Saturday, February 21

Why can’t we accept Jabu as our leader?

Dr Dusit Jaul....newly Elected President of SDGA 2009

Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu’s speech at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA) this morning (21 Feb 2009) was more a smack of self-glorification and superciliousness rather than anything else.

If you were not present at the meeting, you would have thought that he was talking to a group of longhouse chiefs, where he could bluff his way. But to address the “cream of the Dayak society”, his speech appeared more like his curriculum vitae (CV) applying for a job.

Let me quote some parts of speech without editing it:-

# My experience when I started 42 years ago working as Divisional Agriculture Officer, then Staff Officer in-charge of Regrouping and Resettlement during the emergency due to communist insurgency in RASCOM areas in Sibu, having to brave the communists threat in Kanowit, Song, Kapit, Mukah, Balingian, Meradong and Sarikei areas, then followed by 35 years of active political life with Barisan Nasional government tell me that there are plenty of good things which the government has done to protect the people and to benefit our people.

# When I introduced Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (SALCRA) in 1976 to develop Native Customary Right Land as a conscious program on the part of Barisan Nasional Government to fight poverty some quarters including the Opposition from our own community opposed SALCRA.

# About 25 years ago I started with a small group of our Iban education officers, thereby gaining more support from our community and supported by YAB Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud, the chief minister of Sarawak and the Federal government especially with the help of YB Datuk Douglas Uggah who works in Kuala Lumpur after several years I eventually managed to get our Iban Language recognized by the Federal government as Pupils Own language to be taught as Second Language in schools in Sarawak.

# When unity and cooperation amongst the Dayaks were ruined as a result of native politicking in 1987 historically known as Ming Court political fiasco, working together with few Dayak leaders in Barisan Nasional I took a bold step to organise the Dayaks through the Gawai Dayak as an institution of Segulai Sejalai which is still actively being adhered by the Dayak community.

# I also initiated the Dayak Technical Committee which then systematically developed to the formation of Dayak Cultural Foundation in 1972 where I was appointed as the Founding chairman until now.

# Since 30 years ago I introduced the seeding of Rivers and Lakes with millions of fish fries to repopulate and replenish the depleting fish stock. This programme of fish fries release gained momentum throughout Sarawak and benefited our rural population as increased source of protein to fight poverty/malnutrition and source of income to the rural people.

# I was responsible for the breakthrough in ikan terubok research and development as a result of my visit to commonwealth scientific and industrial research organisation in Australia.

# Another scientific research success was the Ikan empurau and ikan semah which I started through our inland fishery research and development station at Nanga Adang Ulu Limbang.

# I also helped to design ponds in Tarat to accommodate broodstock of Ikan empurau and ikan semah collected from Katibas, Kapit, Baram, etc.

While Jabu tried to project what he had done to the Dayak community, he had, however, failed to mention that he is the chairman of the recruitment and promotion bureau of the state civil service which determines the promotion of Dayak civil servants as well as approving of the appointment of community leaders such as Temenggong, Pemanca, Penghulu and Tuai Rumahs by virtue of the fact that he is the Minister of Rural Development.

Can we know how many Dayaks have been promoted to hold senior posts in the state civil service? Or how many have been recruited into the State civil service?

Meanwhile during the election of office-bearers, Jabu’s “manok sabong”, Dr. Joseph Jawa Kendawang, the incumbent president was trounced by his challenger, Dr. Dusit Jaul with a majority of 61 votes. Jawa polled 29 votes as compared to 90 votes by Jaul out of a total of 119 delegates.

Jabu’s backing for Jawa and his speech at the meeting was believed to have caused the defeat of Jawa. Despite his efforts to project himself as a Dayak leader, his leadership is not accepted. So one may ask: What’s wrong with Jabu that even the Dayak intellectuals do not like him? - The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

Jabu is Jabu and those who know him well are aware knows he is more interested in protecting and promoting Taib Mahmud, even at the expense of his own community.

So sad.

USA said...

Take extreme caution. All aspiring candidates in DCCI, DBNA, BGA, OUNA, REDEEMS and other Dayak organisations: beware of Jabu. Jabu is a bad omen. Never be seen to be backed by Jabu, or you will loose out in the election.

Anonymous said...

Afraid Jabu has lost job? Now, selling himself and his good smell, like the ....(guest)

He continue to remind us of the good he did but the damage he caused to us Iban, not forgetting to polish the balls of Taib in every function he attends. The balls that feed him the wealth and luxury he now enjoying

He wants to be remembered as a Hero of Dayak of Sarawak of Malaysia.

Simpang Betong of Sarawak

francis said...

