Monday, August 2

All 18 agro stations to be revived

According to The Borneo Post today (1 August), all the agricultural stations throughout the state, which have been closed for some time, will be revived next year, deputy chief minister Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang announced yesterday in Betong.

This includes the stations in Tarat, Serian and Layar, Sibiew (Bintulu) and Punang (Lawas).

Staff from the agricultural department would be deployed to all the stations.

“Reviving the agriculture stations is meant to complement the government’s effort to help the rural populace. There is a need to revive them to develop the agriculture sector,” he said.

Besides reviving the 18 stations, the government had decided to build another three such stations, said Jabu, who is also the minister of modernisation of agriculture.

He did not give reasons why the agricultural stations were closed.

These stations became the training ground for our rural people to be “efficient” farmers in terms of rearing chickens, ducks, goats, cows and fish and of planting padi, pepper, cocoa, fruit trees and vegetables, and of teaching the women folk home economics – to look after their families, sewing, cake-making, handicraft, and so on and so on.

Under this agriculture home extension programme, home demonstrators from the agriculture department visited the rural villages and longhouses weekly or monthly to ensure that their programmes went on smoothly. Agriculture officers were also sent to ensure that the pepper vines, cocoa, rubber trees, fruit trees and their chickens and herds were always healthy.

Suddenly all these stopped. Why? And the man who stopped all these was Adenan Satem, who then became agriculture minister. He took over from Daniel Tajem after the Ming Court affair in March 1987.

All the staff members from these stations were pulled back to agricultural offices. The home demonstrators were absorbed into normal staff. We did not know the reasons why all the stations were stopped. However, we can only guess.

Under this home extension programme, the rural people were rather comfortable and healthy in their live style, earning regular incomes weekly. If that was the trend, then they could not succumb easily to the bribery temptation of the Barisan Nasional during election times. Bribe them they would reject the offer.

But now poverty has set in, and Dayaks particularly the Ibans have suddenly become the poorest in the country. Bribe them with RM10, they will gladly take it and vote for the Barisan Nasional candidates.

We should not only welcome the move to revive the 18 stations, but also urge Jabu to re-introduce the home economics and bring back home demonstrators.

At least this will give our Dayak girls the opportunity to work in the agriculture sector and to minimize it (Agriculture Department) being controlled by one race as of now as well as to practise 1Malaysia concept in the department.- The Broken Shield.



apai irau said...

election is near,if they could,the state gov would even ask the dead BN supporters to rise from their tombs.Thousands of false promises and lies will come from the gov,especially from self proclaimed leaders like jabu,mawan and masing.The Dayaks,especially the Ibans were promised this and that but after the election,there are lots of longhouses that are not accessable by road,no electricity and no treated drinking water.Taib's politics of development is only applicable to his family and cronies,not for the rural Dayaks.In the rural areas,it should be called the politics of deprivation and suppression.Lanuns are always lanuns.

SE said...

To revive the planting of `kepayang` and to introduce the new species of `dabai` to Dayaks community. Secondly to revive the release of fry into rivers activities.

Agriculture staff to be used by BN for campaigning in longhouses and rural areas under the pretense to encourage stupid people to be involved in modern farming.

He fiddles while Sarawak burns said...

This is where this gov't always flip flog. When one minister takes over, he or she will try to down grade or close whatever the former does.
this is a waste of the rakyat's money.
Now to reopen this stations, there must be alot of money to be spent. Most of this stations are in a state of decay.
If this is going to be under Jabu's care, then I see another failure is in the horizon. He is not experience to do such thing. We must find a young experience graduate who can instill new ideas.
Don't use all those old guards who are running out of ideas.

Apai Semalau said...

Why only now? These stations have been closed for more than 20 years!
No priority was given to the rural agricultural sector. Why? Reason being, they wanted the rural lands to be under-developed so that NCR lands can be hijacked for big oil palm plantations?
Your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...


Anti Dayaks are always parts of the answer;
Dayak Leaders are always part of the problem.

Anti Dayaks always has a program;
Dayak Leaders has an excuse.

Anti Dayaks says;"Let me do it for you;
Dayak Leaders says;" That is not my job."

Anti Dayaks sees an answer for every problem;
Dayak Leaders sees a problem for every answer.

Anti Dayaks says," It may be difficult but it is possible";
Dayak Leaders says,"It may be possible but it is too difficult."

