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BN leaders getting jittery?

The battle cry of the Opposition in the coming by-election for Batang Ai in Lubok Antu following the death of Dublin Unting from Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) is likely to be “Get back your NCR land, vote out Taib Mahmud”. This has been the message that the de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has been hammering to the Dayaks whenever he visits Sarawak.

But are the State BN component parties jittery in this by-election? That appears to be so at least among leaders of Parti Rakyat Sarawak.

Although the name of the PRS candidate to represent the Barisan Nasional in the coming by-election is yet to be decided, some PRS leaders are worried that their members and supporters may be influenced by the message.

The message has to certain extent opened the eyes of some people after they have heard from Anwar Ibrahim himself that the State BN government under Abdul Taib Mahmud has indeed taken away NCR lands and has given such lands to his cronies for the planting of oil palm, sago and trees.

They have heard that owners of NCR land in Bintulu, Miri, Mukah, Sibu, Simunjan, Simanggang, Serian and Lundu have been arrested for defending their lands. Their rubber, pepper and orchard gardens and paddy fields have been destroyed. Some of these incidents including protests have been recorded in CDs that have been distributed to longhouses in Lubok Antu and else where.

In fact they, the people of Batang Ai, Lubok Antu, have become victims of State Government’s unjust policies over the construction of Batang Ai Hydro-power.

Now the voters in Batang Ai will have to think carefully: to vote the BN-PRS candidate they appear to condone Abdul Taib Mahmud’s policy on NCR land grabbing and this policy will render in many of Dayaks becoming landless people. For the Dayaks, land is their life, their livelihood and their future.

And voting against the Opposition means they are fighting against PKR, the party that is fighting for their rights, justice and equality and the party that is defending their NCR lands.

About two million hectares of lands, the bulk of which is NCR lands, have been approved for oil palm and sago plantations as well as for tree planting estates. And the State government is targeting another two million hectares of land to be developed in the next five years or so.

“What worries me is that some of our own members may vote for the Opposition or they may absent themselves from voting as they did in last year’s parliamentary election especially in Lubok Antu and Sri Aman constituencies. This is our dilemma,” said a PRS supreme council member, adding: “Although in Batang Ai it is only a by-election, the PKR victory is bad for us and may portend the coming of political tsunami into the shores of Sarawak.”

Certainly for BN, it will make all available resources; State departments, Information Department, Kemas, RTM and local council will be deployed to help in the campaign and in addition, it will renew promises which are yet to be fulfilled and pledge new ones. Like previous elections, money will be distributed through Tuai Rumahs (longhouse headmen). The more nervous the BN is, the more money it will dump into the campaign.

However, the focus will be on Dayak voters who form about 95% of the electorate. But the biggest question is: Can they resist these temptations of financial rewards and development projects? - The Broken Shield



Jasmine said...

I'm a Kelana Jaya (Selangor) voter. This is my advice to all of you Dayaks and Batang Ai voters or those who will go there to campaign, when PKR picked Loh Gwe Burne as the candidate, there was uproar. People protested and asked many questions. He was not known apart from being the man who recorded the Lingam tapes and worse, he was facing a popular candidate who was 3 term assemblyman but was promoted to the Federal Parliament. Fearing that he may lose, PKR and PR supporters asked many questions and I must admit he was not the best candidate. Furthermore, he couldn't speak in Bahasa Malaysia, a most for a Parliamentarian. The people asked how could we elect someone who even couldn't express himself in the language of the nation and parliament. Later, many people including Haris Ibrahim, Zorro and others tried to argue that we needed a new candidate. Many other voters and bloggers argued of the same. After this, some of us started lashing out the critics and we said: "Our main goal is to defeat BN. Even if PKR has put in there a dog, we prefer a dog to BN." Then we rallied to him and also helped him win convincingly despite being a non-voter. Can you imagine? He himself was not a resgistered voter yet due to our hatred for BN, we simply voted in any man/woman who stood against BN. Are we regretting today? Absolutely not. He is doing a good job an Selangor is making records, all for good reasons. If Batang Ai voters, different PKR factions and interested candidates don't reason like Peninsular voters, if the Dayaks don't stop this cancerous divide tactics where they divide themselves, if the Dayaks don't stop betraying one another whenever they don't agree on candidates, if the Dayaks continue arguing about this and that when the whistle has been blown, if the Dayaks don't stop this stupid mentality of talking too much about candidate and tribal affiliations, then you will be selling your future to Taib Mahmud. Soon he will die and his son will rule you for 40 years to come and by then you would have lost any hope for survival. You will be enslaved for good. And you will blame no one bcoz you want it.

