Thursday, August 12

BN’s uphill task to recapture Ngemah

(The story has appeared in The Free Malaysia Today and has been updated for the readers of the Broken Shield).

KUCHING: For the coming State election, the state seat of Ngemah in Kanowit is likely to see a three-cornered fight – a Barisan candidate against Pakatan Rakyat and Parti Cinta Malaysia.

The seat, now held by PCM’s Gabriel Adit, appears to be a “grey” area to the Barisan Nasional especially to Parti Rakyat Sarawak which has been given the task to retake it from the Opposition.

This is because of the “new problem” that has surfaced in recent months – the infighting among the PRS Ngemah Division between the supporters of two of division’s strongmen – Peter Telajan, the former chairman and the newly elected chairman Alexander Vincent.

The dispute arose when the list of 2000 card members recorded in the division were not allowed to attend the division election in February this year after Alexander Vincent and his supporters objected to their inclusion, the reason being they were recruited during the time when Sng Chee Hua was the party’s deputy president.

It is said that Vincent wanted the list in the headquarters to be used, which has about 900 members. The headquarters list was approved.

Despite his objection, nothing much Telajan could do.

On the day of the election, some 400 members attended the branch meeting. Telajan alleged that Vincent brought certain people who were not members to attend the meeting and this resulted in his defeat.

Further more, Telajan was also unhappy with the way the election was conducted; it had earlier agreed that a secret ballot was to be used in the election; but when election was held, the presiding officer Wilson Nyabong called for a body count.

Telajan has lodged a Police report and has threatened to lodge a complaint with the Registrar of Societies.

As a result of this disagreement, the division was not allowed to send delegates to the party’s triennial delegates’ conference in Bintulu on 15 May and has been without chairman for the past six months.

The dispute may not affect the legality of the division election, even if it does, it can only affect the division itself; but it can certainly create more enemies for Vincent which he cannot afford when facing the coming state election.

However, last Saturday, PRS president James Masing told the Press that the problem has been now resolved and that Vincent “is the legitimate” chief of the Ngemah division.

For Vincent, his confirmation means that he can go around with the full authority of the party behind him as he is tipped to be the next candidate for the constituency.

But whoever Masing is going to nominate be he Alexander or somebody else, it is not going to be a plain sailing for the BN candidate in the coming election.

And don’t forget there are SPDP members who are still harbouring grudges against Masing and PRS and are likely to vote against PRS-nominated candidate as they did in the previous election.

It makes the task for the BN-PRS to win back the seat much harder as BN’s headache is further compounded by the uncomfortable relationship between Masing and SPDP president William Mawan over the issue of “SPDP 5”.

The “SPDP 5” which walked out from a SPDP supreme council meeting early this year due to differences with Mawan wanted to seek refuge in PRS. Masing’s meeting with them and his readiness to accept them has angered Mawan and other SPDP leaders.

The five are Assistant minister of Environment and state assemblyman for Tasik Peter Nansian, Assistant minister of water supply and state assemblyman for Marudi Sylvester Enteri, state assemblywoman for Bekenu, Rosey Yunus, state assemblyman for Batu Danau Paulus Gumbang and MP for Mas Gading Tiki Lafe.

In the last election, the BN lost the seat to Adit who stood as an independent candidate, due to the internal bickering between PRS and SPDP. Both parties put a claim to the seat.

PRS which was registered after the demise of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak in 2004 thought that it had the right to claim the seat as it considered itself to be the off-shoot of PBDS. The seat had always belonged to PBDS. Adit was the last PBDS’ flag bearer in the constituency.

Adit instead of joining PRS chose to join SPDP after PBDS was deregistered. In accepting Adit to his party Mawan was hoping that Adit would be able to bring the seat to SPDP. But Mawan was wrong.

Bitter exchanges of words were made over the issue. The claim for the seat was only settled in the 11th hour of nomination; it was given to PRS and this caused a lot of unhappiness among the SPDP leaders and members especially in Ngemah.

Adit was then forced to contest as an independent candidate, and with the support of SPDP members he defeated the BN-PRS candidate, Alexander Vincent.

“In the coming election PRS is determined to win back the seat, and it will not tolerate BN members especially some SPDP members, who oppose our candidate,” said a PRS leader.

