Monday, April 18

Chinese interests represented by Dayaks

As we all know that SUPP lost 12 of its seats including the seat held by its President George Chan to the DAP.

Only two of the Chinese seats were retained, that is, the Bawan Asan seat by Wong Soon Koh and Senadin by Lee Kim Shin. Even then SUPP almost lost Senadin to PKR winning by 58 votes only in a constituency of 22,432 voters.

SUPP therefore depends on Dayak representatives of Johnichal Rayong of Engkilili, Francis Harden (Simanggang), Jerip Susil (Bengoh) and Ranum Mina (Opar) to articulate and fight for SUPP interests (read Chinese interests).

Mostly like to be appointed to the Taib cabinet are Wong Soon Koh and Lee Kim Shin as full ministers.

Francis Harden will continue to be an assistant minister and Jerip will be the new assistant minister. It is possible for Ranum to be appointed another assistant minister.

Rayong will be given a post as political secretary, or a director in government-linked companies. These will be their rewards for them to look after the Chinese interests.

The Chinese voters and community have rejected SUPP leaders. Only Dayak voters have voted for the SUPP leaders.

Had it not been for the substantial number of Dayak voters in Senadin (4,805 Dayaks) and Bawan Asan (5,834 Ibans), Lee and Wong would have lost.

The party was saved by the Dayak community, although previously SUPP had not only neglected the interests of the Dayaks but had also allowed its cronies to land-grab Dayak native customary rights (NCR) land. Examples of NCR land in Bau, Lundu, Simnaggang and Engkilili have been taken away from them and leased to SUPP-related crony companies.

So given a bigger voice in SUPP, the Dayak reps could also play a very vital role in the party urging the party (i) to give more government contracts, government posts like mayors, councillors, political secretaries, and directors in government-linked companies to the Dayaks, and (ii) to ask for more development funds to be channeled to the rural areas under SUPP.

Don’t distribute vegetable seeds, fish fry, pieces of zinc and chicks to the Dayak voters. They deserve better than that. Construct better and tar-sealed roads, electricity, clean water, medical services, schools, and etc.

So if you fail to carry out all these, then you are mere puppets in SUPP.

From now on, the public are watching you.


Anonymous said...

The result of the Sarawak recent election is;


Why God created such stupid people around.

Mata Kuching said...

Dr Mahathir and UMNO will always try to mislead Malaysians especially the non Chinese into believing that DAP has been a racist party and exports its racist politic to East Malaysia. The Chinese in Sarawak and hopefully Sabah had spoken loud and clear that they had rejected Sapu Malaysia which Nagypt has tried to disguise as Satu Malaysia. We want a corrupt free multi racial Malaysia and not a highly corrupted, abusive, repressive and oppressive Sapu Malaysia under the UMNO controlled BN regime.

Urban voters in Sarawak had just said NO, not only to thief minister Taib Mahmud but had also said NO to the corrupted, abusive, repressive and oppressive UMNO controlled BN government.

Anonymous said...

Give business to Dayak too

Banting said...

It was reported in the Borneo Post yesterday that senator Datuk Idris Buang had suggested that Chinese representation in the state government to be increased by amending the state constitution to nominate non-elected representatives from the Chinese community after SUPP defeated badly in the just concluded state election.

Idris Buang is entitled to form his own opinion, but for me, I don`t agree with him.

If it is a must for SUPP to have two full ministers and four assistant minister posts, that is just fine, because the party has six elected state assemblymen now, two Chinese and four Dayaks.

If Taib Mahmud can say that he is the chief minister of Malay, Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu, the Chinese...all, so it applies to four Dayaks elected state assemblymen in SUPP. There is no reason they cannot be appointed to hold the state ministerial posts.

For me, Sarawak does not need to amend the state constitution to nominate non-elected representative to hold a state ministerial post, what more to say if a person is to be nominated has no integrity or honesty and tainted by sex, corruption or scandals to lead us. Even some elected representatives make a mockery of democracy, betray their own family and their own principles, betray the party and the constituents by becoming into "political frogs".

Anonymous said...

Now the number of Dayak YBs in Soup,sorry,SUPP outnumbered the chinese YBs.therefore,if SUPP is truly a multiracial party,a Dayak YB should lead the party,preferably a Bidayuh.Democratic,isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, all Dayak YBS in SUPP you all should ask for more for the Dayak community otherwise you all be a laughing stock of DAP, we are all watching you. Remember YAB PM Najib promised especially long, long-overdue New Sri Aman Hospital which is supposed to be rerady by 2013 @ the cost of RM: 200 plus millions.

Stew Pitt Ivan said...

