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Is this not another evidence of cruelty?

Source: Utusan Borneo, 28 Feb 2009

The latest destruction of a number of houses by the Land and Survey Department at Mile 15, Mukah-Selangau Road has been described as yet another evidence of cruelty on the part of the state BN government.

Mensekar Banyau, aged 70, has lodged a report with the Police at Selangau Police Station two days ago accusing the enforcement officers from the Land and Survey department of being “zalim” (cruel) against the occupants of three houses when they came and destroyed the houses and their properties.

“We tried to stop them from destroying our houses and properties, but we were helpless. Their actions made us very angry and we lost about RM60,000 worth of properties," he said to a reporter from Utusan Borneo.

“They should have notified us,” he said and added that they were now staying with their relatives in other longhouses.

According to him, the enforcement officers on 16 October last year destroyed a number of houses in the area.

“Before the case is settled, the enforcement officers on Thursday, 26 February 2009 at 10.30 a.m. destroyed three more houses. At that time only me and my wife were at home; the rest had gone to work. We tried to salvage our properties, but could not do it as they used a bulldozer to destroy the houses,” he said.

Mensekar claimed that they had not been notified by the Land and Survey Department nor informed that their houses were to be demolished.

He admitted, however, that he had partially dismantled his house when they told him that a public road passed through the part of the house. And he was also told by the staff of the department that the other half of the house could still be occupied as it did not obstruct the proposed road.

That was why, he said, that they did not move out.

“They clearly cheated us,” said another villager, Nyunkin Renjau and listed their possessions being destroyed included paddy, fertilizers, motorcycles, antiques, bedding, clothing and cash.

The victims are known to be strong supporters of the MP for Selangau and Deputy Minister Joseph Entulu Belaun who is deputy president of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).

Why couldn’t Joseph Belaun help them? Or for that matter Joseph Mauh, State Assemblyman for Tamin? After all this is what our elected representatives are supposed to do – help their supporters.

Anyway the latest incident which is one of the many cases where Dayak longhouses have been destroyed should open the eyes of the voters of Batang Ai who will soon witness a by-election. They are given a choice: vote for BN and condone the destruction of longhouses or vote for PKR for your rights, fairness and justice. The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

There is a post on comments in the previous post which adviced the upcoming campaign in Batang Ai include modern presentation techniques. Pictures tell a thousand words and if the presentation is effective, it can shift votes. Show them the cruelty of the present Government in trying to block the advancement of the Dayaks. Pictures and materials of longhouses that have been destroyed, the high handedness of the Land and Survey officers. This form of presentation has never been done before. Use audio visuals instead of the traditional oratory techniques which drives people to sleep. In this election all BN needs is 4000 votes to win and 4000 hearts to win with - say RM100 per vote? That RM40,000 is peanuts for BN machinery. By now the various transport and fuel supply for the Batang Ai voters mode of transport is being rounded up by BN machinery to prevent the opposition supporting longhouses to come down to vote. Go out there and rent a large motor express launch that will help bring voters. Play those video campaign in the Express Boat... in shops, in all the longhouse (how much is one CD anyway?). If the BN is to counter this propaganda they can only show what development is promised to the people of Batang Ai if BN is voted in... promises of projects etc. After 50 years of Independence what have the development effort gone to show? Mukah and Samarahan is developing faster than Batang Ai as all the development projects are dumped into these elite Divisions. Look at Kuching Division - large amount of money is pumped in though its held by the Opposition. Batang Ai can be a symbol of the Change that is about to sweep Sarawak! Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban! Don't go for the traditional campaign approach now, go for the alternative way of conveying message through modern communication technology. Bring your own generator if the place is without electricity. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Intimes of trouble the YBs are not around.
We now realise that we neen not be around in times of election, for BN.

Anonymous said...

Now we get to see the true picture. You get abandon by your BN YBs after you vote them in! You are on your own when you are in dire strait. BN YBs are notorious at doing that. Before the election they promise you the moon and beg you for your votes. After being voted in, they conveniently disappear and are nowhere to be found when you need help.

Anonymous said...

Adong Belalai said...

In this election all BN needs is 4000 votes to win and 4000 hearts to win with - say RM100 per vote? That RM40,000 is peanuts for BN machinery.

Actually: RM400,000 not RM40,000. But still peanuts for BN

Anonymous said...