This is my advice, when the candidate is picked, however unpopular he/she is, rally behind him. Your enemy no.1 should be BN and Taib. Forget the candidate, it should be about BN. The candidate can corrected and once he wins, he will know the importance of goodwill, unity and will appreciate those who supported him despite their differences, but BN can't be corrected and nothing can be done to stop their corruption and subjugation. The choice is yours and you better do something drastic about this. Batang Ai should unite all of you. If Bawin or any other is picked, everyone should support him and do his utmost to help him win. But if you start arguing, asking and making noise, then you are telling Taib and Jabu: "We are stupid people who cherish to be enslaved by you and your future children for eternity."

NEIL said...

The battle of Batang Ai will determine not the support both sides will get but it will be a test to show whether the dayaks do what they preaches.They have been crying wolves for so many years and let see this time whether the cry is real or not.If it's real ,then Anwar will have his day.
The dayaks must now unite and speak with one voice.They must not be fooled by the BN sweet talk and some handouts.All the dayaks paramount leaders must go to the grassroots and tell the supporters that now is the time to change and vote PR.This window of opportunities must not be allow to slip by.
Gabriel Adit,the independent assemblyman for Ngemah,who have join PKR, will be doing his part to help Nicholas Bawin or whoever PKR chose ,to take on the mighty BN.All election machinery are now mobilized and PKR is going all out to take this seat.
Also it's time for the dayaks bloggers to come out in force ,to do their bit in helping the educated voters to make early decision.All those who are coming back to vote must do their part to convince their friends and relatives to vote PKR.Let this be a shinning examples ,that we the dayaks,can show others what change is.Yes,we can!

Dyaksblog said...

Spot The Difference: Ezam and J*bu

Ohhhaaaiii yet again, Dayaks. Right folks, it seems that we gonna muddling around b(u)y-elections from each side of our nation. Dua Bukit, Satu Batang as you folks might say but don't mistaken it for some boob-job movie, Oiii! Well it is possible for even a Tiga Bukit (threesome orgies) plus another sure one in Sabah, the Pensiangan parliamentary seat that is full of disease sounds like a corrupt and kurap or something.

Well, let us recalled back on the previous two b(u)y-elections in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu. Notice how the Ezam factor can caused so much self-defeat for BN rather than to undermine PR. This is the danger for being a popular hate figure in which the BN has to pay, even make themselves a fool by splashing money to that shameless bunch of class F AliBaba contractors. With the Batang Ai DUN seat is up for grabs, our PR peninsular footies (and also BN malaya plus Ezam himself) may not able to join us here in big numbers but the hate factor is going nowhere. We gonna miss Ezam also, big time, but we do have the Dayak-version of him...none other than our fake Dayak paramount leader, J*bu.

PR Sarawak will never match the financial dopes from BN (the helicopters, Salcra 4WDs, Johnson/'Junsuen' boats, lots of pigs plus cheap liquors for longhouse feasts and maybe some Dayak Elvis for kampong concerts) but BN will bring along their hateful Ezam factor which in this case is J*bu himself. J*bu will not stay low-profile, choose not to campaign for BN because it will be a big weird so somehow J*bu must come and spill all of his illusory Buah Kepayang politics of large-scale farming for war against Dayak poverty. Even the presence of J*bu will spell bad omen disaster for any obvious goon that allign to him so by all means we Dayak must welcome J*bu to join the BN campaign in Batang Ai to provoke much unnecessary Dayak anger but a good fun to enjoy it as hilarious Dayak jokes.

So let us peel off this skin of Buah Kepayang and figure out if any difference of hate factor between Ezam and J*bu. Your additional observation is greatly appreciated here as well, so shall we?

