Sunday, December 20

Tajem: Dayaks must support PKR, if they want change

KUCHING - A prominent Dayak leader, Datuk Sri Daniel Tajem, has called on Dayaks not to hesitate, but to give full support to PKR in the coming election.

“My message to the Dayaks is that we must change. What is our direction and what is the methodology by which we must change? It is through PKR,” he stressed.

Tajem who was a guest speaker at the PKR convention last Sunday (13 Dec 09)

He said that unlike their counterparts in the towns who read newspapers and internets and blogs, the rural Dayaks have been fed with propaganda of lies through government Radio day in day out.

“It is propaganda of deceit and fear. If you do not support BN, your children will stop going to school and pensioners have their pensions taken away.

“If you listen to their propaganda, and if you fear them, then we will not change and we will not get justices for all that they have done to us such as taking away our NCR land, oppression and suppression,”
he said.

“The very purpose of Keadilan is to get justices for every one. So do not hesitate in supporting it. The next election is the best opportunity for us to see change,” he said.

Although Tajem has not joined PKR as a member, he is an advisor to Sarawak PKR and is often consulted and invited to give his views on matters affecting the Dayaks especially on NCR land.

“Come next election, I will not hesitate to campaign for PKR candidates and tell the people why they must get rid of BN candidates.

“We have suffered under BN especially during Abdul Taib Mahmud’s 27 years of rule not only as chief minister, but also as white hair Rajah of Sarawak,”
he said and called on the Dayaks to vote the State BN out, if they really want change to be made in Sarawak.

Days later after Tajem had delivered his speech and had accepted to be an advisor to Sarawak PKR, several Dayak leaders as well as his Chinese and Malay friends in Sarawak and West Malaysia had contacted him.

Even a very senior UMNO man has tried to contact him. - The Broken Shield


Lachung Ajak said...

I am not scared of the propaganda of lies of BN to withdraw my pension if I support PKR. Under what authority the government can do that - all nonsense.

Hi Datuk Daneil, fight and contest again against Mong Dagang. I will campaign for you. You may lose in the battle but not the war.

Anonymous said...

Prominent? Possible. Hope he can re-unite PKR. At least use the PKR office in Matang rather than meeting all over the place.

Hopefully its not just all talk. Kerja kuat tapi budget macam Air Asia. Orang Swak bukan cam orang malaya ada banyak sangat duit extra.

Apai Semalau said...

Way to go Datuk Tajem. Show the "Rajah" our true colours. The Rentap in us never say "die"!
Once upon a time our forefathers were proudly known as the "fearless head hunters of Borneo". Through fear and intimidation by way of BN's political propaganda machines we are now being reduced to "yellow liver cowards". The biggest cowards of us all, are those ball-less dayak leaders in BN.Their herd mentality and continuous intimidation in every elections have reduced our folks in the rural areas to fear BN.
We need to change our mind set! What better way then to turn off the radio and TV when it comes to the news bulletin. What we get form them are, but lies and more lies.
Our resolve is to protect our NCR at all cost otherwise future generations of dayaks will be left landless and when that is the case, they will be known a "pandatang" rather than bumi! May the fearless spirits of our forefathers be with us as we stop this philandering of our native lands!

Anonymous said...

first and foremost if that call to unite by daniel is of urgency, then someone must first show me how are they going to convince the rural folks to vote for pr.if daniel can just bark like that and the voters voted for pr, then it will be surely easy to win in the next election. but talk is cheap.

still alot of work must be done and i don't think there is much time left. all i hear is talk but no action. i have yet to see any dayak leaders from pr going to the rural areas to convince these poor voters.

until we can start early and must aggressively try to convince rural voters, i sure see pr leaving with their tails between their legs, defeated and shamed.remember, make hay when the sunshine and pr must start now and urgently get to the kampong and rural areas.

walk the talk,guys and don't regret that you all have not try your best to topple this corrupted gov't. this window of opportunity must not be allow to slip through your fingers.

see you all at putrajaya

Anonymous said...

When you begin to fear the government, it's time you kick them out. please tell this to the rural Dayaks the next time they feel intimidated by the BN goons.


Anonymous said...

Hai Datuk Tajem, the only way for Ibans to go forward is to first unite ourselves. Taib knew the strength behind this phenomenon and that is the reason why he is trying his best so that it will never happens. So Datuk, continue with your effort to unite the Ibans, we will support you!