“If their activities are prejudicial to PRS, it is likely PRS will retaliate and strike at nearby SPDP constituencies like Meluan, and Pakan where SPDP president is likely to defend his seat,” said the leader who refused to be identified.

And the likelihood of “BN fighting BN” scenario appears to be unavoidable in some of these PRS and SPDP constituencies. For Ngemah seat, PRS is likely to face Adit now PCM chairman and a candidate of the Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak comprising DAP, PKR, SNAP and PAS.

“Given all these problems, it is going to be an uphill task for BN and PRS to recapture Ngemah seat,” admitted the PRS leader.


apai irau said...

Hope the news are true,BN should be taught a lesson.Let mawan and masing quarrel forever,i am not concerned about them,i am concerned with the ibans who had been largely disunited because of these monkey leaders,they killed PBDS,almost killed SNAP,and still quarrel for their own pocket.Nothing about ego,to me mawan and masing are just accomplices to Taib's grand plan to disunite and disintegrate the Dayaks through his divide and rule.Through projects given to them,these Dayak so-called leaders don't feel the pain of living in poverty and gradually losing their only wealth,the NCR land.This monkeys Jabu,mawan and masing will keep lying to the Dayaks,mislead the Dayaks to angkat biji pelir Taib.Disgusting however,let them quarrel over the bones.

Judas and Brutus said...

When Ngemah belongs to PBDS, there was never any issue. But when PBDS was 'buried' by taib, PRS say they are the rightful owner of Ngemah.
Whether Ngemah belongs to PBDS or PRS or party is not important. But I think Ngemah is paying a high price for all this squabble.
The greedy fought while Ngemah suffer. People say they fiddles while Ngemah burns.
You can see for yourself how this YB Gabriel, being a frog, jump here and there. Till today his legs are growing longer and longer.
The situation in Ngemah have never change but Ngemah have been dragged from one party to another. I think this is very unfair for the people of Ngemah. They trusted this YB but they paid a heavy price. They are been kick around like a football.
Just go and see with your own eyes what this YB have done for Ngemah all these years.
my heart goes out to all the folks in Ngemah who have suffer silently for so many years.
I think it's high time YB Gabriel Adit MUST do some thing for Ngemah since he is the YB for Ngemah and have 'buried' Ngemah for so long.
We MUST cut down the trees if that tree doesn't bear fruit.
For the people of Ngemah, they MUST think carefully and not be led blindly by all the false promises all these years.

Ngemah Voter said...

Masing acts and talks like he is still powerful. Now that he is no more in favor with Taib, he is beginning to realise that its not so easy to be independent. He will definitely have to swallow his pride when it comes to Pelagus as Sng Jr will definitely stand there. Nyabong and Nuing will have to wait another time to be candidate.

Ngemah will also see Masing swallow his pride. Whether he got time to concentrate on it is another thing. This post is good as it shows the somewhat real situation on the ground as opposed to the fake news in the MSM.

Adit maybe called a frog but a lot of other YB's are also frogs. Better be a frog who cares for the people in his kawasan like Adit rather than a frog who cares about himself like Rayong.

Vote for the person and not the party. Vote for integrity and honesty. Don't look at opposition or BN. Not everyone in BN is bad and not everyone in PR is good. Remember that.

Judas and Brutus
August 12, 2010 4:39 PM

Please nominate yourself for the election if you feel Adit is not doing a good job. I think Ngemah is doing fine. No need for too many worthless BN projects there and other types of Mee Segera.

Anonymous said...

How a friend describes Dayak Politics. Please ignore if you disagree.

Title of Movie : Dayak Politics by six (6) ABDULS

Original Script writer :
Abdul Wahup, Abdul Wahab, Abdul Wahid

Main character:
Tan Sri P. Ramlee

Cover version:
Abdul Razak, Abdul Rahman Yaakub, Abdul Taib mamud

Main Characters :
Jabu, Mawan, Masing

Fees paid : undisclosed

Intent and purpose : Divide N Rule Policy

Episodes :
Murder of PBDS
Manslaughter of SNAP
Instant Approval of PRS
Instant Approval of SPDP
Non approval of Dayak based Political organisation