1. Obsession:
Ezam claimed himself to be so committed in fighting graft (such as heading a circus called GERAK) so much that prompted him to rejoin Umno and Pak Lah's ACA reform (yawn!). Meanwhile for J*bu he is obbessed with everything about oil palm so much that the only tagline suitable for him is that "Salcra is Mine!". Actually both of them have secret obbession that is hidden by their usual ploy of fighting against corruption and glorifying oil palm respectively, that is for Ezam it's all about burying Anwar for good no matter what whereas for J*bu it all about proving Buah Kepayang as the ultimate golden fruit to finish off the war against Dayak poverty once and for all.

2. Self-praise:
Ezam always remind us how committed he is against graft but never reveal much of the alleged six boxes of files containing BN misdeeds which both himself and Anwar thought to be holding it previously. Self-glorification for J*bu meanwhile is way beyond boxes but down the memory lane like a CD of Dayak Elvis Segulai Sejalai Greatest Hits which enough for SDGA members feeling bored and get out for a smoke outside instead.

3. Reflecting Self-Defeatism:
For Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu b(u)y-elections, apart from that Ezam hate factor it was the elements of self-defeats (from general arrogance to plain money politics for class F AliBaba contractors) by BN that compound their own overall stupidity which for PR can only highlight for the voters to decide. The more BN use their money and Ezam speeches, the more PR 'reflect' back online to the voters for pure amusement. OK, for Batang Ai voters they may not expose so much by the internet warfare but the essence is the same: the more J*bu try to bring his goons and families a.k.a. bringing his own political dynasty to sweep all over Lubok Antu area under PBB roof, the more obvious it is for J*bu to setting up his own 'Buah Kepayang Dynasty' to the horror for us all Dayaks. With Dayak Elvis Called Johny already in Engkilili bag, J*bu's Buah Kepayang Dynasty will see Batang Ai as his another imperial Buah Kepayang province. So for J*bu to field his own PBB goons against Masing's PRS camp would turn an ugly BN infighting and this is how PR can 'reflect' back for Batang Ai voters to decide for 'Change' or 'Buah Kepayang Dynasty'.

But I let you folks, Dayaks alike to add any of your noted differences no matter how ridiculously useful for us here to analyse.

The Dyaks Blog Final Donkeys:

Likewise for Ezam to come here would be a big dream come true to be tag-teamed with J*bu (kinda of mee Jawa with sambal Buah Kepayang?). Double trouble for BN indeed.

Brooke said...

To Jasmine!

Very good advice indeed from Jasmine. And from the tone of your comment I pressumed you must be one of the PKR leader.
Fine ! Let me tell you the truth, defeating the BN or for PKR to win the coming Batang Ai by-election is not a problem.Judging from the groundswell the Batang Ai voters majorities of whom are Dayaks are thirst for change and are looking for credible political vehicle to get themselve out of the satanic bondage of BN. Our real dilemma if I may say or our serious and only problem or our main concerned and worry is how to stop the winning PKR candidate from jumping back to BN. In 2006 state election we helped Engkilili ADUN Dr. Rayong to get elected. Nothing is more satisfying than to topple BN at thier own back yard . But now you know what he did, he frogged to BN. So we voters/supporters are like a fool, until now all are lost for words, he betrayed us. Feel like hecking him !
So now Jasmine I pass the baton back to you...what are the assurrance you give us, that PKR candidate will not jump to BN bearing in mind that the Dayaks YBs are the decendant of frogs. Besides, Datuk Pehin has the mean to buy 30 YBs assuming one YB cost RM50 millions. Awaiting for your response.

Anonymous said...

When one community can be " bought " for a few thousand ringgit, then that community will be doomed forever. Do not blame anyone but the individuals of the community who because of greed went for short term gain. Similarly for the Dayaks.

It is no point crying that the community is lagging behind when everything can be sold for a song. You have yourself to be blame.

The most important point is that your long term objectives are being protected and for this the Dayak needs to be united.

Anonymous said...

