Saturday, February 7

Is Jabu stepping down?

Tedewin Ngumbang aka Borneo Warrior

Rumours are being spread in Kuching especially in BDC coffee-shops that Tan Sri Alfred Jabu, deputy chief minister and deputy president of Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) may not offer himself as a candidate in the next election.

Introduced into politics by Abdul Rahman Yakub, Jabu was elected as an Engkilili-Skrang state assemblyman in a by-election in early 1974 and later that year he contested and won the state seat of Layar and has been its representative since then. He was once time elected as a MP for Betong.

After over 34 years, the voters especially the younger ones want some change; and many of these young people have associated themselves with the rising tide of “Keadilanism” as they see in Jabu burdened with so many unfinished projects and failed promises can no longer be an effective leader; and they want a new person who has plenty of ideas to develop the constituency.

But the question is: Who shall succeed Jabu both as the State Assemblyman for Layar and as Deputy Chief Minister?

According to Betong sources, Jabu may put up Umang Nangku, one of her daughters to contest the seat in order to continue his legacy and perpetuate the Jabu dynasty.

Speculation is also rife that Datuk Douglas Uggah, federal Minister of Natural Resources and Environment may contest the State seat of Bukit Saban. If he wins, he is likely to be made a State minister or even as Deputy Chief Minister taking over from Jabu. But then he must give up his MP seat and his ministerial post. There should therefore be a by-election and the prospect of Jabu’s wife, Senator Empiang Jabu contesting the parliamentary seat of Betong is brighter.

Two persons, both ex-police officers, have indicated their keenness to contest against Jabu assuming that he is still interested to represent the Layar seat. One is Stanney Embat, who has retired about two years ago from the Police Force. Before being active in politics, he worked for a while in a company linked to Jabu’s family.

After quitting the company, Stanney became very active in politics and has been seen in almost every function organised by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). He has been telling friends and relatives that he is eyeing Jabu’s seat. Some of his friends hardly believe that he is really serious in contesting against the doyen of Betong’s politician.

Meanwhile, reports from Betong say that Stanney was today (7 Feb 09) elected to be the chairman of PKR Layar branch.

With the formation of the branch, PKR is set to contest the constituency of Layar as well as the nearby constituency of Bukit Saban.

The other ex-police officer is Tedewin Ngumbang who has been visiting Betong for the past few months; he has been talking to Chinese, Malay and Iban voters in the constituency to find out how they feel about Jabu.

Unlike previous challengers, Tedewin is a serious and tough contender; and being Jabu’s relative and a former police officer, he knows Jabu’s weaknesses and failures as well as his strong points.

Tedewin is well-prepared for the contest and has set up his own operations room fully equipped with maps, a list of voters, potential election workers, drivers, campaigners and advisers; he even has identified old and young voters who are crying for change.

But if Tedewin is to contest, he must resign as a supreme council member of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), a component member of Barisan Nasional, and as a director of a government-linked company (GLC) and may lose government contracts and businesses. So influential is Tedewin in PRS that if he resigns from PRS, a number of PRS supreme council members may follow him.

Following the deregistration of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS), Tedewin has always been with Masing through thick and thin. In PRS, he is Dr. James Masing’s right hand man, and had played a major role towards the victories of the party in constituencies it contested in 2006. Again he played a similar role in last year’s parliamentary election in the State.

Is Tedewin really serious in contesting against Jabu? And who is behind him? Many of his friends ask these questions. A number of Betong voters have come down to Kuching to see Tedewin just to find out whether he is joining PKR. For the time being, he smiles at them and laughs. “Ngirup kopi dulu kitai ngagai Kedai 98”, he says.

But one thing the writer has found out: Tedewin has the backing of a number of VIPs, politicians and businessmen. In fact he has contacts with the highest level of PKR leadership. – The Broken Shield


Anonymous said...

May be Senator Empian Jabu is a better candidate to replace Jabu..A different menu but maintain the same soup

Suntat said...

Past records showed that a few police officers had tried their luck to contest in the state elections, either they contested on government tickets or from the oppositions but failed to get through, except Datuk Ramsay Jitam.Correct me if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

All potential opponents to Jabu The Irrelevant must consolidate and choose only one amongst themselves, less they are actually parties working towards another Jabu victory

NEIL said...

Congratulations Tedewin,

Your friends from Sibu will give you a lot of support.Go forth and topple him.Do whatever you think is right.He must go or otherwise the dayaks will never,I say never,find light at the end of the turnel.His son Rentap is poised to seize power from his dad .
Will hear from you personally!

