Wednesday, May 12

‘Buy-election’ people first, after ‘buy-election’ people last?

Before and after the nomination day (8 May), the Sibu by-election has been turned into a ‘Sibu buy-election” when practically all federal ministers starting from Prime Minister Najib, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to ministers and to deputy ministers have come down to Sibu to show that they really care for the people of Sibu. State ministers including Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud have been overshadowed by their visits and their activities.

The Federal Minister of Agriculture talks of improving agriculture, Higher Education minister talks about higher education, rural development minister on rural development, minister of transport talks on airport extension programme, minister of health talks about upgrading Sibu Hospital to become tertiary and excellent centre, minister of youth and sports talks about talks about increasing sports faculties in Sibu, and so on and so forth. Some stay put from the nomination day until polling day. Prime Minister Najib and his deputy Muhyiddin visit Sibu twice in the eight-day of campaign.

These ministers, when they come to Sibu, bring with them some “goodies” such as fertilizers which are to be distributed to the poor farmers and promises of financial allocations for infrastructural development, schools, surau, masjid, repairs to longhouses, flood mitigations projects, and etc, etc.

The ministers’ favourite place is the central market where there are Iban, Chinese and Malay vegetable vendors, traders and small-time businessmen. They shake hands with the vegetable sellers. Some are trying to hold chickens wrapped in newspapers so that photographers will take pictures of them – just to show they are with the chicken sellers.

From all these programmes of activities, it seems that the ministers really treat people first performance now.

After the ‘buy-election’ they all disappear and the “buy-election” will become “bye-bye-election”. Promises forgotten and financial allocations never come. Suddenly the people become last, performance later – waiting perhaps for the next general election.

The Batang Ai ‘buy-election’ in April last year is a good example when people suddenly become last and performance never performed. During the campaign the people were first, performance now.

Now one year one month has gone and the promises left forgotten and unfulfilled. For example, the promise of tar-sealing roads in and around SALCRA plantations has not been fulfilled. The road to Ensawang village for example has not been tar-sealed until today. Roofing materials and the supply of clean water promised to this longhouse have never arrived. There are hundreds of longhouses have been cheated this way. Go to Batang Ai and ask the people there to prove my point.

What about the proposed road between Lemanak and Engkari which were supposed to cost more than RM70 million? And what about telecom towers? Even the promise of RM500 to each voter, if the BN candidate won, has not been received by them.

I understand the majority of the 110 longhouses in the Sibu parliamentary constituency is no different from other longhouses elsewhere – no piped water and supply of 24 electricity even though the main electrical wires pass over some of the longhouses.

For Sibu voters, especially the Iban voters, think first before you cast your votes.The Broken Shield



Anonymous said...

Tell the long house people in Sibu lah. Tell them your story. The real story, what you have heard, what you have seen and what you have learnt. Show them that it is not BN that brings development. It is the government of the day. If they do not listen and still do what they have been doing just like the last 40 years giving votes to the "sloganeering only" party, then let them have the same "pleasure", "peace" and "development" like before.

Iban rebak baru said...

Kalau kamu tidak menunaikan janji, kamu adalah penipu, berdosa kepada Allah.

Janganlah kamu hanya pandai menaburkan janji-janji manis mu, tetapi tidak dapat menunaikannya. Allah akan tahu perbuatan kamu.Bertubatlah kamu hai pembohong.

Pengarap Iban, enti nuan bula, nuan deka pakai `busong`. Nya alai anang bula enggaika busong.

Mata Kuching said...

ROBOT Wong Soon Koh was again insulting the intelligence of Malaysians including my children who are still in secondary school when he told YB Lim Kit Siang that he would only debate with YB Lim on condition YB Lim Kit Siang gets PAS to change its constitution. This merely shows how grey he is as a politician and a representaive of the people .

As a Malaysian and a registered voter let me issue this simple challenge to ROBOT Wong Soon Koh. In a debate SUPP is not assured of gaining any votes but if ROBOT Wong Soon Koh tells Taib Mahmud openly and publicly to step down as CM today SUPP is assured of gaining one precious vote from me.

ROBOT Wong Soon a real man. ROBOT Lau Hui a real man too. Lend each other the courage and together hold your hands and stand your ground to tell Taib Mahmud to step down as CM today and I will vote SUPP and many more voters might follow suit.

Stop insulting the intelligence of Malaysians and Sibu voters. Even our students will find your empty statement a reflection of your grey matter.

Anonymous said...