I hope this anti-Jabu sentiment will spread to other BN leaders and cause their defeat. I hope this is the beginning and I hope this is a silver lining for greater good which is to defeat Tahip Mahnuk and Chafu (dirt in Kiswahili). The Dayak Graduates leader must not betray his people anjd their future and he should not make any deals with Chafu and Mahnuk and thus destroy the future of Dayak children. Go ahead and start campaigning against Chafu and Mahnuk and you will win. God bless.

Sim said...

I heard him speak only once 20 yers ago. He is pompous, long winded, and self-serving. Put me to sleep. Can somebody please kick him out of his constituency.

Tom Jones said...

Jabu is bad news. It seems that intellectual dayaks are not seeing eye to eye with him now. He an old cow and like an old cow just step down and enjoy yr ill gotten wealth....

Anonymous said...


who is he? dayak leader?

i dun think so

Bujang Singkang Kala said...

Don't worry, all is not lost. Jabu is still worth his CV as the great leader /trainer for his infamous 'KEPAYANG'project. For those who are interested, can consult him how to plant 'kepayang' on commercial basis. After all this is his specialization as a former Divisional Agriculture Officer (DAO) other than as a big time 'ball-polisher' of the Melanau Paraoh.

Anonymous said...

Jabu? Tell him what he has ACTUALLY done to help lift the economic well-being of the Iban community. According to UNDP statistics on the rate of poverty in Sarawak in 2004, the Iban's poverty rate was 12.56 per cent, the highest in Sarawak. And yet Jabu has been State minister and DCM since 1974. He can talk big, but what the Dayaks are interested are the POSITIVE results. So far, Jabu is a total failure to the Ibans.

dayakbaru said...

Jabu missed his opportunity to convince the graduate that he is indeed an able Dayak leader. We were looking for his vision and direction so that as graduate we can share the burden and struggle with him. Instead he talked about history - which is not even relevant.

We were expecting that he would explain the opportunities in SCORE, the 12 dams, mechanism of land development,etc.

He did talked lovingly of his wife - as someone in LIMKOKWING and allocated with some money for Dayak scholarship - 50% of tuition fee. So what?

I got up and went to the toilet even though i do not have the need to do nature's call. The speech was at best pathetic.

If that is what he represented himself as, no wonder the delegate to the AGM could not see his value and leadership.

Anonymous said...

It is Jabu's nature to claim what others had done. On the study of Iban language in schools it was Sarawak Dayak Iban Association which mooted the idea. Together with Iban officers of the education department such as George Garai, Ralf Garai and Jimbun Tawai, a committee was set up to standardise the spelling of Iban. Representing Sadia were Sidi Munan, Joseph Tawie, the late Richard Lee, the late Andria Ejau and the late Daniel Ragam.

Anonymous said...

First. TANIAH to Dr. Dusit Jaul

># when I started 42 years ago...
># When I introduced....
># About 25 years ago I get...
># I took a bold step to...
DIS-organise the Dayaks...
># I also initiated ....
># Since 30 years ago I...
># I was responsible for the ...
># Another .. I started ...
># I also helped to design ..etc.

># He was used by Rahman to topple
Dato' Stephen Kalong Ningkan ..
># He beome DAYAK LEADER ..
perpetuating Melanau's Sarawak
># He still dare NOT replace Taib
inspite of his seniority..

Anonymous said...

Jabu Anak Numpang is a big shame, a big failure. History will say that.Ask the Ibans in Sarawak. Ask the Bidayuh in Sarawak what they think of Jabu. Jabu a smart man? My foot!

Anonymous said...

Dont scold Ikan Seri Jabu or blame him for your poverty

You know, he is an examplary Iban Leader and successful political trader who has given us what we are today. If not because him, we never have Salcra and never have we seen or plant or harvest Kelapa Sawit, and for sure we never have Divident every year before Gawai..our children never go to school or university and get jobs

Jabu brought fantastic development to our Iban community especially in agriculture with the rocket-up of fertilizer prices and rocket-down in sale prices of local commodities (which he says is out of his control. Most grateful, his company supplies all the fertilizer in the state-owned institutes related to agri and agro cultures

We should be grateful to Ikan Seri Jabu for our Iban socio-economic achievement today. Thankful also to all his YAB Puan Seri Impian for all the nonsense she speaks

Stanny Embat said...

