Tuesday, February 10

Najib to meet Dayak Leaders

Issues affecting the Dayak Community, including equity participation, development and business opportunities are likely to be discussed when Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak meets leaders of Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) this Friday, 13 February 2009 in Kuching. He will also meet Bidayuh leaders.

Najib who will become Prime Minister of Malaysia next month must have heard the grumblings and the grouses of the Dayaks that nothing is for them under the Ninth Malaysian Plan (9MP)despite the pleading and the proposals submitted by the DCCI.

One Dayak Member of Parliament was so angry when he read that there was no proposal for a road construction included in the Plan for his Division that he threw away the book containing all the proposals to the floor. The MP and his predecessors had been fighting for the road construction for the past 45 years. His anger is therefore understandable.

Since he took over as Finance Minister, Najib has introduced RM7 billion for development purposes in order to cushion the Malaysian economy from deepening global credit crisis. He is considering the second stimulus package of about RM10 billion in order to help support domestic demand growth and eventually cushion the impact.

Some of this money will be channeled to Sarawak. But the bulk of this money is expected to be used to develop coastal areas under the Sarawak Corridor Renewal Energy (SCORE) and Betong. Such infusion of massive amount of money into the State will not benefit the Dayaks and this is where the DCCI must tell Najib.

Tan Sri Leo Moggie, DCCI chairman, who is expected to lead the delegation which includes DCCI advisers Datuk Amar Leonard Linggi Jugah and Datuk Sri Celestine Ujang should have heart to heart talks with Najib and they must speak up their minds and tell the truth of Dayak problems including NCR land issues.

It will be better if Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, Chief Minister and Tan Sri Alfred Jabu, Deputy Chief Minister and senior Dayak minister are to be present in the meeting so that they will know how the Dayaks feel about Taib’s “politics of development”.

On SCORE, Moggie must also tell Najib how Dayaks can fit into the proposed mega projects to be implemented in the heartland of the Dayak people. According to memorandums of understanding, SCORE projects are given to companies connected to Taib’s cronies and family members. It is our hope that Dayaks should play bigger roles than mere coolies.

On 11 February 2008, 12 memorandums of understanding (MOUs) and one agreement were signed at Bintulu Promenade, Sarawak involving 25 companies with a gross value of RM107.1 billion. The following are the companies:

· Agreement signed between Acacacia Cellulose International Sdn Bhd (Acacell) and Sarawak Planted Forest Sdn Bhd (SPF) for SPF to deliver approximately 4 million metric tones per annum of pulpwood to Acacell worth RM0.3328 billion.

· MOU1 signed between Sarawak Energy Bhd (SEB) and Tenaga National Berhad (TNB) to establish the commitment, understanding between TNB and SEB and provide the structure and basis for collaboration. RM50 billion.

· MOU2 signed between SEB and Sime Darby Bhd to undertake the implementation of the 2400MW Bakun Hydroelectric Power Plant and the construction of the transmission lines including the dual submarine transmission cables to link the project to Peninsular Malaysia. RM22 billion.

· MOU3 signed between SEB and consortium: RHB Islamic Bank, UnicornInt. Islamic Bank M’sia Bhd and Kuwait Finance House M’sia Bhd to further develop the generation and transmission of energy in Sarawak. RM20 billion.

· MOU4 signed between SEB and Cahya Mata Sarawak (CMS)/Rio Tinto Aluminium Ltd (RTA) for SEB to supply power (900MW to 1200MW) to the proposed Aluminium smelter plant in Similajau. RM5.25 billion.

· MOU5 signed between Similajau Industries Sdn Bhd and GIIG Holdings Sdn Bhd & Pan Kingdom Investment Co. to develop a fully integrated Steel Cluster including palletizing plant, direct reduction plant, melt shop, slab/bloom/billet casters and rolling mill. RM4.8 billion.

· MOU6 signed between SEB and Press Metal Berhad (PMB) for SEB to supply additional 510 MW to PMB proposed Aluminium Smelting Plant in Mukah by July 2010. RM2.5 billion.