The ibans thinking power is poorly low. We are the descendent of APAI SALOI and the term for stupidity is PALOI. IBAN PALOI.
No matter what degrees or phds the individual iban has, he is still PALOI juga. Dont believe, look around you! are they not paloi? I say them paloi because they never realised they are being used politically at the expense of the less educated lots.
Common brothers you may enjoy the fruit of your dirty traits as for now. BUT can you guarantee them for your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and generations to come? Your spirit will never be happy because not only others, your generation of offsprings will curse you for their misery.Remember that before it is never late. So lets start do something to our lovely people ibans and dayaks in general.

Apai Semalau said...

Berjako pun nadai guna! Dayak/Ibans have very short fuse memories and are short sighted. Kenat tipu perintah belama. They just never learn. Sibu ibans should go to Lubok Antu and ask their "bugau" brethrens about the lies made by BN before their by- election there last year. Clear case of BN leaders are prolific liars. Lies and more lies to win votes.
Sibu ibans should dare them to promise land titles to NCR land owners and hold them to it!

nightcaller said...

Unfortunately Sarawak is not Selangor :)

If this happens in Selangor, I bet you TS Rozali of Syabas who happens to be Selangor's UMNO treasurer will make sure the piped water will be fixed within a day. Case in point - Hulu Selangor.

That's how UMNO and BN works - piece meal and ad hoc. Anything goes for votes and to cling to power...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

Anonymous said...

The sad fact is that we sarawakians choose to be fooled nd continued to be fooooledddd. We do not need to know what is happening in Batang Ai with all the promises of PM, DPM, ministers and YBs. Only community heads benefit most and more than longhouses...(Believe Or Not ?).We are really grateful and thankful to all the blessings of BN even though they are slow and have reduced in size as promised. Some are still waiting for the promised RM500 each which have long been pocketed by BN local representatives, headmen and community leaders. Voters in Batang Ai have proven that BN is unbeatable by hook or by crooks....Likewise, Sibu is already 90% in the hands of BN-Najib+Taib. But watch out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Iban/Dayak voters might emulate Kelantan voters. BN bagi ambil, tapi undi PAS!

What they gonna do? Shoot down all the Dayaks? They're only good shooting down kids!

Tak tau mana pegi orang2 kita? Tak "Ngelaban" agik? Dah mati?

Hope more Ibans/Dayak demonstrate their warriors virtuous spirits!

Itu Cicak Jabu is a wimp! :(


Anonymous said...

Waaaahh...look at the fat cats on parade trying to merge with the ordinary folk.
Wonder what actually are they thinking behind those fixed smirks on their faces ... hmmm..


Mata Kuching said...

Malaysians, not only the Chinese or urbanised voters, are increasing fed up with the UMNO controlled BN and its brand of politics which are increasingly corrupt and authoritarian. Rule of law is openly and unabashedly flouted, Judiciary, MACC and PDRM reduced to political stooges.Even our religious freedom enshrined in our constitution has been trampled, with the ban on the use of Allah by Christian in the national language.

Our economy is semi-paralysed by racist protectionism and cronyism. The future generations will be made to pay for our massive national debts accumulated as a result of wastage and blatant corruption.

Malaysians can accept that infrastructure projects and other socio-economic developments need proper planning but with prudent financial management , responsible, committed and corrupt free government, all the major and necessary developments would not have taken over 50 years to be completed and most are yet to be implemented especially in over 70% of the rural constituencies.

Malaysians who do not support the UMNO controlled BN are certainly not anti- government or anti- development. We value and love our nation and enjoy living in peace and harmony. The concern about all races in Malaysia living in harmony and mutual respect for one another are the least concern but UMNO controlled BN is determined to divide all Malaysians and rule with absolute power and remain in power at all cost. Make no mistake, UMNO is effectively BN and BN is effectively UMNO.

Malaysians look to Sibu voters now more than ever for them to realise that Sarawak and sabah are very much an equal partner of Malaysia and national policies and direction are equally important to Sarawak and Sabah.

This Sunday, Malaysians voting in the Sibu by-election must make a historic vote to set the pace for a nationwide change of government. Vote out the corrupted regime controlled by UMNO.