Congrates Brooke, you made a very good point here. I think your representation is a reflective of what the Btang Ai voters want PKR leaders to ponder on.
Engkilili voters must be damn sore and now licking their fingers.

jumpover said...


Anonymous said...

It is true that PRS leaders are jittery. Dont tell me that Masing is not. PKR entry into Sarawak has a great impact on the Dayaks whose NCR lands have been stolen right under their noses. And what did Masing do to stop the robbery? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It is not because he is deaf and dumb, he is just afraid to help. Otherwise, he will be out of the government.
Wake up Masing! Stop the robbery.

Jasmine said...


Thanks for your comment. I feel happy that there is a groundswell for the PR cause in Dayak hinterland. Concerning your issue of who can elected PR leaders be prevented from joining BN for money, well, in the peninsular, two PKR and one DAP reps were blackmailed and bribed. That is in Perak where the state fell to Umno. Looking the people who have defected, you can see the following:

1. None of the 3 was a graduate. However, the remaining 28 Perak PR ADUNS, all of them are graduates. In other words, the 3 were low class creatures who were duped after they were ensnared into a corruption case which was a well planned coup. In other words, the uneducated will always tumble but the educated and the informed will always stand.

2. Perak is coming back into PR's hands again and I'm sure you aware that the PR speaker has already called for an emergency session to boot out the illegal Umno MB.

3. In the 4 remaining PR states (Selangor, Kedah, Penang and Kelantan), no single PR rep has defected. So it is two manipulated reps who were blackmailed that have surrendered. Have faith in the PR people.

4. Concerning Sarawak, 1st of all settle for the best candidate who has his people's pains in his heart. He won't sell his people however expensive it is. But if you settle for turncoats and cheap ones, they will sell you.

5. Use oathing, a curse or a traditional vow where the rep promises to stay with the people and the party in case that's needed. PAS uses "Holy Vow" called Baiah in Islam. Some PKR Malays too have undergone the same. This is done to strengthen them since they are facing bigger enemies who can subjugate to them.

6. Remind them of the pple's aspirations and the pains of the people so that they understand where they come from and what they represent.

7. Have a vigilant electorate. Peninsular voters are sharp and hostile. If you disappoint them, they will eat you alive. Hasve you heard of the 3 PR reps who defected to BN in Perak? All have disappreared bcoz they know they will be stoned. Be vigilant and remind your reps that they can't trangress and go to the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Get as many Batang Ai people to read the blogs. Get tem to help distribute photo copyummarise the relevant points in IBAN/Bahasa or and English.
There are many commentators in the blogs but can and will they help and in what form. Its plain easy to comment and write but action on the ground could be less desired.
Agree fully with Jasmine of kelana Jaya to support any candidate nominated by the party. Dont question just because you are not happy with him or her.
No need to adopt the attitude of jimmy Lim who steadfastly said that he will not support Bawin. Dont bring personal problem and disagreement to party if we are sincere in our aspiration .

Anonymous said...

Another issue is why sarawakian as taxpayer have to pay the compensation RM387 million in goverment U turn in toll hike.

Tiyung Dayak said...

To Jasmine and Brooke (and back to Jasmine again),

Non-graduates vs. Graduates… It’s really a BIG issue over here in Sarawak!

A Ph.D. graduate like Masing… Hmmmph! I guess that you already knew about the rest of the so called “historical facts”.

The non-graduates – of course they are “blind” and will continuously to be “blinded”. Sort of having poor navigational equipment due to rampant corruption – prior to making the purchase order!

A Ph.D. graduate like Masing…?! Hmmmph! I do remember a saying, “An MBA graduate is not necessarily destined to become a good manager; and so does a scientist!”

If and if politicians are born with natural leadership skills or if they have acquired it through tough training, I guess that none of them will become politicians today! It’s better for them to join multinational companies and become CEOs…

Well, this is just my 2-cent point of view.

Yes, the REAL ISSUES are NCR land grabbing, underdeveloped Dayak community, leap-frogging, etc.

Anonymous said...

Brooke said...
To Jasmine!
"...defeating the BN or for PKR to win the coming Batang Ai by-election is not a problem....."