Re: SNAP victim of PKR's propaganda
Posted by Who is the real culprit?? SNAP or PKR on April 17, 2011 at 08:32:56:
In Reply to : SNAP's value as a spoiler party posted by is now downgraded! on April 17, 2011 at 08:09:34:

Offence is the best defence so they say. Right from day one, PKR accused SNAP of being a spoiler and the "smart Iban voters" bought the propaganda.

Just wondering why PKR failed miserably in the Malay Melanau areas???? Or were they instructed to concentrate in SNAP-Dayak allocated areas to ensure that BN wins the dayak seats - with their sweet propaganda?????

Just look at their campaign materials that surpassed the mighty BN. Who financed them??? Dominique Ng once complained in the Borneo Post regarding the role played by Baharuddin and Baru Bian and he connected them to Tun Rahman. But still the Iban believe that SNAP is the culprit. They should instead use their tiny brain to read between lines. SNAP was supported by their fellow dayaks working offshore and when PKR twisted the fact the dayaks believed them and wildly believe that BN was the financier - disregarding the honest contribution of their own countrymen.

Let PKR fool the dayak people this time but they cannot fool them all the times. The truth shall prevail soon.

Come on brian & gang. Enjoy the balance of your fees until the next state election. You have been successful in fooling the dayaks thru your blog.

Anonymous said...

SNAP is not an option anymore to sarawakian as you can see from the election...(Dayaks will not trust SNAP as history been known)Dayak need more new leader that can speak without fear and have dare enough to is also more better DAP rather than PKR for the Dayaks.DAP need to select dayaks representatves carefully...

fr: ruler area voters...

Anonymous said...

Why in the world that so many SUPP winning candidates be appointed in the cabinet; when PRS and SPDP delivered more winnings during the 16 April election? If this is true, again the poor Dayak is exploited and marginalized. But then again, Masing and Mawan would just say 'yes' to anything done by Taib.

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to change how the world look at Malaysia.

I couldn't agree more on what Mata Kuching commented and I quote "We want a corrupt free multi racial Malaysia and not a highly corrupted, abusive, repressive and oppressive Sapu Malaysia under the UMNO controlled BN regime."

Please be reminded that SUPP was established mainly by leftists and working class Chinese, many of whom were members of the underground communist movement in Sarawak and rejecting its leaders from the place where in was created is a clear sign that SUPP's meaning is no longer relevant.


Saya fikir sudah sampai masanya untuk menukar bagaimana melihat dunia pada Malaysia.

Saya tidak boleh bersetuju lebih lanjut tentang apa Mata Kuching berkomentar dan saya kutip "Kami ingin Malaysia korup tidak multi bangsa dan bukan, sangat rosak kasar, represif dan menindas Sapu Malaysia di bawah rejim yang dikendalikan UMNO BN."

Sila ambil perhatian bahawa supp ditubuhkan terutama oleh kaum kiri dan kelas pekerja China, banyak dari mereka adalah anggota gerakan komunis bawah tanah di Sarawak dan menolak pemimpinnya dari tempat di mana di telah dibuat adalah suatu tanda yang jelas bahawa makna supp adalah tidak lagi relevan.

sharp tongued said...

"The result of the Sarawak recent election is;


Why God created such stupid people around."

My response is why God created such selfish and pitiful people around like you. Should the Opposition won, you would buttlick the Dayaks, wouldn't you? So, you're nothing more than just douchebag..plain, empty, buttlicking douchebag. Can you please not degrade other people? When other people don't think and see as you do, it doesn't mean you have any right to degrade them. You yourself are no better, empty can. Why not go out there and start a march against the CM and not merely spewing your verbal diarrhoea in the virtual world? Coward hypocrite. The world will be a much better place to live without coward hypocrites like you.

Mata Kuching said...

It will most misleading to assume that the Chinese need to be represented in...excuse me...the highly corrupted regime of UMNO controlled BN in Sarawak led by the thief minister Taib Mahmud. The Chinese had spoken and they wish to be represented by the Opposition DAP of Pakatan Rakyat.Hence the interest of SUPP's tycoons can be represented by either their existing Chinese or Dayaks ADUNs in the corrupted regime of Taib Mahmud

Anonymous said...

Ever since SNAP mentioned that their funds came from some Dayak who are working offshore or in Middle East, i still can't figure out who is/are those guys. I am too working in the Middle East and probably know 90% of my clanmen earning our living here and still can't figure out who this donor is/are. Probably SNAP is LYING about these source...

Knowledge Hunter and a Thinker said...

Very funny comments. Don't you know that the once the dayak YBS join SUPP, they will develop this greedy and selfish mentality. They are no longer dayaks. They become communist who are opportunist.