Vote decisively for Pakatan-DAP candidate YB Wong Ho Leng

Anonymous said...

the people who reply in these threads really make me laugh, bunch of crazy people! you all say how bad BN/UMNO is, they are all crooks but still your family and friends vote them in year after year after year!!

you all say, oh yes PR is the way to go, yes we need them, yes they will bring back some justice to Sarawak but they will never win, they cant do anything against BN/UMNO, they have no chance,

but how many of you actually have written to PR to volunteer your services to help? how many of you are prepared to go the extra mile and give some of your money to support them? how many of you are happy to walk around in a t-shirt that says BN/UMNO bad PR good? and when you say no t-shirt exist how many of you will go and pay to get 1000 printed?

this is the problem with this state, its called armchair politics, oh yes you say, he looks good i think he should be CM, i will vote for him when the time comes, but before then how many of you will go and help that PR leader become CM of Sarawak.

here you have a chance of a leader of indeginous descent to become CM with Baru Bian if he stays as leader of PKR for Sarawak, why not get of your fat lazy ass and do something!! now before i get accused of being a hypocrite, sadly im not living in Malaysia anymore so its upto you guys still there to do something, but please less crap about BN bad PR good, DO SOMETHING, join PR, become an active helper, volunteer to write letters, stick down envelopes, bring some goodwill back into politics and the elections can go your way, its upto you.


do nothing except vote on the day, PR will lose Sibu and the election and you who is reading this will have no redress, because its your fault, no one elses.

Mata Kuching said...

Malaysian voters know very well that without a strong Opposition and without a by-election in our country, we will never get to see the amount of money and projects folowwing to a constituency , all in the name of UMNO controlled BN’s commitment to the people in the constituency.

RM15 million was distributed to 65 chinese national type and chinese private primary schools to fish for votes from the Chinese community in Sibu. Suddenly and after 47 years under the rule of UMNO controlled BN but will this disbursement and BN’s publicity and buy election stunt impressed the Chinese. A round estimate will show that these schools actually received RM4,900 per year over the last 47 years !

The indiscriminate disbursement of education fund of RM15 million to 65 primary schools in Sibu is not only BN’s desperate attempt to win votes but done at the expense of all Malaysians especially those whose children still need to walk for few hours to reach their schools and whose schools and homes have yet to be lighted up and connected with treated water. Is this the kind of commitments we expect from UMNO controlled BN government?

Najib also assured and promised all Christians that they have a place in Malaysia and under his “hollow” 1Malaysia. The Christians in Malaysia especially in the states of Sarawak and Sabah want Najib to just match his action with his promise and assurance by immediately asking his government and the Home Ministry to withdraw the government’s appeal aginst the hight Court ruling on the ban of Allah in favour of the Catholic Church. Otherwise his promise and assurance are just as hollow as his 1Malaysian propaganda.

Voters in Sibu should rightly enjoy all the benefits thrown at them for now but should not be influenced by the BUY ELECTION gimmicks of UMNO controlled BN.

We cannot fault Lau Hui Yew for choosing the right father who is filty rich. As loving Malaysians who care very much about our country, we are never anti-government and or anti-development. We are strongly against a highly corrupted and authoritarian regime in which SUPP is a component.

Mata Kuching said...

For BN lawmakers to tell Malaysians voters that Opposition lawmakers cannot deliver or provide development fund for their constituencies is a great insult to the intelligence of the voters.All government money and development fund belong to all Malaysians. they dont belong to BN or UMNO. A strong Opposition to offer check and balance and prove themselves to be a better alternative in ruling the states and or country is very important to the progress of our nation.

I fervently hope the Pakatan state government will not be aping or copyright the UMNO controlled BN government by oppressing Opposition lawmakers in their respective states of Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan.

It is foolish of BN lawmakers to say that Opposition cannot develop a state when they are not in power at Federal. The Federal Government should be and ought to be the government of all Malaysians regardless of their political leaning. Similarly the PM must be seen to be a PM for all Malaysians and PM of the opposition held states as well.

It is indeed stupid and foolish for taib mahmud and the SUPP candidate to say that even if Pakatan-DAP candidate , YB Wong Ho Leng wins the Sibu by-election he cannot bring development to Sibu because Pakatan is not the government at federal. This stupid statement and “orang utan” attitude will only strengthen sarawakians’ resolve to vote out this oppressive,abusive, and corrupted regime.

Never look back and be fooled by the UMNO controlled BN’s buy election gimmicks. Vote for Pakatan-DAP this Sunday.

Mata Kuching said...

Conversation with a few friends voting in Sibu Buy Election indicated that Sibu voters were not bought by the education fund distributed and other fund for flood mitigation. Wow I truly salute you guys! They felt that whatever development distributed so far for education and infrastructure are long overdued and is the responsibility of the government of the day.

I trully agreed and besides all these buy election disbursements are not BN’s money but money belonging to all Malaysians but are definitely made at the expense of all Malaysians not affected by any by-election and I like to emphasize especially at the expense of so many school children who had to walk for many hours to schools and whose schools and homes have yet to be lighted and connected with treated water. But how many of our Dayak YBs and lawmakers will feel guilty about Najib’s publicity and buy election stunts?

