Sunday, February 15

Issues that should have been discussed with Najib!

While Najib’s meeting with the Dayak Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) leaders was held in total secrecy, it created some sort of history for the deputy prime minister to meet Dayak leaders in the 45 years of the existence of the federation of Malaysia.

It was obvious that the 60-minute meeting had got something to do with the grumblings and grouses of the Dayak people who feel that they have been marginalized, oppressed and suppressed by both the federal and state authorities.

As it was an historic occasion, the DCCI is not wholly representative of the Dayak community; it represents only its members and the Dayak business community. Apart from the lack of business opportunities and government contracts given to Dayak businessmen, there are also equally important questions of development, recruitment to the civil service, education and scholarships as well as problems of NCR land grabbing by companies. All these need answers and this was an opportunity afforded to us to discuss these issues with the DPM.

It was a great pity that other Dayak organisations such as the Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU), the Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) and the Orang Ulu National Association (OUNA) were not included in the meeting to voice out their problems, concerns and aspirations. At least the Dayaks, despite in the minority, could have presented a united front.

For the Bidayuh community, they were a bit lucky; the programme was arranged in such a way as if to seemingly give the Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA), the Dayak Bidayuh Graduates Association and Bidayuh leaders a special treatment in terms of length of time of meeting the DPM as well as the financial assistance given.

Was the "special treatment" given to the Bidayuhs because they are BN-friendly? Or was it an attempt by the State authorities to spite the other Dayak communities? Or to further divide DBNA, SDNU, SADIA and OUNA? These are some of the questions the Dayaks are asking themselves?

But I see the public relations gesture by the BN government as part of the effort to pacify the angry Bidayuhs, firstly over the absence of representation in the federal cabinet and over the construction of the Bengoh dam. They have protested over the construction of the dam where four ‘kampongs’ are to be removed and resettled in an area to be named as Medan Tun Razak. Their anger was directed at their YBs who are too eager doing the apple polishing duties.

Although they are seemingly BN-friendly, the BN government is worried that the Bidayuhs, like the Ibans, Penans and other ethnic groups, have started to “wake up” from their deep political slumber and are demanding for their rights. Adding to BN government’s worry is the fact that their protests have been exploited by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). Now a substantial number of Bidayuhs especially the younger and intellectual ones have now become PKR members. Their target is to contest in the six Bidayuh majority seats.

The absence of Dayak leaders like Alfred Jabu of the State government in the meeting was something not quite right; it is obvious in the eyes and minds of Najib as well as the public particularly the Dayaks that Jabu is anti-DCCI. But on the other hand it was also good that Jabu was absent otherwise he would claim later on that it was his efforts.

But if Jabu was absent, why was George Chan present at the meeting? After all, the meeting was between the DPM and DCCI regarding federal projects and contracts. Was Chan sent by his 'boss' to monitor what was being said or offered to DCCI?

Chan’s remarks at the meeting were hurtful, but it was the truth when he said that federal government contracts and the major portion of business opportunities given through the State machinery first went to the Malays, and then to the Chinese and third to Dayaks. Najib, who was seemingly stunned to hear such remarks, turned to Leo whether it was true. Leo carefully chose his words by saying the Dayaks started late in business.

Actually what was said by Chan seemed to confirm that Dayaks have been sidelined in practically all fields of endeavour all this while.

One silver lining is that Najib has promised to look into the Dayaks’ grouses and will include them in the mini-budget to be presented on 10 March 2009. - The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

Oh, begitu agaknya.
I thought DCCI will talk for the food and good of the Dayaks in general, but it turns out to be for the fishing of government projects in order to make some rich Dayaks richer but the poor Dayaks poorer...

Why am I saying the poor be poorer, because when a 100,000 Ringgit project is given, the actual benefited is 40,000, believe or not

But to tell you the fact, DCCI or what so ever it may be, just another case we are fooled again because we asked for it...

(From Ex-share-holders of Bus STC)

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see that not all Dayak representatives were given the opportunity to meet Datuk Seri Najib recently to discuss issues affecting them.

Why? Who are arranging the meeting with Datuk Seri Najib? Are they scared that these Dayak representatives will highlight the problems of the Dayaks especially with regards to NCR land?

Why the Dayak Bidayuh are given 'special treatment' as pointed out by Jetty?

For sure, many Dayaks especially Dayak NGOs are not happy of being sidelined. They too want to be heard to explain their predicament and grouses to the Federal Govt.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr Blogger, for highlighing mentioning about themeeting between DPM Najib Tun Razak and the Dayak Chamber of Commerceand Industry. For the record, the meeting was held at the initiative of the Chamber, requested by the Chamber, not by theDPM. It was a sort of on-off-on thing. Officials of DCCI were not even sure almost at the last minute whether the meetingwas going to take place.And when itwas finally slotted they gave the DCCI only 40 minutes before Najib flew off to Miri. DCM Alfred Jabu, an Iban, tried to discourage a meeting, suspecting that the DCCI officials were going to express their unhappiness with the Government over certain matters.

The Chamber was too polite. It was not prepared to say more than they did which I think is a big mistake. They lost a good opportunity to air much of the views and feelings of the Dayaks. That is why Mr Blogger said some issues could have been raised. No, I don't think DCCI is prepared to discuss issues other than opportunities for Dayak business community in commerce and industry and Government contracts. It should not be about politics. Best leave politics to the politicians or political parties. But it is real sad that even within the BN the Dayaks especially the Iban leaders cannot work together.If you can't work together how can other people respect you?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, You are the fools!Even if DCCI distribute the Federal funded projects, you are sure to Ali baba or subcon the project to china man. Better that we give the project to contactors with track record like Devisser Development or Kalaka Jaya....let you people continue licking your finger lah.

NEIL said...

The malays were GIVEN the contract.The chinese have to buy it from the malays .The dayaks begged and got some subcontract to do.
I know alot of big malays companies that got the big contract from the gov't.I also know alot of big chinese companies teaming up with the malays to get big contract.But seldom do I hear any big dayaks companies struck gold.
If this is not discrimination, then what do you call it!
During by-election in KT,the voters were paid RM 1,000 but here in sarawak the dayaks got only RM 20.So you see what a difference.I'm just saying why are dayaks treated like this and still they themselves allowed such mistreatment .My God,where is their brains!Wake Up!

Anonymous said...

hi there everyone,
the bidayuhs were given, so they become very pleased with the BN and thus sokong taib. the bigger dayak group, the iban who are more paloi than any other dayaks are left gasping for survival. Because once they become powerful, being the majority of the dayaks, they are certainly a threat to taib. You see that iban paloi now? or you choose to being paloi forever.
Leo, enti you want to be so diplomatic and scared to lost you precious goldmines, leave it to others to speak it up, got it, dont betray your own people, takut kena empa sumpah.

Anonymous said...

I am concern about Jabu Anak Numpang "ANTI-DCCI".

Don't he wants to share with the Dayak businessmen in general?

This is a big MISTAKE by Jabu if that is reality.

Meaning, if our "blood" (Iban in Jabu)is anti DCCI what more from other races tocare for us Dayaks?

May be because Jabu is only concern about his "Balak SEBATANG"

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