After elected, the YBs will see if they are give some timber concession and a share in the loot BN plundered over the land of Sarawak...

They are not hard and different time, they are happy dinners and when their hands of full government grants for projects that are to shared by contractor friend

They are given special discounted price to buy state land and start building their palace...Who care what you problems are, Dear People. You are fooled and now do choose to again and continuously FOOLED?????

Heart felt sympathy for our fellow communities who even one piece of shelters are PULLED DOWN

Anonymous said...

WE must vote BN because BN can assure us development, better roads, rural infrastructues power and supplies??

Are these not the responsibility of any party in governance??

Anonymous said...

To all Batang Ai Voters,
Please watch the following youtubes. To all sarawakian please help to wake up our people

Destruction of rumah Nyawin and Rumah Sendok. Yo will hear a voice of woman cry!!!

Anonymous said...

Awang Tengah said all land not surveyed, not issued with a land title, including land under NCR claim, is government land. I am sure these people are occupying the state land and the enforcement officers were just doing their job legally. If anyone of you thinks otherwise, then advise these people to lodge a police report for investigation.

Anonymous said...

TO PAKATAN RAKYAT:Set up OPERATION and LOGISTIC CENTER in L/Antu now.Don't delay.This is very crucial.Do it now !!!

Anonymous said...

Jabu must be plugging his two ears and blindfolding himself so that he hears nothing and sees nothing on what are going on on the ground. He shouted that the public response towards PKR in Sri Aman was poor. He is a real idiot. Go to the ground and get the actual feedback. On the other hand, it is good that he said so. Wait until something hit his stupid balls only then he realises that PKR has received good response from Sri Aman people.

NEIL said...

The gov't have destroyed lots of rumah panjai,houses and huts but when the area YB or MP go there and give them some small hangouts ,they have completely forgotten what the gov't have done to them.They will vote the gov't again.this not only happen once but countless of time.As I have said many times,the dayaks are born to take things for granted.Seldom do they takes things to their heart.They just don't remember and can easily be bought over.
There was one blogger who even say dayaks are descendants of frogs.Once they see money,they will forget everything,even their own name.
I hope this anger will generate some form of hatred that will be translated into votes.We have to wait and see whether this will be the beginning of dayakism.
I pray they will wake up after a long sleep,45 years!
From SNAP to PBDS to PRS,the dayaks are still been push around and sidelined.No one dare to stand up and boot out these bloody dayaks leaders who sice day one have been bullshitting until now.Who can stand all these cow dung been smeared on the face of all dayaks! I hope they can smell the sjit and wipe their face and sat enough is enough.Damn the gov't of today! CHANGE is what we need!

Anonymous said...


In the early 90’s Taib came up with his so called visionary “Politics of Development“. In various gatherings and speeches, he told Sarawakians then that his new found idea would transform Sarawak into a model state in Malaysia.

Under this noble idea, land will be developed and people will reap huge benefits and would improve their economic and social being, so he claimed!

However, large tracts of land are owned by the Dayaks who have acquired them through native customary rights which is provided for under Sarawak Land Code 1958.

Taib saw that the land code as a stumbling block for his “Politics of Development“. So, he went on to change the provisions of the land code pertaining to Native Customary Land especially S5(2) not once but FOUR times. The manner in which he passed those amendments is akin to a boat owner fixing leaks in his boat!

The Amendments

In 1994 minister in charge of land matters was given the power to extinguish native customary rights to land.

In 1996, the onus was placed on a native claimant to prove that he has customary rights to the land

In 1998 mechanisms for assessment and payment of compensation were put in place in event of compulsory acquisition.

In 2000 the amendment deleted “any lawful methods” as set out in S5(2)(f).

In 2002 following Nor Nyawai case, Land Surveyors Ordinance 2002, was passed allowing only licensed surveyor to make, authorize or sign any cadastral map. It means only Land & Survey Department can come up with a map!

Following Nor Nyawai case, Taib passed another law relating to land matters - the Land Surveyors Ordinance 2002 which provides for only licensed surveyor to make, authorise or sign any cadastral map. It means only Land & Survey Department can come up with a map! So Dayaks can no longer prepare their own map of their own area by themselves or by a third party.

So by now, Taib has fixed all the leaks, and the Dayaks are in a fix!