When Anti Dayaks makes a mistake, he says," I was wrong";
When Dayak Leaders makes a mistake, he says," It wasn't my fault."

Anti Dayaks makes commitments;
Dayak Leaders makes promises.

Anti Dayaks have dreams;
Dayak Leaders have schemes.

Anti Dayaks say; “ I must do something”
Dayak Leaders say,"Something must be done."

Anti Dayaks are a part of the team;
Dayak Leaders are apart from the team.

Anti Dayaks see the gain;
Dayak Leaders see the pain.

Anti Dayaks see possibilities;
Dayak Leaders see problems.

Anti Dayaks believe in win/win;
Dayak Leaders believe for them to win someone has to lose.

Anti Dayaks see the potential;
Dayak Leaders see the past.

Anti Dayaks are like a thermostat;
Dayak Leaders are like thermometers.

Anti Dayaks choose what they say;
Dayak Leaders say what they choose.

Anti Dayaks use hard arguments but soft words;
Dayak Leaders use soft arguments but hard words.

Anti Dayaks stand firm on values but compromise on petty things;
Dayak Leaders stand firm on petty things but compromise on values

Anti Dayaks follow the philosophy of empathy: "Don't do to others what you would not want them to do to you";
Dayak Leaders follow the philosophy, "Do it to others before they do it to you."

Anti Dayaks makes it happen;
Dayak Leaders let it happen.

Anonymous said...

all those that may benefit dayaks like agro initiatives, ncr survey etc must not be continued coz malays would be jealous. Indeed adenan is one enemy of dayaks always unless some more state land can be surveyed under s.18 for malays like in samarahan before.

Anonymous said...

When anti Dayak says,"Penan girls were rape!"
Dayak Ministers say,"It wasn't me!"

How is that?

Anonymous said...

Didn't know that the Iban is so cheap and RM10 you can buy them. In that case maybe the price is cheaper now as the economy is not good RM1 maybe. But then for you to blame Adenan, Jabu or whoever is very simple. On the government side they have all the information, data, research done to support the closure for a while. Now the situation is better, the data is positif, the information good they decided to reopen it. I hope with the reopening all farmer will benefit once more.

Rosli Dhoby.

Anonymous said...

heii apai... your accusations against Adenan is true or not, check your facts Apai.
You are trying very hard to create bad blood between the Malays and Iban brothers right?
We are watching you, mun you rasa you berani sangat ... continue jak.
Make sure your facts and intentions are right, if not pack your bags and get ready Apai.
You know the SOP right.


Anonymous said...

“Suddenly all these stopped. Why? And the man who stopped all these was Adenan Satem, who then became agriculture minister. He took over from Daniel Tajem after the Ming Court affair in March 1987.”

Ello madik..check fact nuan… Back in 1987, Tan Sri Adenan was Development Minister not agriculture mentri….He (Adenan) became Agriculture Minister only in 1998. Anang berjaku sengapa, ndak ulih berjaku bula kitai Iban…. Malu ka bansa aja… Ti pendapat kami, pemimpin Iban kitai (Tajem) nya ya nda ulih mantu. Ukai nya salah sida bansa laut nya (Adenan)……..Ti iya (Tajem) manah suba, manah meh bansa kitai diatu…. Uji kita sama2 nulong bansa ke empu.. Nibuh ka belaya belama, nadai kemajuan kitai datai ke saritu ti kitai belayak aja2… umas nya….

Jetty said...

To: Anonymous (August 5, 2010)

Yes, I made a mistake when Adenan Satem was made an Agriculture Minister. It was on January 1998.

But I am correct to say that it was at this time that all the 18 agriculture stations were closed.


Senapang Patah said...

To Anon. (buluhruncing)

You better keep your mouth shut and don't simply accuse JT of creating bad blood between Ibans and Malays.

He may be wrong regarding Adenan's post as an Agriculture Minister but that doesn't mean he has any ill intentions and mean any harm..

If you don't like what he wrote in his blog, you better go elsewhere..

I think you are a PBB's supporter who only knows to 'angkat' Adenan's balls...

Anonymous said...

I hate to hear Jabu say this.The Malaysian government is on a deficit budget.Sarawak is on a surplus budget? Hei old man! Stop your mockery!

Where is the money??? Is it from your bank (BN)?