Wednesday, August 18

Former Assistant Minister suing company linked to Taib

KUCHING: A former assistant minister of agriculture and community development, Ramsay Jitam, has filed a writ of summons against Khidmat Mantap Sdn Bhd, a whole-owned company by Naim Cendera Holdings over a piece of land measuring 12.141 ha which he claimed to be his native customary rights land.

The land which he and his brother Harold Jitam inherited from his ancestors is part of lot 533 block 14 Muara Tuang land district, Kuching.

The writ of summons which was filed early this month also named the superintendent of Lands and Surveys, Kota Samarahan and the State government as second and third defendants respectively.

A former deputy commissioner of Police, Jitam, who retired in 1983, joined the Sarawak United People’s Party. He was elected as the state assemblyman for Lundu from 1983 until 2006 and held the post of assistant minister of agriculture and community development.

Meanwhile, Naim Holdings, a company owned by relatives of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, confirmed its subsidiary has received the writ of summon.

Naim is seeking advice from its solicitors and has instructed them to take all the necessary steps to vigorously defend KMSB’s interest and position.

“We do not foresee any material, financial or operational impact on the group as a result of the receipt of the summons as KMSB is in possession of valid document of title.

“We have in our possession a valid document of title issued by the Land and Survey department, pursuant to the provisions of the Sarawak Land code,”
Naim in a statement received by FMT.

“KMBS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Naim Holdings, is not a major company pursuant to para 1.01 of the listing requirements.

“Total cost of investment in KMBS is RM2.00,”
it said, pointing out that it would not incur any losses arising from the summons.

The date of hearing is yet to be fixed by the court.


Batu Tembang said...

I understand that land belongs to a former state minister in the same area was also taken away by a company linked to the government.

If I were the said minister, I will take civil suit as what Datuk Ramsay did.

Apai Semalau said...

Quote "Total cost of investment in KMBS is RM2.00,".
Can someone please tell me where I can buy a piece of ancestral land in Sarawak measuring 12.141 ha. for $2? Thats less than a bowl of kolo-mee.
We, Sarawakian natives even the educated ones must be so damned stupid if we can't read the abuse of land grabbing!

apai irau said...

Is Ramsey jitam an Iban?One of my friends said when he was strong in SUPP,he rufused to talk in Iban but after his political heyday was over,he started to look for Iban friends,what a hypocrite.My message to Ramsey,dont sue Taib's company,you were largely part of the regime that sucks the Dayaks'blood since 1981.You had only feel the pinch now when you are no longer needed to fool the Dayaks but we had suffered so long.Padan muka.Dont forget the pirates'principle-they will quarrel among themselves until there is only one pirate left to enjoy the fruits of robbery.

He comes empty, leave empty said...

I old you all that these land seizure will get worse if the voters keep on voting blindly. not surprise to see Ramsay's land got stolen. I wish it's Jabu's family graveyard that will be stolen next.
Ramsay,as a ex-gov't servant, you sholud now go around and tell all the rural folks about these daylight robbery. Let this be a wake up call for all your tribes. If they can do this to you, what about the poor and the helpless.
As I have said this land seizure will get worse becos alot of foreign investors are coming as our land here are very cheap as compare to other places.Here you can also get cheap land when you get the right connection, especially with the white hair CM or his cronies.
Look at the quarry at mile 15, Kuching Serian road. Actually there is a low cost flat situated near that quarry but was quickly shifted to another place to allow the quarry to be mined.Now with the clearing in progress, the whole area is been strip of the vegetation and on rainy days you can see massive erosion taking place. Also on dry days you can see the dust blanketing the whole area, leaving nearby residents choke with dust. I wonder is there any EIA. I doubt!
As we all know this is Taibland, he can just do anything he wants. Won't be surprise our Santubong will disappear next.

GNMawar said...

Sad ... he was part of the system that preach Taib's land development policy as Assistant Agri. Minister. He should be happily enjoying his double pension. Is he feeling the guilt now? Too late for him ... but maybe good for his inheritor.

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself this question - "who gave the CM his mandate to rule as CM of Sarawak"? Who are these voters who gave him the seats he wants all these past 3 decades? The answer is right there.

Anonymous said...

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Cheers! !!

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