Monday, February 23

SDGA must remain non-political, says Dr. Dusit

Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu’s campaign for Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang, the incumbent president and the RM20,000 carrot for the Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA), did not influence the delegates to the SDGA annual general meeting last Saturday when they elected a new man, Dr. Dusit Jaul, an INTAN (Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara) senior program coordinator.

Pity on Dr. Jawa; his efforts to bring the association closer to the BN politicians especially Jabu backfired; and a number of projects supposed to be carried out in collaboration with the BN politicians failed to get off the ground due to the lack of support from the members.

Against the members’ wish, Dr. Jawa went to see Jabu alone to invite him to open the association annual general meeting one week before the meeting. That was a big misjudgment on the part of Dr. Jawa.

Perhaps Dr. Jawa might not have been told the whole truth regarding the formation of the association. Right from the start of its formation, Jabu had already clashed with the exco of the association when his suggestion to make him as the adviser and the chief minister as the patron of the association was turned down.

Since then the first SDGA president, Prof. Dr. Dimbab Ngidang had a hell of problems with the State government and Jabu. Even the RM50,000 promised by the State government during the launch of the association was never fulfilled.

After Prof. Dr. Dimbab, Dr. Jawa took over. But why Dr. Jawa was elected? Since Dr. Jawa was close to Jabu and the State government, it was hoped that SDGA could work side by side with Dayak politicians in the Barisan Nasional for the interests of the community.

But Jabu’s continued bashes of SDGA including accusing them of anti-government and disrespecting the Governor’s birthday celebrations killed all efforts at reconciliation. He accused SDGA members of using their “knee-caps” to think rather than using their heads. Worse, he was also alleged to have been involved in the formation of Bidayuh Graduates Association (BGA) in order to undermine SDGA’s unity and strength.

Now with Dr. Dusit helming the association supported by a corps of professionals with various educational qualifications, SDGA should become the “vanguard” of the Dayaks moving into the 21st century.

Every effort must therefore be made by SDGA to recruit more graduates to join so that SDGA must be felt by the Dayaks, relevant to the Dayaks and do something for the Dayaks, said Dr. Dusit, adding: “Above all else, I want to reiterate here that, SDGA must be a non-political organisation”.

He said: “In our endeavour to serve, we are mindful of the golden rule of leadership which had been overlooked by many leaders, Dayak leaders no exception. The golden rule of leadership is this: ‘Under promise, Over deliver”.

“Within this framework, I and my team are crystal clear on what we plan to do for SDGA. This is stated clearly in our vision, mission and slogan,” he said.

The following are the newly elected SDGA office-bearers:-

President: Dr. Dusit Jaul;
Deputy President: Dr. Elli Luhat;
Secretary General: Stanley Lingoh Gara;
Deputy Secretary General: Jona Kerani;
Treasurer: Johnny Jalin;
Deputy Treasurer: William Howell;
Exco members: Dajai Mancha, Edwin R. Tawie, Utap Sebau, Dr. Thomas Buan, Winston Bale, Diana Ningkan, Albert Julin, Edmund Dagin, Elli Lawai, Dr. Alex Sayok and Eli Luntai.
- The Broken Shield


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the new office bearers. Do not fail us, the Dayaks. Please remain apolitical, but able to work with all parties for the orang asal.

Anonymous said...

Cant help but smile... so many Eli in the line up. So funny...

Anonymous said...

I am far from being impressed with the line up, Y? Not genuine, with conman around but claimed to be Phd holder.....sorry for being kepoo!no abetting and scanning!

Anonymous said...

Let Ibrahim Ali (Pasir Mas) say what he likes. He is not impressed for certain reasons. He has a mind-set that he is the Judge.

All the best to you (Ibrahin Ali, whoever you are!