Anonymous said...

I quite agree with Suntat's saying but that was the political situation and people mindset at those time. Observe today the sentiment and people's reaction toward unfair, unjust BN administration...

My best wishes to Police Officers/Ex-Police Officers who wish to stand out to bring back to us the justice we deserve. The fight may be uphill and difficult, show your spirit of bravery and bring up a good name for Police Di-Raja Malaysia

Ex-Sarawak Constabulary

Anonymous said...

if what you has written here is to be true, then it will be a good fight. Many people who dont like Jabu will rally behind any of the aspirants

Layarian said...

dont think Tedewin is serious. He has alot to lose. He is now in comfort zone, why he has to sacrifice and more so facing off with the giant and dayak supremo Jabu?" He wont stand a chance, but than again who knows who will be behind him? Sng Chee Hua?
Masing, or both?

Ex PC Agom said...

Re Suntat`s comment. If you are talking about dayak police officers, I think you are correct.Apart from Ramsay Jitam, currently we have an ex-police officer, Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi, who is very successful in his present career as a politician. Syabas Datuk!

Chakui Chabu said...

Jabu did not say that he wanted to step down.Why and what for?He will continue to serve his community, but George Chan has announced that he was not going to contest in the coming state election.Coffee shop talks are all rubbish.

bluehope said...

Don't tell me that they are 'frogs' too in Sarawak. Where goes the 'burung kenyalang'?

Anonymous said...

The Dayak (including those already in Sebayan) knows and acknowledges that politically Datuk Patinggi Dr. Alfred Jabu anak Numpang of Gensurai, Layar, Betong (i/c no. cannot be bothered and no time to check with the National Registration) is a dead meat. By all accounts he is the greatest stumbling block toward achieving Dayak unity. Henceforth he must be defeated in the coming election by hook or by crock (you know what I meant). Sarawakian of Dayaks origin must pull their muscle together and drag Jabu out of his Layar seats. For now until polling we must stay focus....for Jabu's defeat is vitory to our community.
OOOohaa..Oohaa..enda aku busong ngelanggar gunong, enda aku mati ngelanggar hari,....dinga kitai jako antu, aram kitai besaup numbang ke Jabu.

Anonymous said...

Not only a large number who have retired, but also many of the serving civil servants have expressed their disdains at Jabu. He is still surviving politically for two reasons: (a) Only the people in Layar have faith in him (not the rest of Sarawak), and (b) Taib still has faith in him.
Without these two supports, Jabu will not be DCM and claims himself as the THE Dayak leaders.
Beat Jabu in Layar, he will be finished.

Wan said...

Just to put it blindly Ted...the moment you resigned as supreme council member of PRS and join PKR , DSAI will immediately announce you as the party election candidate for Layar....that was exactly what DSAI said during our meeting in KL 2 months ago, isn't it?.

Anonymous said...

"I made it clear to you yesterday when you came to my farmhouse at 29thMile.You just procceed with your political maneuvouring. On my part I just pretend to see no evil, hear no evil, know no evil but I must reveal the soul and spirit is with you all the way".

Guess who wrote the above sms and to whom was it sent ?

Susil Lindang, Betong said...

between the two, tedewin will be the better chance. Why? He sure is "pasang" by people of money and power known to him or else do you think he will go for it kah? Tedewin is not stupid. thats why all this while Masing will always confide in him.Dont forget this guy is the main player to oust Sng, Sidi,jimmy donald and the rest who quarreled with masing in prs crisis.. dont forget before no dayak leaders can get rid of that Sng except tedewin and thw gang in prs,remember, not even moggie.

Tiyung Dayak said...

Just remember this: from a rumor, it will turn out to be a BIG “tumor”!

I don’t quite agree with Chakui Chabu’s comment - period!

Anyway, all the best to Borneo Warrior! Yes, I hope that his intention to join in the bandwagon is genuine… Don’t get your vision be “blurred” by, my friend! You do know what I mean, and yes, you too have been trained hard for it… Haha!

Fred said...

Jabu has to be brought down and for the past record, the people of Betong have been a strong supporter of Jabu especially if the subjects are related by blood. Take for example, the longhouse along the ributaries of Paku are known to be staunch supporter of Jabu, Chuat and Uggah. Tedwin must change the mentality of Paku folks from Barisanised mentality into a mentality of change. Now talking about politics of development such as requesting this and that are no longer relevant nowadays and such act is tantamount to being a billy lids. Now, politics of modern age relevance are such as politics of change, politics of people's supremacy.