· MOU7 signed between Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) and Zincox Resources PLC, England to establish understanding between Zincox and BDA to set up Zinc Electro-Refinery Plant in Bintulu. RM1.12 billion.

· MOU8 signed between Carbon Capital Corporation Sdn Bhd and Japan Carbon Mercantile Co. Ltd. to invest and develop Biodiesel Plant, Feedstock Plantation & Associated Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. RM0.96 billion.

· MOU9 signed between Konsortium Galdasar Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) and Yuh Yow Fishery Co. Ltd (Kaohsiung Tawan R.O.C) to set up Integrated Aquaculture project (800ha) at Tanjong Manis, setting up of hatchery, production centre, R&D centre, processing of aquaculture produce & marketing. RM0.1 billion.

· MOU10 signed between Konsortium Galdasar Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) and She Chui Oceanic Enterprise Co. Ltd (Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C) for shipbuilding project at Tanjung Manis, manufacturing of tuna & deep sea fishing vessels, repair & maintenance of fishing vessels. RM0.04 billion.

· MOU11 signed between Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd (CMS) & Rio Tinto Aluminium Limited (RTA) and ICATS/PPKS for ICATS/PPKS to provide training for Sarawak Aluminium Company (SALCO) technical staff. Amount not specified.

· MOU12 signed between Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd (CMS) & Rio Tinto Aluminium Limited (RTA) and Aluminium Pechiney for Aluminium Pechiney to supply technology to Sarawak Aluminium Company (SALCO). Amount not specified.

Can Dayak companies score in SCORE? – The Broken Shield


Al Tugauw said...

9th Malaysia Plan? Too late! Taib is already talking about getting advance payment from the 10th Malaysia Plan! Taib probably knows what is coming and that he will not be around for the 10th Malaysia Plan. What is left not just for the Dayaks but all other natives of Sarawak is anyone's guess. Najib must be told to his face that this hanky-panky will no longer be tolerated by the long-deprived rural people of Sarawak and that they will no longer tolerate the scheming and siphoning of Taib, his family and cronies.

Sarawakians want reform, redress and recompense for all that has been lost to Taib, his family and cronies. Is there anyone daring enough to tell that straight to Najib and will he listen? Will he not just listen but do something about it?

If it is only Moggie, Linggi & Ujang who will talk to Najib, I fear that this message will not get through.

Equity participation, development and business opportunities mean nothing to the rural populace of Sarawak as these will all be hijacked by their purported leaders. Do we really believe that Moggie, Linggi and Ujang will be any exception? Have they proven otherwise at any time in the past? Do we expect them to change now when they are already themselves so rich while their community still suffers? Will the crocodile suddenly transform into a hornbill?

Tiyung Dayak said...

Najib who???

Your question: Can (the) Dayak companies (to) score in SCORE?

Sure can… the consortium is there, I think! A consortium belongs to Syabu, Megi, Ujan, Planta and the like.

The Bidayuh ball polishers – they could be Me Knows, Nonsense and the like!

All of these so-called leaders have their sole interests! No wonder why…

Agom said...

Najib has been briefed by the state BN leaders on the Sarawak latest political situation and he knows that dayaks support to Pakatan Rakyat is very encouraging recently.Najib comes here to hand gifts to dayaks in order to win their hearts. But I beleive the dayaks now are matured enough to evaluate the scenario.

Anonymous said...

DCCI delegation could have said more to Najib only if it is given sufficient length of time. Unfortunately, Leo and the rest are only given 40 minutes to say their piece. Due to limited time, they should instead hand over a list of grouses of the Dayak community to Najib.
On the other hand, DBNA have 90 minutes of discussion with Najib.
Someone at the state secretariat in charge of arranging the Najib's itinerary must have been playing magic to shorten DCCI meeting with Najib.

Sim said...

Couls somebody search the seven companies to find out who own them please?

Anonymous said...

Najib listening to Dayak so call leaders? You must be dreaming an impossible dream. Can the so call Dayak leaders contribute to the coming by elections? Dont think so but you know who can sent millions to B end for the by elections. Money talks folks. If rumah panjai folks mentality dont change who is going to listen to Dayaks. If dayaks dont translate numbers to votes you guys can dream on. Dayaks can forever ngirup and mering every four years or so. The so call Dayak leaders didnt do anything during their time for the Dayaks but only enriched themselves. Ngirup ngagai 98 kitai enda ebuh nganti mya election.