Sorry Brooke!
Look like you underestmated the might of BN...the problem is when you say that the by-electioni not a problem. Because you tend to equate others are like you & me. This is where can be wrong.

Brooke says:-
" OUR PROBLEM how to stop the winning PKR candidate from jumping back to BN...what are the assurrance you give us, that PKR candidate will not jump to BN ..."

That is the least of OUR problem. It is the problem of the political frog. He will have to suffer the consequences in one way or another for betraying those voters who voted him.

jasmine says:-
"In 2006 state election we helped Engkilili ADUN Dr. Rayong to get elected. Nothing is more satisfying than to topple BN at thier own back yard . But now you know what he did, he frogged to BN."

You forgot MIKAI ANAK MANDAU. He betrayed PBDS to join Taib's PBB.

I understand and share your concern. But first thng first. HelpPKR to win the by-election is the first and most crucial task.

I can claim that Nicholas Bawin is faithful Christian. He may be soft, but he is certsinly not weak in character. I know that he will not jump. I'm not voter in Batabg Ai. But I will help to campaign.


Anonymous said...

Wow, excited and happy to see more Sarawak blog appear in cyberspace.
Lets winds of change arrive in Sarawak.
Batang Ai a good testing ground.Buy-election give advantage to ruling party BN. In Selangor, we have Ijok Buy-election as case study. When come to General Election, BN lost power.

Apai Semalau said...

May the descendants of the mighty Borneo headhunters show their true colours and like their ancestors walk the talk like true warriors. If each of us make it a point to explain and tells 10 members of our relatives to vote PKR the battle is half won! TOGETHER WE CAN! IN UNISON WE SEE VICTORY.

Anonymous said...

"You forgot MIKAI ANAK MANDAU. He betrayed PBDS to join Taib's PBB".. said Christian.

After making so many mistakes and having seen & experienced what PBB did to displace Dayaks in LA and other areas over the years, it is believed that Mikai Anak Mandau (Diploma holder) is much wiser now tha he was. Will he go all out to help BN??

Ex-Senator BUJANG TEMBA ( ex-graduate teacher and lawyer) son of the late Pengulu Tembak is a veteran PBB. Will he campagn all out for BN after he had seen and experienced the MALTREATMENTS of Taib's BN ??


Anonymous said...

N29 Batang Ai is a vast constituency with not very big electoral population, about 7997 and the most recent result was richman BN had only a 806 majority over poorman SNAP

If we assume the status maintained, any switch of 500 from this 806 due to PRS internal issue, NCR issue and sentiment of voting against Taib issue or some little desperate over BN Semenanjong's agression, the outcome will be disastrous to BN candidate

Of the few hundred Malay + Chinese votes, BN has not much worry as extimated 75% will vote BN as has been in the past. The remaining 25%-30% may be, are hard core BN opposition.And like many parts of Malaysia, the postal votes always favour the BN side

Therefore, a close margin is always maintained even right from before the nomination day. And, I feel PR is leading with emotional communities and protest voters by at least 1000 today. However things always change here in N29 at the very last moment even within 2-1 hours befor the boxes closed

Therefore the decisive factors are whether BN showering of money, promises of benefits, grants of projects and top-gun campaigning will come into helpful effects. If still people choose the mindset of " BN gives, We take but vote PR", that is the end of story for BN in N29

Another subject we must not ignore is that if PRS favoured candidate is finally replaced by PBB, and even if the PRS top-guns and proposed candidate & team are pacified, there will definitely be their people who choose not to vote or vote for the opposition camp

Whoever reach the trophy this round, it is anticipated an even smaller majority which can be as small as less than 200 votes, and remember that twice in this N29 (formerly N19) the majorities were less than 100 (1 was less than 10)

BN-Sarawak versus PR-PKR will be like US in the Vietnam, tanks+gunboats+helicopter+bombers+ground troops+arsenals+chemical warfare+scaring the village chiefs VERSUS- gaurilla warfare with walking on foot+forests & swamps+dark nights+tunnels+house-to-house appeals

Whatever the situation it may be, PRS will be sole looser in the game and of course not Dr.James himself

Anonymous said...

