Thursday, November 18

Radio Free Sarawak -

Radio Free Sarawak is the independent radio station that brings you the news you want to hear, not what others want you to hear. No one controls us, except you, the listeners of Sarawak . So tune in and enjoy the news, interviews, reports and comment that you will never get to hear on any of the other government-controlled radio stations in Sarawak. There will be plenty of our best music too, all presented to you in Iban by Papa Orang Utan, our own man from the jungle of Sarawak!

Please listen in and send us back your comments and views, so we can be in touch with you and bring you the radio programme that you like. If you have an issue, a problem or a story that you would like the rest of Sarawak to hear about, message us on this site or ring us on our Radio Free Sarawak local number [DUE SHORTLY] and leave us details of your story or your comment on our answer bank.

We may play out your comments or we may even ring you back so remember, leave your number if you want!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea. Let's hope this will be sustainable. Please promote it among the rural dwellers you good people out there. Let them learn how Taib is stealing everything from them under their own nose. Forget about miring ceremonies. All they need to do is to kick the BN out.

Christina S. Suntai said...

This is new but a good start. However, if I may put in my two cents worth, please drop the “DJ style” and make it more a serious news magazine.

Folks can contribute with news worthy events around Sarawak that the announcer can read like a news bulletin on a daily basis.

Find point of contacts, preferable someone who has access to the Internet from each town in Sarawak.

We can call it “Berita nyadi di menoa Sarawak sahari tu.” News around Sarawak today, preferable the news that never make it to government media, the kind of news the FreeMalaysiaToday publish on the Internet.

Abang said...

Hi Christina I like your sensible suggestions. I have the same comment in HU reported here slightly edited…Hope the producers will consider.


I listened in on the podcast and was slightly disappointed.

Yes it appears the first broadcast was a bit of a “Chat Show” with the Raja Petra Interview. I was surprised this appeared as the main news item – It was OK but too long since the broadcast time is only one hour- more suitable as current issue matter. It did sound just like another DJ show on RTM! It also sounded too casual.

Why have they not done a proper first introduction on the Radio etc. its aims and obectives? What sort of regular programming?

May be it’s early days. Give the RFS more time and see what the contents are.

In my mind they should broadcast:

1. Daily news items which the Gov’t controlled press do not print or highlight e.g. on land rights struggle with interviews of the people involve. Even the You-tube has this with the Sebangan NCR land struggle. Interview the Sarawak people who are on the ground…More people oriented stories on their living conditions, daily struggles for survival and aspirations.

2. Series of short background articles on Sarawak land, people and history, their culture and music etc. This would serve to inform and unite all our people on understanding each other and the need to unite for change.

3. Short political commentaries on current developments like the “patriotism” and “pendatang” issues and the corrupt political system

4. Broadcast Sarawak Report on Taib scandals and expose. The ulu people need to know all these otherwise they remain ignorant of the facts and respectful to the Big Whitehair chief!

5. Current affairs- log jams, Rajang issues. Bakun issues, Lawas NCR issues, follow ups on all these..explain the impact of these disasters on everyone.

I am sure they have these in mind.

Here waiting for more!

Sunflower11 said...

If it is intended to be a cold-war style radio, do it in a more serious tone, cut off the songs and make full use of the full 1-hour.

People are more interested in the message conveyed than songs.

Audience are free to tune in to hundread other channels for entertainment!

Anonymous said...

Cukup ngemuaska ati ninga berita disiar radiofreesarawak. Aku pan udah berengkah madahke sida pangan aku ti diau di Sarawak pasal program tu. And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Tahniah.

Jetty said...

Good job. I have no problem with the style. I think its a good way to reach the masses. Think about it: politically conscious citizens already know what is happening in our country because we know where to find real independent news, eg MT, Mkini, etc.

I think the real goal of RFS is to reach people who are NOT interested in politics, but mainly interested in tabloid, celebrity news and at most, bread n butter issues. If RFS were to change their style and tone into a more serious tone, people not interested in politics would simply find the broadcast boring. Just my 2 sen.

Anonymous said...

Radio for all so that everyone can phone in 7/24 to talk anything on this planet.

Anonymous said...

"During times of universal deceit…”

Fellow citizens, fellow residents, but, ultimately, fellow thinkers and toilers: this is a call for action; action, for the time being, demanding no more than that which comes natural to every living thin...g that can think--to think. But to think willfully, with a diligent pursuit for the truth. For, it defeats the very purpose of thinking, for a thinking thing to not pursue the truth... MONEY AS POWER