Lachung Ajak said...

Najib is coming to the Land of Hornbill to deliver what is due to dayaks, tetapi orang dayak pandai-pandailah untuk menilai pemberian tersebut. jangan termakan budi. Harap faham.

Mohd. Nizam said...

Bravo! 12 MOUs have been signed between SCORE and the companies.At least the project could go on smoothly as plan.The people of Sarawak will benefit from the giant project as it needs about 700,000 workers and the jobless young dayaks don`t have to migrate to West Malaysia and abroad to seek for jobs.

On allegation that SCORE projects are given to companies connected to CM`s cronies and family members, it is a wild allegation without facts anyway.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Joseph,
Saya orang Melayu/Melanau dan saya faham perasaan kaum Dayak apabila mereka bercakap tentang penglibatan dan tidak banyak peluang orang Dayak dalam peluang ekonomi dan perniagaan di Sarawak. Tapi adakah orang Dayak dan saudara sendiri fikir orang Melayu/Melanau Sarawak sudah mendapat peluang banyak dalam perniagaan. Jawapannya TIDAK. Orang yang mendapat untung dan peluang besar dalam ekonomi dan perniagaan daripada dasar kerajaan Taib Mahmud ialah keluarga dan kroni Ketua Menteri Sarawak. Cubalah semak dengan Pendaftar Syarikat siapa yang punya syarikat besar yang dapat banyak kontrak, tanah ladang, kawasan balak, pemaju hartanah dan sebagainya di sarawak. Mereka adalah adik beradik, anak-anak, isteri, adik ipar, anak menantu, sepupu dan kroni Taib Mahmud. Orang Melayu/Melanau yang lain sama nasib seperti orang Dayak. Miskin merempat dan hidup hina di Bumi sendiri.

Selamat Malam.
Rosli Dhoby.

NEIL said...

When those paramount dayak chiefs meets Najib,they just have to tell Najib one thing and that's 'Ask Taib to resign'.
As for all those memorandums,they are all useless now as the financial crisis is taking its toll on everyone.This projects will never take off ,may be after Taib is gone.

Anonymous said...

And while he's at it perhaps the Dayak leaders can tell Najib not to do away with the 20 points {oh wait it's now 18 points agreement, what next 17, 16,15 going,going gone)and respect our so called autonomy

Anonymous said...

It is good for Dayak Leaders to meet Najib, but for what really and actually? Will it happen as said and planned, or the leaders are negotiating more personal interest to their companies? Some who are preparing to talk to Najib have spent their long life in politic and just ask what have they achieved for their people and the state???
Talking to great pretender, ha, ha, you are going to be "fooled" again

Slipper Thrower said...

Najib to meet Dayak leaders? I am not impressed.
Arab leaders all over the world were full of praise when an arab journalist threw shoes twice at G. Bush.
Will these so-called Dayak leaders do the same if I throw slippers three times at Najib tomorrow ?

Tiyung Dayak said...

Another “not so simple” thing to reconsider: They say “No” to Malaysian Dayak Congress (MDC), so it’s our turn to turn them down!

It’s useless to fill in the “auditorium” for the up coming state visit. Let the so-called Dayaks who have “special ties” be the “flag bearers”.

We’ll be sitting on the fence watching the farce while eating Kacang Kuda (only)…

empanggup said...

What make Najit be different from Tun Mahatir or Bedawi? They are all powerless in Sarawak. The real power is Pehin Seri. We could rightly expect that nothing can go (to Dayaks) without the blessings of Pehin - unless we are so deaf, blind and too stupid to realise this.

Nevertheless, DCCI still need to try, tireless effort that is. And whether Moggie or Linggi will tell Najit about Dayaks miserable state of affairs to his najis face or not? - well, but by the past records of Moggie & Linggi, eg. if you were there at DCCI seminars in KL or meetings, they did so.