As voters in N29, we really head scratching ( ha, ha garu pala )

If BN PBB win, there may be more development to boost and re-vitalize the area (but how far how good we dont know), we loose a chance to teach BN-Sawarak a lesson and to remind them some changes in their state administration are critically required

If BN PBB lost, they will punsih us with stopped projects, transferred government servants, abandoned roads and infrastructure, call-back of grants for livelihood assistance and etc......

Some one please advice us, a big family of 25 qualified voters. Thanks

anembiak rebak baru said...

Dayakbaru forsee that BN would be spending not less than RM200millions for Batang Ai by-election. If Bawin's statement to Bernama is anything to go by than PKR would also be spending nothing less. But if history is to repeat, I am not suprising PKR ending up passing the hat around. If that happened than forget about the dream of wrestling the seat from BN.In short, no money no talk! omong omong kosong!

AdongBelalai said...

As the battlefield fog clears and as the opposing forces face one another eye to eye with their hero (candidate) squaring of, the issue of land acquisition will be a much pursued matter. Lest we not forget the deciding factor will be many as both sides attack and the other side counter attack. It would be a glaring if not significant point to note when one considers the administrative machinery of the constitiency. Governed by the Simanggang Resident Office, Batang Ai is much ignored by the administration all this while. Maybe the administrative makeup is one sided or lopsided. Being a majority Iban Division one just have to count who is at the top. The Resident is a non Dayak coupled with the Sri Aman District Officer is a Non Dayak. The existing Lubok Antu District Officer is a Dayak with a political alignment to a certain Political Party (PBB) and not PRS. Its a wonder that his name was mentioned in the News Straits Times. The JKR boss is a Non Dayak, the Land and Survey boss is a Non Dayak... and if I were to go on I would say this can be a crunching issue in the administrative machinery of a Dayak Iban Majority Division. It points towards - is the State Government serious about developing a Dayak Majority Division when most of the holders of the key positions in the Division are Non Dayaks and certainly Non Dayak Ibans.

This can be a crucial blow to the ruling party if the Iban voters in Batang Ai are made aware of the implications of this. In the end these administrators's attention will not be for the betterment of the Division as a whole. Theor bosses are from HQ which again I am sad to say are governed by Non Dayaks like the Land and Survey Department? The existing Oil Palm plantations under LCDA? JKR Director? Do they give a damn about a Dayak majority Division because in LCDA case, only 30% will go to the landowners (if ever). SALCRA is just a diversion if it is ever raised. Maybe that it is within the control of the Deputy Chief Minister - but sad to say, the administrative machinery in the Division which looks after Lubok Antu District is comprised of disinterested non relevant non Dayak officers especially when it deals with land matters.

Where have the Native Officers of th olden days gone to? What happened to the balance of Dayak Natives in the administration? All dumped into the Majlis Adat Istiadat I think if one cares to count. Maybe it is because during the reckless recruitment exercise done by the Government previously is lopsided that with too many Non Dayak Officers, now they lack the number of qualified Dayak Iban Officers. Indirectly, this is a just a small sample of the injustice that has been done to Batang Ai by the seemingly Caring Barisan Nasional Government. If it becomes an issue in the election it will be one that will have a significant swing of Batang Ai voters' sentiments.

Young Ones of LA said...

We are in the early twenties, therefore we are the new voters of Batang Ai. On behalf of my friends, we would like to pledge our full support to whoever the candidate that will stand against taib's candidate.

The reason why we do this because :

1. we of the young generations are not willing to become dogs and pigs to taib and his cronies;

2. we of the young generations do not believe in DICTATORSHIP because we uphold true democracy;

3. we of the young generations and also the tax payers are not willing to see our money being used to accumulate wealths for taib, his families and cronies

4. we of the young generations are not willing to see our lands being taken for a ride, as they like, by taib and his cronies

5. we of the young generations simply WANT A CHANGE

These are our prayer and these are our hope

Tiyung Dayak said...