The net effect of these amendments is to legalize the process of taking away native customary right land (NCL) and alienate them to politicians, cronies, relatives who in turn sell them to big time oil palm planters!

And so began the process of land grabbing by the State which is run by state Barisan National , led by party Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu of which Taib is the president.

As the laws are being changed, the process of giving away licences and provisional leases to whosoever Taib desires, began in earnest. A number of licences and provisional leases have been issued by Taib to his family members, cronies and who later sell them to local and private oil palm planters.

The provisional leases holders armed with the lease waste not time and start working on the land indicated in the lease with little regard to the presence of people’s garden, farm house, farmed area, buildings/structures or even burial ground!. To them everything that stands on their new found land is theirs and can be removed or bulldozed at will. Past records have indeed proved that they could do it with impunity! They have the “papers” whereas the NCL owners have nothing to show other than the crops that they have planted for ages!

This is how some of the confrontations occurred between the new land owners the NCL owners who are 99% Dayaks. The number of cases that are pending court hearing is almost reaching 200. But some just gave up fighting against the might of Sarawak state government - a government who always claim that they care for the rakyat at least during election time!!

Where can the NCL owners turn to defend their rights?

Nobody, Nobody, Nobody !!!!

If they report the case to the Land & Survey Department they would be told that they are squatting on state (Taib’s) land.

If they go to the police no action will ever be taken. The report if ever written/recorded, will just gather dust!

If they go to their Dayak politicians they will be told invariably not to go against the government.

However if they take the law into their hands by blocking entrance to the disputed land, they will be charged for committing some form of criminal act! But the new land owners can engage "gangsters" to harass the NCL land owners. "The Niah Muder case"

This is the background to the famous Nor Nyawai case(Please watch the video at the end of this post) and many more land dispute cases between NCL owners and the government of Sarawak and/or big time oil palm planters. Fortunately the Nor Nyawai case, the lawyer Baru Bian had done Dayak community proud for bringing and arguing the case with wisdom and integrity. The judge Ian Chin earned the respect of the Dayaks for his wisdom and courage to interpret the laws as they are rather than interpreting the law to the tune of the politicians! The case has shed light to other judges and brought some relief to the Dayaks whose NCLs have been hanging on the balance for a long time.

For more information of the Rumah Nyawai case, please click here for an excellent article by Baru Bian, Advocate and Solicitor for the case.

Causes of the Problem

One of the main causes of the current Dayak situation is of course Taib Mahmud. He had no intention to develop or help the Dayaks! He also has little or no respect for them. The way he treated the Dayaks since he became Chief Minister in 1981 speaks volumes about how little regard he has for the Dayaks. He split the Dayaks many times over. He cleverly engineered the destruction of various Dayak based parties - SNAP & PBDS and the Dayal leaders. Today the so-called leaders of the forerunner of these 2 parties - SPDP & PRS are completely at his mercy. If the colonial power practised divide and rule policy, Taib perfected it in Sarawak at least amongst the Dayaks.

Recently he evenly despised the Dayak way of life where in his speech during Agro Fest Day in Nov, in Kuching he condemned the Dayak forefathers for creating NCR land through shifting cultivation. You see they (Dayaks) have 2million acres under NCR land just because of shifting cultivation” ! Summarized from The Broken Shield.

If that is not a mark of total disrespect for the Dayak community, I don’t know what else!

Secondly, most of the Dayak politicians do not have the courage to stand up against Taib. This is because their nominations before the elections have been endorsed by him. So they owe him a living!

And given the mentality of the Dayaks of “not to bite the hand that feeds you” compounded by the fact that most if not all, would not be able to seek employment anywhere else none would not raise a finger on anything that are seen to be going against Taib’s liking. In fact some went to the extent of praising Taib for passing some of the amendments to the land code that clearly disadvantage the NCL owners!

Thirdly, the Federal government couldn't be bothered one bit about the well being of the Dayaks. Mahathir had come and gone, Badawi had come and almost gone. Najib will be coming. He has shown interest but for the moment it is mere interest!

So the Dayaks are in limbo and they are losing their very important asset - land by the day!
Taib engineered it, Dayak politicians saw it and did not do anything; some are unashamedly his partners in crime; Federal government is either too far away or couldn’t be bothered!