I said now and again...Jabu is the greatest stumbling block to the Dayaks unity. Remove him we could possibly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

It is very saddening to hear all sorts of comment about Tan Sri Jabu. Observing that he is the most senior Dayak politician in Malaysia, Tan Sri Jabu deserves some frank comments. Below are some frank comments.

a. His long political services should qualify him to be called statesman than politician.

b. A sincere leader need not boast about what he had achieved. It is for others to say so if he or she did so. A leader should be humble enough to admit his or her failure(s) where such mistake(s) affected his integrity and the standing of his or her BELOVED community (masyarakat yang amat dikasihi).

c. He still deliberately DENIED his "judastic" ACHIEVEMENT in unseating his fellow Layarese namely Dato Kalong Ningkan. In fact he should have referred to that as proof of his outstanding achievement in his opening address during the SDGA meeting. That is recorded in Malaysian history which is the most important of his political achievents and LANDMARK CONTRIBUTION to Dayak political struggles. It is because of that, Tan Sri Jabu is who he is and what he is now and partially what is Dayak now politically. Dare he say he is not partially ??

d. He deliberately denied that he failed in his ministerial duty in making KEPAYANG-for-food industry in contrast with "ngelepas-ka-anak-ikan"...

e. He still denied that his announcement about millions of ringgit dividends paid to SALCRA's participant was a miscalculation. He faield to DIVIDE the million ringgits with the number of years and then DIVIDE figures with the number of participants. That is the real answer or amount each family got in real term.

e. He seemd persistent and failed to step down as Chairman of SALCRA to give way to Dato James Masing since he is no longer the Minister of Land Development. Is this not a reflection of ....and selfishness ..?? Is he scared that James Masing will perform better?

g. The stark contrast of his characters may be seen in the manner he adresses and respects political master(s) (calling them Yang DiKashi many times ... in functions )and his "vicious-slave" treatments of those who do not share his political beliefs and views.

g. As "Christian", Tan Sri Jabu's intense participation in activities associated with adat Iban, miring etc ... are not examplary. Only Tuhan Allah Taala knows what are in eveyone heart.

h. Recently, Tan Sri Jabu said that NCR land issues were blown out of propotion.
DARE HE ACCEPT THIS OFFER FOR TELEVISED PUBLIC DEBATED on the matter? He is at liberty to to choose the venue (preferably his own long house at Ensurai Betong) and bring his team of experts inluding SAG Mr. J.C Foong and Yang di-kasihi.
My bro. Henry Anak Joseph and his layman team of NCR lanowners are available to respond at any time.

The power is in the hand of Layarese voters to settle the SCORE.

Anonymous said...

We should keep him on the seat and one day make him the Chief Minister of Sarawak replacing Taib. This, he will say, the greatest achievement of our Iban race in history and all must be proud of him

phyrestarter said...

Hahaha...I feel sorry for anyone who has to sit thru 1 of Anak Numpang's long-winded speech. Its like nails on blackboard mix together with a broken record.

SDGA members were right to vent their frustrations. A little step goes a long way to send the correct message. Unfortunately this will be the last time SDGA will get anything from the Jabu. Unless of course he is no more a factor....

Heard that he is not in The Pharoah's good books anymore hence the "gentle reminder" on what he has done for the community. I agree with one of the comments which states that the REAL Dividend each family earns should be divided by number of years and participants.

As for supplying fertilizer...well we all know his son, Rentap (what a way to spoil the great warrior Rentap's name by giving it to a faggot..oh well at least we know the apple really does not fall far from the tree) is the front for Jabu to make his share. Plus the fact that Jabu spews a lot of shit makes getting fertilizer not very difficult.

So what we going to do? You know and I know lah...Make sure when you throw your shoes at him get the biggest size available.

Anonymous said...

While Jabu was talking, I heard a reporter commenting about Jabu's speech. He talked to a fellow reporter that he needed to have two tablets of panadol to cure his mental agony of hearing Jabu's long-winded and not newsworthy speech. These reporters must have heard Jabu hundreds of times and that was why they didnt talk too kindly of Jabu.

Anonymous said...

Lost opportunity for Jabu. He should have used the SDGA forum to appease the SDGA members. Instead he chose to blow his own trumpet and condemn SDGA. What a shame...

Ambai Kumang said...

Dr. Joseph Jawa may lost in the contest for SDGA presidency but Jabu is more disappointed. Reason: There are talk that the no. 1 membrship of Jabu may be withdrawn bearing in mind that he was not the first Dayak graduate neither was he the first to register with SDGA. My guy feeling is that Jabu bribed JJK & his excos to obtained the no. 1 membersip.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that while Jabu was talking, a number of people walked out of the room; some went to have coffee nearby. I also noticed that William Mawan's face and so was Michael Manyin's looked very stern; they must have seen people walking out on Jabu.

partistar said...

Jabu needs us to "KAYU TIGA" following his own habit to his superiors, but this is the very reason why he is NOT accepted as a Dayak leader by the majority of the Dayak Graduates and even among the Dayaks voters. This why BN needs James Masing of PRS and William Mawan of SPDP to deliver the rest of the Dayak seats.

