender,2012??

Anonymous said...

To fight for dayaks right will be constituted as racist. how are we different from from other forms of plight namely UMNO?

It was once known that former PM Mahathir asked Tunku Abdul Rahman to step down for not championing Malays rights as the malays were poor then. Look at them now.

The dayaks mostly those living in interiors are actually poor. We have nothing but land. (some still have land). So, what are our reps doing? I guess all should step down but i presume i am likely to be ostracised.

We want the fair share of Merdeka fruits but what we get? Unfortunately, other races know more than we do about our own welfare. So please....i say, we are moving towards 2020 and yet the dayaks are left behind. fight for our rights within the context of 1malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Read this and you know who is responsible.
Serve the people he said! This is how he has served the people in Sarawak!!!
But, I bet, in the next election he will win with landslide victory as most rural folks will vote for him again and again!!! A couple of months later more land would be taken away and more???? Cries…….But will the rural folks ever learn???
What are you doing to stem these follies?????
Stop the rot in voting for this man and you will have all the nonsense wipe out too.
Billions gone: 'Plenty for MACC to do in S'wak'
'Sarawak is one of the most corrupt states. If the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency has the guts, there is plenty of work for them to do.'

S'wak probes claims of huge graft
Sarawak is probing investigators' claims that up to 60 percent of infrastructure funds possibly amounting to billions have been siphoned off, a report said today.

Orang Asli tulin said...

Enough is enough!!!!!!! I wish I could yell in every dayak's ear until their ear drum burst like a balloon. It is plain clear before our eyes. After so many years, why are we still sleeping? Why are we so easily taken for a ride? Why are we so blind? Why are we so so so stupid. Election after election, those whom we hated most, those whom we critisized from morning till dusk keep on winning with thumping victories. Hsssss... when will we ever learn???