"Be Prepared" - Lord Baden Powell

Below is the list for must haves for effective campaign in Batang Ai (to be considered by non-BN camp):

1. Not so advanced audio-visual equipment (an LCD projector (an ACER will do), a laptop, a combined portable speaker with microphone cum DVD cum VCD player, a white linen screen, a YAMAHA ET950 generator, extension wires, simple lighting (e.g. gasoline lamps will do), etc.);
2. PowerPoint presentation(s) by the non-BN speaker(s) on relevant issues;
3. Handouts (preferably in Iban);
4. Light refreshment (bai meh ai oren enggau ruti sebayan, anang tusah-tusah…)

Well, it might look simple and cost effective, but please have courage, friends! Try to win as many voters for PR as you can! Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

The only way to end the awful rule of the BN especially that linked to Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister who has become a billionaire and made his wife, daughters, sons and relatives multi millionaires at the expense of Sarawakians, Dayaks, Chinese and Malays, is to ensure that the BN is defeated in the Batang Ai By Election. Whoever is the candidate chosen by PKR and YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim must be supported by all Dayaks in the constituency. They will.

Anonymous said...

The BN leaders are so corrupt that if they are not stopped and thrown out of office they will destroy the country.
Look at the way decisions are being made. Example: The tolls, one minute it's increase tolls, next don't increase. Bet you they are doing that because the voters in Klang Valley voted against the BN, they want to teach the voters a lesson. OK , do that and see how more quickly this terrible Government under the BN will be booted out soon

Anonymous said...

Lets stone the frogs. I agree with Jasmine. Mikai Mandau. Sora Rusah. John Nichol. Balan Seling. Richard Riot. James Dawos.Any more Broken Shield? STone them to death.

Anonymous said...

One issue i have heard being raised by Dyaks here in Kuching is the problem of the PKR leader. There is a growing concern which wont go away, its who the leader for Sarawak will be, they dont want anyone who is a non Dyak. now i am not being racist so please dont critise but that means they want a non-Muslim leader here to represent the people.
they cant have a Chinese CM due to the laws of the land from the Brooke era. it HAS to be a Dyak. by all means fill the posts of DCM's with Muslim and Chinese community leaders.
Once the Leader has been chosen, and again it must be an East Malaysian too, no one from the West otherwise its seen as an invasion from KL!
once the leader has been picked, then choose your candidate for Batang Ai. then support as Jasmine has said, and i think that way you will win Sarawak.
unless ALL the Dyak communities are united then those in power in the BN/PRS/SUPP will simply split divide and rule for the next 40 years.

Anonymous said...

It is not the Iban riding the crest of PKR in Sarawak, it is PKR trying to ride the Iban wave in Sarawak. PKR is counting it's blessings that it can count on Bawin for the contest.

To Kelana Jaya. This is not about Brand BN or Brand PKR. This is a 100% Iban seat, homogenous, and the faultlines will be equally split between the Penghulus and Temenggungs. And one more thing, we Ibans are an ethnic group from here in Nusantara, as are the Bugis, the Kadazans, the Banjars and the Javanese.

Anonymous said...

tunabdulrazak said...
Lets stone the frogs. I agree with Jasmine. Mikai Mandau. Sora Rusah. John Nichol. Balan Seling. Richard Riot. James Dawos.Any more Broken Shield? STone them to death.

To add
i.Jin Wong King Meng - Independent instructed by British Resident Sibu to join SNAP.
ii. Nelson Kundai Ngareng
iii.Menikal Ben anak Panggi
iv. Allahrayaham Bolhassan Kambar

Phyrestarter said...

Tiyung Dayak wrote A Ph.D. graduate like Masing…?! Hmmmph! I do remember a saying, “An MBA graduate is not necessarily destined to become a good manager; and so does a scientist!”

hahaha....Masing's PHD is a joke...and the best of part about it is he didn't even write it...just got someone else to do and put his name on it...

There is a joke about him going to a longhouse and this old granny asked him to diagnose what was wrong with her...try and try as he could the Salted Fish could not get her to understand he wasn't a real doctor. But those who know him also know he is not a real Iban...if Jabu is the president of the Make-Dayak-Look-Stupid club then Masing is the Deputy....Mawan and his wig should be Tresurer...the committee members i am sure others can nominate names.

And we wonder why the Dayak community can be "enslaved" with jokers like these leading