Thursday, April 28

PKR wants immediate investigation

(This story first appeared in Free Malaysia Today)

KUCHING: Sarawak PKR Chief Baru Bian calls on the Election Commission and Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission to immediately investigate an allegation that Barisan Nasional had resorted to vote-buying to the win the Bawan Assan seat.

Bian was commenting on a news item on 100 Ibans who stormed the SUPP Office in Sibu on Monday demanding that they be paid the balance of RM400 each.

The natives from two longhouses of Rumah Chandi and Rumah Pasang claimed that they were given RM100 as an upfront payment before voting day and promised another RM400 for each voter after the election.

It is understood they have been paid the RM400.

But Ibans from another longhouse are also claiming the same amount.

Asked to comment on this, Bian said: “This is solid evidence that the BN won by ‘rasuah’ whereas we in Pakatan Rakyat lost but retained our ‘meruah’.

“This appears to be the practice everywhere including N70 Ba’Kelalan,”
said Bian who was elected as assemblyman for Ba’Kelalan.

“I demand EC and MACC to investigate immediately. This is proof of our fear in the first place that this election would be the dirtiest

“We want to see how neutral and effective EC and MACC are,”
he said.

Meanwhile, the chairman of Sibu SUPP Bumiputra committee Andrew Shilling denied the allegations and accused DAP and Sibu Election Watch (SEW) of making ‘absurd’ claim.

“It is very absurd, not true and baseless to say we were distributing RM400 election money to 100 Ibans as reported,” he said, claiming that the accusations had damaged the reputation of the Ibans and they are considering taking legal action.

Shilling, who is a political secretary to the Chief Minister, admitted however that he met 18 longhouse chiefs and representatives of village development and security committee (JKKK) at the SUPP headquarters on Monday to discuss payment of wages for election workers.

He said that the group of people who assembled on the ground floor of the headquarters had nothing to do with the party.

“They could be supporters of the opposition parties,” he said.

SUPP-BN candidate Wong Soon Koh was re-elected to the Bawan Assan constituency defeating DAP candidate Alice Lau Kiong Yieng with a majority of 1,808 votes.

Wong secured 7,316 votes as against 5,508 votes by Alice Lau.

The constituency has 16,743 voters, out of which 5,834 are Iban voters.

It is said that Wong’s victory was due to the strong support given by the Ibans.


Anonymous said...

normally a thief will deny he is not a thief, unless you got a solid proof.So how to get the proof? Very easy lah, like our PM said you help me l help you,you give 500 n l give 5000,for sure you will get the answer. You have to understand only when election come,these people can have chance to receive bonus.

Anonymous said...

What about PKR Ali Ak Biju vote buying in n34-krian ehh????

Iban rumah panjai said...

Seems vote-buying is not illegal in Malaysian laws. So, who has tons of money can win the election. Gabriel Adit admitted that he lost the election, because he had no money. May be SNAP candidates lost their deposits because of not enough money in their campaign strategies.

BN won the election because of money. Frog politics because of money. Idris defended his boss because he expected more money.

Jabu meli undi said...

Aiyaa all the same mah... N1 - N71 semua beli undi. Itu Daud cakap tidak srupa bikin.

Erection Commission yang formulate semua ini supaya BN menang dengan membeli undi especially the rural voters.

Erection = harvesting time for prostitutes.

Elecetion = harvesting time for voting prostitutes.

Next harvesting season is the coming Parlimentary Erection.

Anonymous said...

What about the news item appearing in the Borneo Post, 30.04.2011, where he is reported to have asked the government to increase election deposit to RM80 thousand per candidate? Not only it is a suggestion to legitimize corruption it will, if such a law is brought about, a serious affront to democracy. His suggestion that we should follow Singapore is absurd, and completely idiotic. Were such a law were to be enacted politics will be played by the rich and famous only. And I am sure had this been the rule from the time Masing was struggling to get elected many years past he sould not be where he is today. Such nonsense statement coming from Masing and or other BN leaders must be condemned. I condemn Masing's suggestion to increase election deposit to RM80, 000. 00.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to investigate the alleged vote buying at Sungei Aup; Engkalat; and Pasir Mas all in Sibu.

If it is of any consolation to the Iban in Sibu their votes have increased in price to RM500.00 very much better than the 60's and 70's when Iban votes were cheaper than Ikan Pusu (Ikan Bilis in Malay).

Iban maju in Politics of Development! Ambis harta di jual sampai ke nyual their own souls for RM500.

Anonymous said...

N.34 Krian is not vote buying,its vote hiring for a 5 year period where Ali will appoint his PBB people to be Penghulus,councillors ,etc.Ali spent nothing less than rm.300,000 before nomination and at least 1 million during campaign.Its ok,after all he was distributing our oil un-royalty money since taib and Nyarok failed to do so.Nyarok is good in womanizing,has concubines even, and distributing chicks to longhouses whereas Ali is good at securing GOVERNMENT CONTRACT and he is PKR guy.What an awesome world.!!Got prawn behind maggie mee.

Buaya Penasu said...

Andrew Shilling bin Bangit should have been thrown into the sea together with Osama Bin Laden.

He is the number one (1) destroyer of Iban political survival.

He is ranked number 1 above Jabu, masing and mawan.

What a tray tore.

Anonymous said...

Dunya sekarang adalah dunya wang. Tiada wang tidak dapat jalan. Remember the would- be candidate for coming General Election especially from opposition IF you dont have your own money at least Rm: 200,000.00 just forget about it, dont expect PKR to support you financially. For non-bumi think twice to support PKR look at the past result not even one seat won in the muslim-bumiputras instead join DAP. I'm sad to see six Bidayuh professionals lost heavily if only they join DAP the result would be different.