Thursday, August 26

Snowdan behaves like a gangster

KUCHING: Sarawak PKR wanita chief Ibi anak Uding blasted Snowdan Lawan, the State assemblyman for Balai Ringin for behaving like a gangster attempting to sabotage her function at Kampung Ensebang Kuari, Balai Ringin on Sunday morning (22 Aug 2010).

Ibi had earlier applied for a Police permit to organise the function in conjunction with the visit of PKR supreme council member, Zaid Ibrahim to the village.

She had also applied for the use of the village community hall and approval was given by Tuai Rumah (village chief) Saimi Ribol.

But on Saturday, Ibi was told by the longhouse chief that she could not use the hall as it would be used by Snowdan to organize a day concert with two Iban popular singers.

Ibi moved the function to an adjacent house. She had to borrow some 200 chairs from various people at the longhouse.

When Zaid was about to deliver a speech, Snowdan’s Iban singers began to sing. However, they were advised by the Police to hold on first.

According to Ibi, Snowdan ordered some 50 village headmen to attend his concert, while some 300 people listened to Zaid’s speech.

“This behaviour is disgusting and the behaviour of a gangster,” alleged Ibi, who is a potential candidate to challenge Snowdan for the coming state election.

“He has failed to help the people of Balai Ringin constituency since he was elected in 2006,” she said.

“In order to attract crowd, he has to resort to use Iban singers to attract them, and he has to bribe them to support him” she said, pointing out that type of support was superficial.

Snowdan was alleged to have paid RM2,000 to the JKKK in order to stop PKR from using the community hall.

“Now the people know who Snowdan really is,” Ibi added.

Ibi thanked the Police for maintaining peace and order.

Meanwhile, Zaid talked on how the State BN government had mistreated the people of Balai Ringin – took away their native customary rights land for the planting of oil palm and for the rearing of pigs on a wide scale.

Zaid was referring to the pig farm which had consumed some RM400 million to build it, while the people’s welfare were neglected; they did not have electricity, clean water supply and proper roads.

He also referred to some 741, 000 hectares of NCR land in the Balai Ringin constituency which had been earmarked for oil palm plantation for Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s crony companies.

At Ubah, Pantu, which is part of Snowdan’s constituency, the people’s NCR land had taken away and planted with oil palm without their consent.

The land owners are now suing the company, the Land and survey Department and the state government.

Zaid called on the people to help vote out the Taib government in the coming election if they wanted their NCR land back.

Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan who was present said that he almost went to the wrong place as he had been told the gathering was at the hall. But the hall had been hijacked by Snowdan.

“Now the BN is ‘takut’ (intimidated) by the PKR presence and has resorted to all the dirty tricks to stop the party from meeting the people and from telling the truth,” he said.

More visits will be organised in the future not only in Balai Ringing, but also other constituencies.


Anonymous said...

Kepada Joseph Tawie,

Saya berharap ahli-ahli committee Malaysia Dayak Congress yang belum diluluskan tidak berputus asa selepas ditolak ROS. Kita patut memohon semula, dan kita juga patut membawa ROS ke mahkamah jika permintaan kita ditolak kerana ROS melanggar kebebasan untuk berpersatuan.

Sila beri amaran keras kepada ROS jika mereka menolak, Dan kita juga patut meminta bantuan dari DAP juga. Orang Melayu mempunyai UMNO dan PAS, orang Cina mempunyai MCA dan DAP, jadi tidak ada alasan yang kukuh jika ROS menolak pembentukan Malaysia Dayak Congress !!!.. Please register Malaysian Dayak Congress as a political party for Dayak people soon, Don't give up !!!

Brangking Kilau said...

The two different functions can be construed as political and non-political assembly which requires a police permit under section 27 of The Police Act 41/67.

As I can see it, the function organised by Ibi Uding was `Meet the people" session-ordinary rally conveyed by PKR to explain to the electorate certain matters, whereas another function organised by Snowdan seemed to be non-political but more on concerts (social).

The police should use their discretion whether the two functions held simultaneously adjacent to each other could pose a disturbance to public order. As such, I am in the view that only one function should be given a police permit.