The Way Forward

The problem is serious and if nothing is done most of NCL will be gone before vision 2020 sets in. According to the 2005 reports of Land and Survey Department, some 1.2 million hectares of land were approved for oil palm plantations, the bulk of which is NCR lands. And by the year 2015, some 4 million hectares of land are to be planted with oil palm. Out of the total, about 1.5 million hectares are NCR land. By then there will be a few acres of NCR land left, if any.

One of the ways for the Dayaks to get out of the situation is to use their democratic rights smartly i.e. to vote for party that promise to solve the land issue.

The stand of the BN and that of current Dayak politicians stand are clear - they don’t care one bit about NCL-they have been with Taib for the last 28 years !

The least the Dayak people should do is to put up credible line of opposition to BN. Twenty-eight years of suffering is too long and losing one’s own land is painful. It is time for the Dayak to get their land back and the only way is to VOTE OUT BN and VOTE IN PKR!

Let's begin the journey of a thousand miles in Batang Ai! and there is no better candidate than Bawin, the guy who was sacked by Taib for supporting Nor Nyawai case!


Anonymous said...

Hi all sarawakian while you all were sleeping they (BN) took your belongings now thank GOD all of you are awake, lets spike BN out so that they will regret for the rest of their lives

Thank you

amdeesidik said...

Let share ideas Broken Shiled-you've well written ideas I noticed. I don't seem to get your email address.

Care to get in touch

Anonymous said...

Do you know, as a YB who know how to lick the balls of the old man, you will have no problem to purchase a piece of valuable land with price musch under market price. This is what many YBs are waiting for with mouth watering like dogs. Who care for those voted for them!!!!

When houses of your race being pulled down, lands grabbed and they are left under the sun and rain without a piece of roof to shelter them, where are you YBs?

PRS and SPDP are both typical of such indifference toward such happening to their own communities. Party chiefs lying on hotel beds with forteign women are not new to the news. One day, you will also have nude performance on the webs and papers, for sure, and very sure!

From steel needle

Anonymous said...

upred jarBoo said this is development for the dayak. anyone who against it is considered anti taikmanoh/gomen. so people of batang ai do you want this development as proclaimed by jarBoo??? make your choice.

Jetty said...

Dear Amdeesidik,

Thank you for dropping by in my blog. You can get in touch with me via my email at

Anonymous said...


looks like the infectious GREED from BN has spread to Sarawak.

BN's unmistakable motto is :

- get rich first by screwing the public.
- get richer by screwing the public even more.
- after that pass on the "recipe of success" to progenitors so that they can continue with their "success" story.

the choice is yours - sarawakians- if you want to let this permeate or you can simply stop it on its tracks.

The choice is easy - just simply spread the news.


NEIL said...

Anonymous said..March 1, 2009 4:06 PM
Ya, licking that old white hair's balls!
Just see the piece of land that was once use as a football field,next to Swineburn College.It's now fill with 2 rows of new shop houses .This is the true case of the owner who knows how to lick that white hair's balls.He got this prime real estate at below market price.
If you know how to lick,then he may give you central padang.TRY!

Sans said...

I have drawn some conclusions below which may interest you.

Anonymous said...

Residents and longhouses of NCR in Batang Ai beware. You may be next to be bulldoze down. Don't cry if it happens to you if you vote BN. Don't let history repeat itself again like Rumah Nyawin and Rumah Sendok.

jumpover said...

hal baka ka nyadi ngagai kaban kitai nya tetap ka berterusan enti kitai agi nadai ka berubah.

buai ka perintah bn ka betuai ka " Babun Tuai" nya ka selalu ngayah lalu merinsa ka orang dayak. kelebih agi enti ia meda kitai nya orang ka miskin...sigi nadai dipebasa ka sida.

tulah bn nya laban ngaga bangsa dayak baka nya.

Anonymous said...

Intelligence information from PKR Hq Kl suggest that all future party election candidate must be a graduate (at least a Degree holder).Thier finding revealed that the reason why 2 PKR and a DAP ADUN in Perak leap-frogged to BN is because they are non-graduates.The party described the three as a low class creatures and esaily tumble.
I am just curious if Bawin is qualified to contest given the strigent condition imposed. But don’t worry Batang Ai is not short of graduates.

Anonymous said...

Can someone out there kindly inform management that the site is currently “impenetrable”?!

Thank you!

Wong Ho Leng said...