Jabu should also include under his achievement as the Iban who destroyed NINGKAN, the SNAP President in 1974 and possibly agreed to bring down Tawi Sli and possible successor, Simon BEBAB Manja? of Engkilli, giving the CM post to Rahman and now Taib. His achievement can be summarised.

Even when Edwin, current SNAP President, proposed in 2006? for Jabu to be the next CM. He turned it down and blasted Edwin in the end instead? Thus how can an Honorable Iban who hopes that one day an Iban can become the CM of Sarawak ever accept a leader who does not want him to have even that HOPE!

BRAVO for majority who dare to SNUB at Jabu.... and his men.

As for unity in politics beware of false promises and hopes. Never be dazzled by others' home and castles. Even a hut is better as long as you have the right to call it your own. To date we are famous for depending on other people to put us up. When are we matured enough and courageous enough to built our own for all Sarawakians.

Unity amongst divided houses under BN has relegated to what we are to-day? Independence through Malaysia have landed to us to be treated as "OTHERS" and then "SQUATTERS" in own HOME? Shall we continue squatting?

Apai said...

This is Dayaks greatest achievement against jabu-the educated Dayaks have send and the message has been received by jabu that he has always been rejected as our leader and has never been our leader.In terms of human resources development of the Dayaks,be it tertiary,civil service,private sector his contribution is NIL.Surprising,alas not-to jabu the creation of the nucleus of Dayaks intellectual,will spell is demise.And that is also jabu greatest contribution to the suppresion of the Dayaks-the destruction and extinguishment of any creation of Dayaks intellectuals.We cannot use a moral argument,we have to use a pratical one against jabu.We also have to bring this to a higher level to defeat him.My fear is that we have a lost generation but there is hope of a brighter future after this episode.Yes,we should be teaching the Dayaks how to have self-respect-or giving them,for this is something you cannot teach-self-respect.

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri Jabu contested and won Engkilili-Skrang by-election uncontested after the death of SNAP's Nading Anak Linggoh. In the state general election after the by-election, Tan Sri Jabu ontested and won Layar state seat against Dato' Kalong Ningkan. The major political event preceding that particular state election, was when ex-YB/MP namely the late Wairy Liben Anak Kato "frogged" to PBB.

As mark of his final and greatest achievementand as the best gift for Dayak community, Taib may name Jabu as the Chief Minister in waiting. There will be no greater political joys than that when that truly happen.

With the demise of the late (now ex-YB)Datuk Dublin Unting, BY ELECTION looks eminent and is expected when the period of DUN is more than two years away to the date of the next state election.

The pattern of OUTSIDE CALON is already set for Batang Air the by-election by Jabu when he contested Engkilili-Skrang by-election. It has been hotly speculated that the present D.O Lubok Antu named En. Mujah (brother of YB Douglas Uggah) is the most likely BN's candidate versus PKR/PK candidate. If this is going to happen,DON'T blame BN and its candidate,

Urang Batang Ai
The ultimste power to hit BN in the by-election is in the hand of all Btg. Air voters.

Anonymous said...

RM295m divided by 16,000 Salcra participants divided by 20 years divided by 12 months. How much is that? What is the average yield of Salcra over the last 10 years? What is the benchmark in the industry? Who is accountable for Salcra's performance? Vasco or Jabu?

Anonymous said...

RM295m divided by 16,000 Salcra participants divided by 20 years divided by 12 months give you the grand total of RM76.82.

Who should be accountable? Well...they always say the captain is responsible.

Anonymous said...

RM77 per month on average! Somebody's head should roll.

But imagine if the state government were to spend the money developing the Salcra land on:

1)Surveying the NCR land,
2)Giving the land titles,
3)Providing financial assistance to the land owners to develop the land for oil palm,
4)Providing technical assistance to the land owners with MPOB's help

We would probably have gone a long way towards eradicating urban poverty amongst the Ibans.

Anonymous said...

da Lebor jadi President SDGA ya ke baghu pia?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"da Lebor jadi President SDGA ya ke baghu pia?"

Ya .. betul Akih!! Uhang Lebor BOLEH!!
Beri meh peluang ka iya .. anang guai jampat nyida.
Ukai semna uhnag Saribas or Paku aja pandai... JABU -How or Uhnag Balleh bisi Ph.D ..?

Anonymous said...

aduh..amat ghindang ati ninga da Lebor jadi Presiden, enti pia. Aku nda da Lebor gak. Auk, amat iya nda salah meghi iya peluang..sama betulong ke pangan, sama tau mujor.