Did Mahathir listen? Did Abdullah listen? Yes Mahathir did. Dollah didn't but not intentionally, he fall asleep, so when he woke up he changed the business and commerce topic to "agriculture" - ask those who were there if this was not the case.

Listen or not, doing something about it or not - when come to Sarawak or the so called Dayak problems, none of the Faderal leaders have real power. The power is with whoever can deliver the MP seats to make a Government, therefore the state BN chief. Hidup Barisan, yeah yeah!

Anonymous said...

If The Dayak leaders are brave enough and have balls, let have a close door session tommorow afternoon only with Najib minus Taib Mahmud, Jabu Numpang and George Chan. Tell Najib you want a session only with DPM and ask Taib Mahmud, Jabu Numpang and George Chan to wait outside. Then only you can say whatever you want and ask whatever you think you deserved to get and you will have fruitful session with Najib. I challenge Dayak Neaders Moggie and Linggi to do this (ask Taib, Jabu and Chan to wait outside) if not don't expect Dayak to be somewhere in economy and business in the next 1000 years.

Rosli Dhoby.

Anonymous said...

Why during such busy time, Najis is committed to come and hear stories from so-called Dayak Leaders??? Do you expect Najis to sincerely listen the cry of our community?? Pandai pandai lah main wayang nuan,Najis, Tahi enggau Bala Wakil Dayak ko-jako...Advice for BWDKJ, dont forget to use "Pempers" in case you ter...

(Voice from the Persatuan Orang Buta, Bisu dan Bodoh Sarawak)

Anonymous said...

Dont forget to tell Najib we need submarines for use from Ulu Kapit to Sibu because too many floating timbers...and if possible purchase through CMS Sdn Bhd

bluehope said...

BlueHope ader tbaca dlm 1 blog yg kata org iban swk akan sokong PKR kalau DSAI lantik pmimpin iban jdi chief minister. Iban??? Chief minister??? Enggai nyadi nyak wai. Nobody will hear the cry. Bkn stakat bngsa lain, sesama iban sndiri pn tak yakin dgn kpmpinan pmimpin iban yg ada skrang ni. Kaya tapi x tlg bngsa sndiri. 'Aram kitai ngirup' budaya yg blum dpt dihakis. How to lead...how to be a good leader???

bluehope said...

Ibans of Sarawak...CHANGE. The only way to success...CHANGE. Kita tak dpt nak banggakan budaya di mana org lain mlihatnya sbgai sstu yg negatif. BlueHope pnah dngar 1 perbualan ttg pmimpin iban jdi menteri. An old iban woman said, "Ndak ulih urang kitai megai nguan menoa, mabuk ajak bak rumah panjai".

Royal Aup said...

today 13Feb, I read in the Borneo Post...Najis will give RM4mil for DBNA Hall...what about Rumah Dayak ngelama tuk...I believe Tahi & Najis or Jabu want to provoke Dayak Iban ngambika malu...so next elect tumbangkan ka parti..???

Anonymous said...


After 45 years under BN,
-where is our roads to connect to the big cities ??
-Where is our clean water and electricity 24/7

I had enough with BN.
Mr.Josept Tawie, you should join DAP, also EVERY DAYAK should join DAP. Only DAP dare to fight BN leaders..Only DAP not using religion with politic !!!

Anonymous said...

So now, Najib met wakil wakil Dayak/Iban, we can wait and see what positive things come the way..
So now, you wakil wakil Dayak/Iban have subjects to tell us your people..
So now, you are pleased and pacified with his promises, how about your deal about Uban & Jabun..
Tomorrow, the sun will shine again but anything new for us Dayak/Iban??
Day after tomorrow, we continue to plant our padi and turn round-and-round at our old rubber trees, worrying about our NCR and ancestors grave yards..
We are hoping BN will continue to provide atap zinc and plywood and RM30 each coming next election..Thank You BN

Anonymous said...

Call to DAP

Please check the cost of road maintenance charge by CMSSB throughout the state (as per sq. feet)

Why is it so difficult and expensive to patch-repair and re-surfacing all these antique roads in Sarawak. May be that is the reason JPJ insist the rear seat safety belts so that we sit in more safely...

(Road-User cum Road Tax Payer)