Tuesday, February 24


BREAKING NEWS.....YB Datuk Dublin Unting, state Assemblyman for Batang Ai, passed away at 1.30 a.m. this morning. He has been in coma since May last year.

The Broken Shield Blog would like to express our Deepest Sympathy & Heartfelt Condolence to the family of Late Dublin.


Anonymous said...

May we all pray for him, that his soul rests in peace and blessed by God in His lovingkindness and forgivefulness

May we all also remember him as a friendly, humble and helpful person all the way of his live. Remember all his good and not fault

From Batang Ai / Lubok Antu

Anonymous said...

May his soul rest in PEACE!
Kamang JR

Anonymous said...

Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) Kuching Branch would like to express our deepest sympathies & condolences to the Family of Late YB Datuk Dublin for his passing.

We all pray that his soul rest in PEACE.

From: President, Committee Members & Members of SADIA Kuching

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace. That's what we say when one leaves to the next world.

For the leaving, this is an opportunity for you to prove that you need to cross a new frontier. Remember, the BN owned Election Commission will announce April 7th as the polling day (like in the two Peninsular buy-elections so that it divides the attention of PR leaders and manipulates the situation. So, do something about it and make sure that you snatch the seat from Barisan Najis just like PAS humiliated UMNO in Malay heartland by defeating Umno in Kuala Terengganu and taking Umno's seat. If the Malays have deserted Umno and BN, we have nothing to gain from surrendering our future to BN's cronies. Umno today can't face PKR and PAS for Malay vote and that's why they scared, the Dayak people gained nothing from BN, so if those (Malays) who gained from BN are deserting it, why should we mortgage our future by sticking with it? Dayak intelligentsia must prove itself now and must do something drastic to educate all the constituency's voters. It will be a sweet victory and a harbinger for greater good in the coming state wide elections. God bless Dayaks and Sarawakians.

Anonymous said...

Our condolences are hereby expressed to his family members. May God have mercy and his soul will rest in peace. Amen +

Our next move is: to or not to “wrest” Batang Ai from BN…

Anonymous said...


Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 says that there is a time for everything and every event underheaven.
> a time to give birth and a time to die .....
> a time to weep, and a time to laugh
> a titme to love and a time to hate
> a time to be silent, and a time to speak
> a time for war.. and a time for peace.
What profit is there for to the worker from that which he toils?
"Vanity ....vanity ..",says the Preacher.

This physical body is nothing but taken from dust. And to dust shall it return. Death is the only door to exit out of this materiaistic world and the only entry to the next bodyless world. The spirit..WHRE SHALL IT GO??
Death frees the spirit in eternity with God OR in eternity with Lucifer.

For all of us who are drawing nearer to that DOOR, make hay while the sun shines. Redeemed oneselves.This is a time of reflections ....Let us break the "POLITICA WALLS". Mend our fences for the good of our community. Dayak leaders who overstayed, step aside (not step down) honourably.


Anonymous said...

No disrespect to PKR leadership....but if they insist on nominating Nicholas Bawin to contest the by-election (should there be one)BN/PRS is certain to win. Wanna bet? Sepuloh/Lima !

Anonymous said...

JT, dini alai nyenggai tudah YB Datuk tu, bos? Engka ka enggau orang ngesah penusah sida ....

Anonymous said...

PKR should have the best candidate for the seat. Someone who has no dirt to be "unearthed" during the heated campaign and someone who is known for maturity and love for Sarawak and Dayaks. Someone who won't desert the party and betray his voters at any cost. Someone who will withstand pressure and threats and someone whose sole goal is to see the total destruction of BN and Tahip Mahnuk.