Tedwin, you have my support and i hope your victory will prevail and jabu and his bloody company will be sent into political oblivion.

Anonymous said...

There are alot rumours going around that dayaks MPs cannot be trusted.I don't know how many times I heard that they cheat on their wives.I won't want to name names.But I will do so when this person announce he will stand.I have reliable sources that they are screwing round with chinese girls.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the tone of comments on the blogosphere as well as those in the coffee shops (BDC & 9898)and back home in Layar, Borneo Warrior stand a good chance to unseat Jabu and in the proccess creat history of a kind. As Jetty correctly pointed out this guy has the backing of those in the corridor of power.

Pupok sadong Chevas nya Jetty.

Anonymous said...

Tedewin??? You guys must be joking. If my reading n hunch is correct he will be another POJ or POL you know what i mean if you all are current. Look at his blog, he has tone he pressured to tone down.....rice bowl threaten?

jumpover said...

ka ia "jabunn" berenti tauka enda...nadai meh aku nyukung "buruk nyeluk"

Jabunnn tu patut di tikau enggau selipar!!!!!!

Aram kimpen kitai.

Cr.Lukau said...


The last state election SNAP candidate, Dayrell Walter Entrie is the best choice to contest against Jabu in the next state election judging from his good performance when he reduced tremendously Jabu`s majority votes from 4,533 he obtained in 2001 to 2,677 in the last election.This clearly indicates the voters in Layar have slowly lost confident on him.This time around, if Dayrell puts up more efforts in his campaign, he probably can unseat Jabu.

Anonymous said...

The self proclaimed right hand man of Masing....

Tomorrow I will send a mirror to Ted...awak ka nyermin pendiau diri

Ex-Cikgu St. Augustine said...

I've read through all the comments about "Is Jabu stepping down?". I'm the real son of Layar who is a retired teacher and live in the heart of Betong town.I spend most of my time sitting down in a coffee shop listening to politic kedai kupi. At my leisure time, i go through the tusun tusut of my ancestors in Layar.It is sad and shy to hear that Tedewin Ngumbang (ex-police officer) or better known as Kibak in Betong claiming that he's related to Jabu. According to the tusut, Stanney Embat (retired police officer) is actually related to Jabu and work under the payroll of Umang Nangku. Where as Peter John who came from the same longhouse as Jabu is actually a distance pangkat ucu who came from the same root (aki Peter John and Jabu are 1st cousin). Peter john who is an active social activist (NGO)has a different idealogist from the rest of the family members. He travelled to the ulu throughout the state of Sarawak spreading and organising awareness campaign to help the communities and was arrested by the police many times. Peter John did his campaign pretty well during the last election despite not having enough fund and stood without any party. He could have obtained a good result if he has the money and a platform (party). It is also learned that during the last state election most of his relatives stood as a by stander. I dont think ex-police officers are suitable to become a candidates in the state of Sarawak as many Dayak NGO's are being arrested by the police. Retired police officers should enjoy their retirement and run a business like Tedewin Ngumbang.

ex penghulu Layar said...

Yes, Jabu never mentioned that he will step down but he has in mind who will take over his seat in Layar when the time comes. he is not as stupid as any other representative/candidates who beguai manjong di Pala Wong. Here i wish to give more details of the tusut from ex cikgu st Augustine.
Jabu grandfather by the name of Liman has 9 siblings and Liman is the youngest of them all. Liman beranak ke Numpang for which Jabu is the 3rd decendents of the original family tree.
Stanley Embat is the 4th descendant of Atin who is the elder brother of Liman.
While Peter John is the 5th descendent of Chemerai. Chemerai is the elder sister of Liman, Atin and 6 other siblings. Landoh, who is Peter's grandfather is the 2nd cousin of Jabu. He married to a well known bard @ Lemambang from Batu Lintang Layar by the name of Idut or better known as Indai Tebari. She has 7 sisters which includes Norina Umui mother. All the 7 sisters were married and beranak teresak in Batang Layar. I fully agreed with ex cikgu st Augustine that Norina Umui and Peter John has a different idealogy and so much against Jabu.
Now, the question is, Where does Tedewin Ngumbang @ Tibak stand under the roof of Jabu ancestorial family tree?

pengundi Layar said...

