Friday, April 15

Sarawakians, seize the moment!

In a clarion call, Martin Jalleh urges Sarawakians to save their state. By their self-determination, Sarawakians should show BN leaders and their political representatives that they cannot be bought over or bullied.

Sarawakians, you stand at the threshold of a great deciding and defining moment of change. You can either decisively help shape the future of your state or let it slide and sink like a tragic struggling shipwreck.

Sarawakians, may you be steadfast in this challenging hour! Sadly, after three decades, you are one of the poorest “richest” States in Bolehland and many in the land of the Hornbill are languishing in poverty

“Sack” those who for the past 30 years have betrayed Sarawak by bleeding the state dry, siphoning and stashing their ill-gotten gains overseas and building a scandalous empire there.

Stop the scoundrels and self-serving sycophants who suck up to the powers-that-be to satisfy their insatiable greed, whilst marginalized indigenous Sarawakians suffer indescribably and struggle to eke out a living!

Ship out those who have repeatedly and rampantly robbed her people of their rights, ransacked the state’s coffers, ravished her natural resources and remained silent as the children of her natives are raped!

Stand firm against the local colonialist master who has through the last 30 years of larceny surreptitiously sequestered more than 1.5 million hectares of Native Customary Rights (NCR) land for his family members!

Send into political oblivion the spent white-haired chief (whose political shelf life has long expired) and other senior ministers of suspect character, soiled reputations, who readily sell their souls to remain in power.

Shame the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for its deafening silence over the mounting and meticulous evidence on corruption by the Sarawak state government as revealed in Sarawak Report.

Say “NO MORE!” to being sidelined and side-stepped by the Executive in Putrajaya and being treated like a stepchild. Say “NO MORE!” to being deceived, denied and deprived of what is rightfully yours.

Shout aloud “ENOUGH!” to being suckered, spat at and stepped on by the BN government and spineless Sarawak BN MPs who in Parliament have sacrificed your rights at the altar of political expediency!

Shun the short-term and sudden seductions of the “Santa Claus” PM whose political acumen has sunk so very low as seen in his vote buying and his desperate attempts to destroy his opponents with sex and slime.

Spurn the shallow, hollow bellow of the small-minded Deputy PM who never fails to spew out senseless speeches, silly scare tactics, sabre-rattling tricks and sinister theatrics.

Stomach no more the shocking, scandalous and shambolic state of affairs concerning education and health, which were ironically highlighted by the sudden and recent allocations made by the PM and DPM!

Send the PM and deputy PM who are bankrupt of ideas and who have come to bribe you with the rakyat’s money, back to Semenanjung without their “Fixed Deposit” – as Umno continues to be their “Fixed Deficit!!

Stir and summon the indomitable spirit of people power to take on the insurmountable odds and to overcome the BN’s offering of blood sacrifices and invoking of evil spirits to cast spells and curses on the opposition.

Save your state, Sarawakians! By your self-determination, show the shameless leaders of the BN and their supercilious political representatives that you cannot to be bought over or bullied!

Sarawakians, by your solidarity, save the country! Strike at the very roots that have caused Bolehland to degenerate into a “sick country” and a “sham democracy” (Tengku Razaleigh)! Reject BN at the elections!


Iban rumah panjai said...

MACC chief commissioner Abu Kassim said they were investigating Taib for corruption. We will be monitoring, if Abu Kassim walks the talk.

As such, do not vote BN.

Pekasam PKR said...

To all dayaks who reads: The role played by PKR against SNAP is partly reveal hereunder.

Political fallout

There will be major political fallout from the Chinese community’s complete rejection of Taib. He did not make matters easier either when he appeared to have second thoughts on the eve of state polls on his earlier pledge to step down within months if not weeks.

The Chinese, especially the younger generation, are no longer willing to accept Taib continuing to stay in office. They do not see the gross distortions in the economy, introduced by him, being removed as long as he is in office. The distortions include the fact that Taib, his family, relatives, friends and cronies have a finger in every economic pie in the state.

Najib would not be in any great hurry now to call for early general election to get his own mandate. He’s still piggy-backing the 2008 mandate secured by his predecessor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Najib must be thanking his lucky stars that he had not been persuaded by Taib to call for general elections at the same time as the state polls. Taib had claimed that simultaneous state-federal elections would help ease the terrible pressure exerted on him by the opposition.

There’s no guarantee that in the event of a 50:50 tie between the Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat in Peninsular Malaysia, come 2013 or earlier, that Taib would not offer his proxy services to de facto PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim. So, it may not be as simple as Najib shooing Taib away and going on to install someone else whom he favours in his place.

Already, Anwar – reputed to be an anti-Dayak, anti-Dusun, anti-Christian closet racist – deliberately fielded PKR candidates against the Sarawak National Party (SNAP) in 26 seats in order to favour the state BN, save PBB and keep the Dayaks away from the political mainstream.

SNAP, however, is the best, or rather only, bet in the opposition to dismantle PBB, free the Sarawak Democratic Progressive Party (SPDP) from “towkay” control and free Dayak politics from the vice-like grip of the local proxies for the ketuanan Melayu Umno in Putrajaya