Merekah Fajar said...

I should say Ibi is 'lucky' because Snowdan didn't pay the owner of the house money to stop her using it.

Well, Ibi can do the same next time Snowdan tries to hold his roadshows.

"What goes around, comes around."

Apai Semalau said...

This immature boy Yb. Snowden has got a lot to learn. Gate crashing the opposition ceramah will not win him votes. He should instead have held a ceramah elaswhere or wait for his turn in another ceramah. It is an insult to our dayak values and shows his disrespect for our community. Does he expect us to vote him in again? No way! Instead we will vote him out.

Sri Belalang said...

I do not know if this boy knows what is an NCR land? But I am sure he knows who is the current `juara` of an American Idol.

If I were a dad, I would advice the boy to become a recording artist, since he likes the musics so much.

Mad Dog said...

So now you see the true color of this proud and arrogant man.He knows nuts becos all his money comes from his father Donald Lawan and where does his father comes from. Ya, from the APs that he got from crooks.Snowdon is just a playboy and he was elected by using dirty tactics. Bribing and using dirty tactics are his way to the top. how often you see him visiting his constituency. He only go there to show off his wealth and to belittle people.
His brother, Fredy Lawan is managing the M&D Motor shop in Chonglin Park. He is selling most of his cars to west Malaysia and if you walk into his shop you will not be entertain becos he don't bother to sell you his cars. Infact he have too many buyers from west Malaysia. So that means he is very rich and is married to a chinese wife, live at Lorong 5, Jalan Song.He don't need you to buy from him. So this type of man doing business is call proud and arrogant man.On the income tax people will make him nervous.
Ok, back to that spoil brat snowdon. He is born with goden spoon so he don't know how to please people. The only thing he knows is how to show off. Let see how long he will last. Every flower that blossom will wither one day.
One thing for sure is his wealth is not my concern. But my main job now is to see PR win in rural areas and if this happen then I hope to see this spoil brat biting his own tongue.All good things will have to end one day.
For now let start the ball rolling. Spread the message around and tell our friends here not to buy cars from the Lawan family. Also tell the folks in his areas that this people are rich and proud people and they don't need our votes.We have to get rid of such arrogant people.
To snowdon, you are umno/BN ball polisher.

Anonymous said...

If not for his father, this samseng would probably be sniffing glue at the waterfront. How can someone brain-dead like him be an elected rep? So far, nothing from him except some stupid statements in the press.

shitdom said...

This idiot got water in his head.

Kunchitmerah said...

In BN politic, things such as fair play, gentleman and lawful activities are hard to come by. It is almost a norm that when comes to activities organised by PR, they will be subjected to numerous restraints even in PR controlled states by Federal agencies. What Snowdan did to sabotage Ibi's activity is typical of BN,s rep. If he is not doing it, then he is not BN's rep.

In future, Ibi should have Plan A, B, and/or C, for her political activities. Using money is the norm for BN. I am not saying that Ibi does not have money, but to match Snowdan in this aspect is a tall order. But if you can match him in this area, then I will place my bet on you come next election which I believe is just around the corner.

However, Snowdan has agents in every area who gets handouts from him. These agents are his eyes and ears and they are also his errant boys. So you should counter this by having your own agents and desirably they should be party members and your relatives. You may employ these agents to attend Snowdan's activities. The reports from them may be handy for you to chart your strategy. Look for ex-civil servants, ex-police and ex-military as your agents.

With Snowdan, you cannot follow the rule. As bits and pieces will help to garner support, you may like to use his indiscretions (if you are amendable to this tactic). Follow his "activities" by using your agents who should be equipped with camera and recording devices and use them during elections.

Anonymous said...

stupid voters voted for stupid ybs. This is a perfect example'

Anonymous said...

Snowdan has go nothing up his head. He never makes wise decisions and most of the decisions made are as stupid as he what if he has the money. It's his dad's and when Donald is no more around we see how long this family will last.

We have seen this happen so many times. Politically he is a goner..his association that he chairs wont last for more than 3 years as I see it..