To Ex.Cikgu St.Augustine, Betong.

Peter John managed to pull 105 votes from 5,026 total votes cast, thus lost his deposit. YB Voon Lee San an ex police officer is definitely for sure to contest again from DAP(PR). Don`t underestimate retired police officers who had sacrificed their lives to protect you and your family from being the victims of criminal elements.

Anonymous said...

What's so great about being related to Jabu? If i am related to him i would not reveal it (laban malu berkaban ka orang bakanya). People like Kibak does not have anything of substance, thus need to claim something that is not truthfully there......he like someone suggested needs to look at the mirror.

Tom Jones said...

As far as I know Tedewin Ngumbang has never said that he is related to Jabu. It is the author who said so.

Stanee and Tedewin are related to each other by marriage.

Anonymous said...

hi there everyone.
such a rather long time i miss this blog.
It is true, dont you feel malu to associate yourself to jabu. if you are associated to jabu, then you still have the blood of jabu, then you cannot be trusted as blood is thicker than water.
there are dozens of popular figures in betong, be they pensioners or serving government servants of known integrity. remember that, a candidate should be one and foremost, of high integrity. it is no use putting a candidate who is likely to lompat katak at the dangling of ringgit before their eyes.
to PR, scout around for better candidate in betong. with due respect to embat and ngumbang, dont gamble.

AdongBelalai said...

Jabu will have a list of potential challenger in the next election. Either that or or some of the feelers have been sent out to test ground sentiments. Being a smart politician, one wonders if the actual 'challenger' mention are actual 'genuine' challengers or just some side show who will suddenly 'give way' or 'sabotage' his own candidacy during the sybmission of nomination papers.

Actually what is going on currently are just sideshows created by the wily politician himself. Watch out for the downtroden sebior government officers who will be either opting for early retirement soon. These are the potential candidates who will pose a real challenge as they have been on the ground. Their grouse with Jabu is that the DCM has not and has never helped the Dayak Officers - espeiclly Iban officers in the Civil Service to progress in the career. Most of those who are aligned or seemed to be aligned to Jabu have been sidelined in several promotion exercise especially in the senior grades. Looking at the key posts held by exising Dayak Officers now, one is able to see who is 'who's men?' For sure they have nothing to lose for they see no opportunity for advancement in their Civil Service career. Watch out for these 'quet' candidates who are comprised of mostly experienced officers. PKR has been slowly engaging them in the silence of the Betong highway - meetings held along the highways. PKR's strategy in approaching these 'talented' pool of potential candidates (ex government officers or those who can opt for early retirement) or supporters is a hidden trump card. Jabu's core followers in the Civil Service can be counted with fingers but the quiet rebels will rear their displeasure come this election. So if Jabu or his successor, be it Rentap or Umang,they are in for a tough time ahead.

Anonymous said...

hi there everyone,
if one cares to do some information gathering on composition of government employees, be they federal or state, the number of iban being employed is much much smaller compare to the bidayuh. No need to mention the malays who comprised 70%of the total employees.
the question is, is the dayak of iban breed still paloi having less iq than the others? I dont think so, but the iban are purposely made to be like that.
orang ke tuai ba rumah panjai ke diulu tauka diili enda sida ia nemu tang they are misled all these while our campaigners never touched on these issue when campaining. come with fact and show it to orang iban ulu and iban ili.

Anonymous said...

Iban Ulu said...

Just by coincidence I came across this "coffee shop gossip." Very interesting: I feel that for anyone to be at the helm far too long is not good like Jabu or even CM. Not that they are not good, but the thing is as we all know it the longer a person is in power the arrogant he/she becomes.

Anybody has the right to contest provided that he/she really work for the people because its the people that make him/her to become YB. Maybe 4 terms is good enough i.e 20 years then give way for somebody who is able to serve as he/she suppose to.

Anang nyebut kaban engai ka baka kaban perut ikan, menyadi perut jani.

So much to be said about but its would not bring any good. Just omont-omong kosong aja meh.

Pengajar Rebak Baru said...

enti ka sama bediri ba layar anang nganu pangan.Buta enti enda meda pemansang di Betong tauka sigi jarang pulai ke menua...aku enda ngelala seduai ti ka enggau bediri tu..Idup Jabu...anang irau nuan kami tetap nyukung nuan.Petara nemu pemanah nuan.....uuuuuhhaaaaaaaaaa..... Asuh enchelak orang Betong lebih agi orang Layar meda pemansang.