Tuesday, August 31

RM20 million is only a chicken feed

Recently the Government announced RM20 million to carry our perimeter survey of native customary rights land.

Obviously this is grossly inadequate, if we look at the cost to survey 0.8984 hectare of land in Sri Aman by the Land and Survey. It was surveyed in September 2008. A letter from the Land and Survey department dated 25 March 2009 claiming for payment was passed to me. As requested by the sender, I cannot reproduce the letter here. Nevertheless, the following are some of the details:

Name of project – a burial ground
Location - Sri Aman
Acreage – 0.8984 hectare

Cost of survey – RM21, 705.00
Cost of services/allowances – RM1, 500
Cost of preparing ownership – RM6.00

Total costs - RM23, 211.00

So the allocation of RM20 million can only cover 862 hectares of land.

But there are about 1.5 million hectares of NCR land. How much money will be spent? Roughly it will need an allocation of RM338.2 million.

So what is RM20 million? It’s only a chicken feed! - The Broken Shield

Source: www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com


Sri Belalang said...

It is better than nothing, except we hope the fund is not misappropriated or diverted for other purposes. The question is, which areas the state government to survey first? Probably Betong and Mukah.


Anonymous said...

What???? I had a 6-acres piece of land subdivided into four parcels under four individual titles a couple of years ago. All at the cost of under RM2000.

Kunchitmerah said...

That RM20m is an allocation from the Federal Government. With that amount, the L&S can start doing their works. If the allocation is not sufficient, then if they know their responsibilities, then they should ask for an extra allocation. Or, if the State Government, particularly the natives wakil rakyat, they should ask the CM for additional allocation. This is of course if they really care for the rakyat. What is cost of survey when compared to the money spent for state election and other projects given to BN cronies, peanut! right?

my middle finger said...

If really they give 20 million to start this long overdue process then I say it's a good start. What I'm worry is this they are just window dressing for the coming election. When the election is over and if they lost more seats, you all will be shouting until you foam in your mouth and this 20 million is nowhere in sight, not even 2 ringgit.
Mind you, if that white hair raja is still around, I bet not a single inch of NCR land will be surveyed.

Apai Semalau said...

Won't be surprise they calculate by the number of burial lots allocated in the burial ground. Like buying houses its not cheap. Even the dead are not exempted from paying for lots to the Land and Survey! Daylight robbery?