The BN is heartless. DAP has said it many times in the Sarawak DUN. The destruction of people's properties proves this as well. Sarawak has so much land. Before the houses are taken down, at least serve a notice on the residents, hear them, help them to resettle elsewhere. Why should this be so difficult?

Can the victims expect the elected MP and ADUN to help? They are supposed to extend help. But if your rice bowl depends on the BN government, can you expect them to help you, really?

Look at Selangau and Tamin. We have power lines passing over the roofs of the longhouses, yet how many longhouses do not have power supply? Have the MP and ADUN spoken up for that?

The people have given the BN too much support. That is why the people can be neglected. Those areas with no opposition are lagging behind in developement.

Batang Ai is a test to the Dayaks. The government has neglected the people. Let's see how the people would support the BN, again!

Anonymous said...

To quote Raja Nazrin: " A LAWLESS SYSTEM BREEDS A LAWLESS CULTURE .." NST front page dated 28.02.2009.
Malaysia in in urgent need new "Tunku Abdul Rahman brand" of Prime Minister for Malaysia.

From what are heard and seen during the last years, BN systems are growing from bad to worse in its lawlessness over handling of many matters of public interests.

Covering-ups of wrongs done every where are growing thicker and higher with passage of time. Some examples are:-

> The Altantuya Trial Murder Case
> The Perak Constitutional Crisis
> The lawless of UMNO youth pushing defenceless wheel-chaired Kapal Singh IN PARLIAMENT.
> ...+ + + +
What Raza Nazrin said appeared to be very true .. of BN systems.

The reported case on the destruction of the three longhouses demonstrated the cruelty of Taib'sBN.

> Corrupted system breeds corruptions.
> Ketuanan ystem breeds new brand of apatheid.
> Enslaving political system breeds political slavery.
> Cruel political system breeds political cruelties..
> Divisive system breeds divisions.
> Lying system breeds liars.
> Deceiving system breeds deceivers.
> Land-robbing system breeds land-robbers.
> Discriminatory system breeds discriminations.

Anonymous said...

Tabi Unggal,

Enti rh panjang di entak enda di enselan enggau kerbau tau ka kambin, tai manok sigi enda setuju, lalu nyukor rh panjai ngena lipan baka di batu 15 jalai Selangau Mukah.Orang diatu nadai berguna ke pala babi agi . Nya aja kaban.

Unknown said...

Once there are 3 monkeys, as we all always know there are only 3 monkeys, not more not less. 1st monkey shut it's ears with it's hand so it has to hear nothing,2nd monkey shut it's mouth with it hand, so it has to say nothing, when it says nothing, it definitely do nothing. The 3rd monkey shut it eyes with it's hand, so it sees nothing, so when it sees nothing, the monkey will do nothing. But we seem to forget about the 4th monkey. This 4th monkey didnot shut it eyes, ears or mouth BUT it runs away, screaming in the top of it's voice, from everything. The nature of a monkey, is greed. Greed is in control of the monkey. The monkey would careless about the owner of the land, as long as there is food in the land, the monkey would surely come, foraging for the food and destroying the fruit trees.
The moral of the story is....for you to fill it up. You know who is the monkey.

Anonymous said...

A.Ahmad said...
Intelligence information from PKR Hq Kl suggest that all future party election candidate must be a graduate....why 2 PKR and a DAP ADUN in Perak leap-frogged....Batang Ai is not short of graduates.

True. No shortage of graduates. SDUGA can confirm this fact.SDUGA will send army of unemployed Dayak graduates to pin down BN.

Many graduates are holders of questioable BAs /MAs & PhDs from questionable universities.

A.Ahmad. Do you know that many graduates are no better than non gradutes in many aspects...
Find a "half-bake of MA" graduate if he or she is able to write as good as Broken Shield.
The lst of comparison is long.

Graduate for non-graduates

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Today - X-Files

Unsolved case of murder on Altantuya, who is the real culprit, do you know?

Unclear dicision on the righful party to the DUN of Perak because unclear rules, regulation and constitutional power of speaker, secretary and so on

Unjustified ownership of so called Native Customary Right lands, where have these NCR gone? Nomore Considered Rights = NCR?

It is painful to think that now Sarawak is going back to the older dark ages in its history, how the British ousted Brunei, and now BN Taib bullied the Dayak Natives and soon even the graves will be dug out to turn some pieces of lands for BN development. Not surprising