Avoid former party members who may be compromised later. Avoid polarizing candidates and also avoid unpopular candidates. The person must love his community and people and he must be known to work hard for them. At least, he should also have a bit of national appeal.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joseph,

Can we get an analysis on Batang Ai's voter breakdown according to race, age (if possible) and voting pattern, i.e how did Batang Ai vote in the previous state elections including the last, 2006. Also, which Parliamentary seat does it come under? And how did the MP for that area fare in 2008? By reduced win or increased win? Also what's the prospects of PKR/PR in Batang Ai and whom do you think can make it, or at least cause havoc to BN's chances of retaining the seat? Thanks. Since the blog is read by both friends and foes, don't go into minute details which may help the enemy at this point of time. Just general figures and like that. Thanks again.

NEIL said...

So this by-election for Batang Ai will be another battle to the end.This will be the barometer to gauge the dayak's support.
Many dayaks in Batang Ai are very critical of the gov't becos of the way the compensation for the Bakum project are handle.Also alot of NCR land are been stolen and sold by those traitors to the foreign companies to plant oil palm.The local get nothing and are always cheated.
Let hope that with Dublin's death,the dayaks will kick out PRS and put in a new and honest YB from PR.Change is coming! Yes, we can.

NEIL said...

Batang Ai will be another Permatang Pauh.PRS will be soundly defeated this time.Masing support have dwindle to pea size.This defeat in Batang Ai will spell the end of Masing.The whole dayak community are waiting for this day.
After Dublin,there is another one from SUPP.He is in the 3rd stage of cancer and it won't be too long before another by-election will be held after this.
So with all this chance of a lifetime coming. I hope the dayak voters will make up their mind and vote PR.PRS must be kick out and the dayaks will only see light at the end of the tunnel.

NEIL said...

Gabriel Adit and PKR top leadership are having a emergency meeting to choose a reliable candidate for this by-election.This candidate will be a local from Batang Ai and he have the full support of all the Tuai Rumah.
PKR will announce the candidate once the top leadership have approve the choice.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Dublin tried his best but his hands are tied by the very notorious authoritarian BN system that wants to dominate the whole of Sarawak.
The Ibans are and will be the majority but when santa DPM Najib came a few weeks ago the Ibans and Orang Ulu were given an empty peforated bags while the bidayuhs, etc were given cheques in the million$. Blatant disregard for our existence and contribution to Sarawak by Najib OR rather a divide and rule policy in the offering?
We Ibans are either stupid or what? Can't we open our eyes to see that we have been discriminated out right even though the majority of MPs (ball polishers) in Sarawak are Ibans? Looks like we the majority gets to eat the crumbs. If Lubok Antu constituents want to eat left overs and crumbs then vote for BN and your childrens generation will suffer the consequence of your decision in this by-election.

Anonymous said...

From God we came to God we return,
may his soul rest in peace.
Condelence to all the families members.
uji bantaika meh sepuh kitai ngelaban BN ba menoa tu....
umbas naka ke udah kitai diperidai/dikemeli ke bala BN

Anonymous said...

Datuk Dublin tried his best NO !!DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES ON BEHALF of alahyaham Datuk ..
Did he try? NOT AT ALL it seemed.May be he did BUT not hard enough. He decided to sit in the comfort zone till his demise.

AKAI you said soOOOooo... very notorious authoritarian BN system. DISMANTLE BN BY YOUR VOTES. This Jabu will try to highjack PRS seat by putting DO Mujah madek MP Dato Duglas Unggah

Ya..raabi!! ...santa DPM Najib came a few weeks ago GAVE the bidayuhs, cheques in the millions.
REPORTEDLY RM4 Million in newspaper.

Calculate: RM4 million DIVIDE by (about) 189,200 Bidayuhs.wHAt IS THE fIgUrE ?? Then DIVIDE the figure again by 46 years(since 16.09.1963)The true FIGURE is 45.96 SEN. Ohhh.OOOooo.. HARGA of One BIDAYUH is 45.96 SEN per year for 46 years.

Who is sorry ??

the Ibans and Orang Ulu were given an empty peforated bags while the bidayuhs,

Jetty said...

Dear Ahmad (PKR Selangor),

I will give my analysis on the Batang Ai constituency in the coming article. Please stay tune and thank you for your support.

- JT