To all Sibu voters : Stay true to your convictions to vote for change and to vote for religious freedom by voting against the highly corrupted and authoritarian regime. Sibu to vote for Pakatan-DAP and be the platform for Sarawakians to dismantle our very own corrupted regime in the coming state election.

Vote Pakatan-DAP! Vote YB Wong Ho Leng!

Vote DAP for your future said...

As long as your heart is with you, then you will be alright. don't listen to those who bark the loudest becos the dogs that bark the loudest wouldn't bite. So those who just came into Sibu and started promising all the goodies are the dog that bark the loudest.

It's time, as i have said many times, to sit down and ponder for a minute. Ask your self what have BN done for Sibu for the last 43 years. Then touch your heart and you will surely vote for DAP. The choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

I certainly wish my ADUN or MP will pass away soon.
Then my constituency will get all the goodies but still vote goes to opposition.
Dont matter PAS or DAP as long as NOT BN!!!
Also bankrupt UMNO faster.

Mata Kuching said...

Two days left before Sibu voters go to the poll for Sibu Buy election. Dayaks future at stake because their NCR lands are at stake. Make no mistake that UMNO controlled BN and government will appeal up to the highest court for all land rulings in favour of NCR landowners.

Now Datyaks have two very strong reasons not to trust UMNO controlled BN and government.

Make no mistake that it is the BN government that :

1) appealed against the high court ruling that it was unconstitutional to ban the use of Allah by Christians in our national language.

2) appealed against the high court ruling that NCR land owners had right to ownership of their land.

All the money splashed by UMNO controlled BN in Sibu did not benefit the umexployed Dayaks, the neglected Dayaks and their villages and longhouses.

If the UMNO controlled BN government is sincere and caring, it will not appeal against the hight court ruling on the two important issues affecting the Christians and NCR landowners and the BN government still have time to withdrawl their appeals tomorrow otherwise Dayaks should not vote for UMNO controlled BN and shall vote for reform and change initiated by Pakatan and vote for DAP.

If you have any Dayak relatives and friends voting this Sunday, inform, educate and tell them that unless BN government withdraws their appeals against the high court ruling on the ban of Allah and NCR land by tomorrow (Friday), the Dayaks MUST VOTE against UMNO controlled BN

Iban rebak baru said...

Mr. Anonymous 13 May 2010 at 6.09 PM,

Who are you ADUN and MP?

If they pass away during the next state election, what for?

Mata Kuching said...

The trump up sodomy charge against Anwar, the setting up of perkasa to propagate extremist activities, the exploitation of law enforcement agencies, the blatant flouting of rule of law and the threat of ” you help me stay in power and I help you with development” are all desperate measures by UMNO to stay in power at all cost and putting the party interest above national interest. Malaysians must take drastic measures to stem out this highly corrupted and authoritarian regime of UMNO controlled BN by giving Pakatan-DAP a decisive and convincing victory this Sunday in the Sibu Buy Election. Take all the money thatwere given to you by BN in the form of grants( for BN to avoid been charged for corrupt practices during election) for repairing your longhouses, repairing your schools, churches, temples, and whatnot. This money does not belong to UMNO controlled BN. It belong to all Malaysians and its our money.

Be happy, feel good about it and when you reach the polling station this Sunday, touch your heart and tell yourself that we shall reject this highly corrupted and authoritarian regime and vote for Pakatan-DAP to save our beloved nation. Vote Pakatan-DAP to save MALAYSIA.

Unknown said...

I think it time to become a little bit conventional rather than being too modern in thought and behavior. Money in everything bit not everything is money.

Mata Kuching said...

Najib says, ” I will deliver what you want, you must deliver what i want and you know what I want “.

My secondary school daughter asks me what was the PM’s message. I told her that Sibu shall be having a by election this Sunday and that the PM did not want to appear to be bribing the voters to vote for BN government in exchange for development or development fund. She asked…then? I have to explain that in a bribery , there are two parties…the giver and the receiver. It appears to me the PM did not wish to be seen to be giving or bribing and so he wants the voters to bribe him by voting BN in exchange for development or development fund. Next she there any difference? It is corruption anyway! Yes my daughter, it is Corruption. Another valuable lesson outside of school and which most schools will not teach their students.

Mata Kuching said...

Voting is not just queing up in the polling station and and enjoying the quiet thought to yourself of ” guess who am I voting?”

Your one precious vote can determine and shape the future of our country. Your one precious vote can effectively remove the CM that you wanted removed . Your one precious vote can effectively bring down the government that has been corrupted, abusive, oppressive and plundering our national wealth.

The last best gift of God to man is the right to VOTE. God has given us this powerful gift that can end an authoritarian and highly corrupted regime.

By the grace of God, we shall vote out the evil and corrupted regime.