Monday, April 4

PKR candidates for the 2011 election

4 April 2011

(The story is first published by Free Malaysia Today)

KUCHING: Sarawak Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) today announced an assortment of professionals, businessmen and former high ranking civil servants as its candidates, which are described by PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali as the “best” candidates to fight the State Barisan Nasional.

Among the 47 candidates announced include medical doctors, PhD holders, lawyers, engineers, accountants, businessmen and former senior civil servants.

“With these candidates, we will spring major surprises in the coming election and we hope they will be able to save Sarawak and Sarawakians from serious and rampant corruption in the system of Sarawak government.

“I feel happy because these candidates proposed by the state leadership appear to be the candidates with integrity and credibility,” he said, pointing out that PKR will not put candidates in Pakan, Marudi and Jemoreng out of respect for the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat.

Asked on the position of Sarawak National Party, Azmin said: “In our last meeting SNAP is so persistent that it wants to contest in 27 majority constituencies, never giving us any space for negotiation.

“They also want PKR Iban candidates to contest using SNAP ticket. Surely this cannot be considered because PKR is a multiracial party, representing not only Melanau, Malays, Chinese, but also Bidayuhs,Ibans, Murut and Kadayans,” he said.

He said that both SNAP and PKR mutually agreed that the two parties have to base their candidates on the ‘winnability’ factors such as credibility of the candidates.

“On that score, I think PKR candidates are the best and the ones that can spring up surprises.

“However, we leave it to the people of Sarawak to make a decision on April 16,” he added.

The full list of PKR candidates:

N1 Opar – Boniface Willy Anak Tumek
N2 Tasik Biru – John Tenewi Nuek
N4 Pantai Damai – Wan Zainal Abidin Bin Wan Senusi
N5 Demak Laut – Ali Hossen Bin Abang
N6 Tupong – Baharuddin Mokhsen
N7 Samariang – Zulrusdi Bin Mohamad Dol
N8 Satok – Ahmad Nazib Bin Johari
N11 Batu Lintang – See Chee How
N14 Asajaya – Arip Bin Ameran
N16 Bengoh – Willie Anak Mongin
N17 Tarat – Peter Ato Anak Mayau
N18 Tebedu – Christopher Anak Kiyui
N19 Kedup – Lainus Anak Andrew Luwak
N21 Simunjan – Mashor Bin Hossen
N23 Lingga – Abg. Ahmad Arabi bin Abg Bolhassan
N25 Balai Ringin – Ibi Anak Udding
N26 Bukit Begunan – Jimmy Lim @ Jimmy Donald
N28 Engkilili – Marudi @ Barudi Anak Mawong
N29 Batang Air – Nicholas Bawin Anak Anggat
N30 Saribas – Abang Zulkifli Abang Engkeh
N31 Layar – Stanny Embat Pharoh Anak Laja
N32 Bukit Saban – Jerah Anak Engkiong @ Edward Jerah
N33 Kalaka – Mohd Yahya Bin Abdullah
N34 Krian – Ali Anak Biju
N35 Belawai – Abdul Wahab Bin Abdullah
N36 Semop – (to be announced later in Sibu)
N37 Daro – Jamaludin Bin Ibrahim
N42 Meluan – John Brian Anthony Anak Jeremy Guang
N43 Ngemah – Aris Anak Alap
N44 Machan – Chen Nguk Fa
N49 Nangka – Norisham Mohamed Ali
N50 Dalat – Sylvester Ajah Subah @ Ajah Bin Subah
N51 Balingian – Suriati Binti Abdullah
N52 Tamin – Mengga Anak Mikui
N53 Kakus – Paul Anyie Raja
N54 Pelagus – Edward Sumbang Anak Asun
N56 Baleh – Bendidang Anak Manjah
N57 Belaga – Basah Kesing @ Ali Basak Kesing
N58 Jepak – Abdul Jalil Bin Bujang
N60 Kemena – Benard Binar Bayang Anak Radding
N61 Bekenu – Ishak Bin Mahwi
N62 Lambir – Zolhadiah Binte Suboh
N65 Senadin – Michael Teo Yu Keng
N67 Telang Usan – Harrison Ngau Laing
N69 Batu Danau – Lau Liak Koi
N70 Ba’Kelalan – Baru Bian
N71 Bukit Sari – Japar Bin Suyut


Sri Belalang said...

With the announcement a yet to be registetered PERSB to constest in the 38 seats as independents, there will be at least four corner fight in each constituency in Bumiputera majority seats. BN is very happy with that.

It is really uphill task for both SNAP and Keadilan.My prediction, an easy passage for BN to win 2/3 majority in this coming election.

Mata Kuching said...

Vote out the cheats and crooks and sort out your land titles after the state election. Punish these BN crooks again during the general election if they continue to cheat and grab NCR and private lands.Do not sell your vote just because the BN crooks promise to refund your overpaid land premium or giving out land titles. Take whatever money or grants BN give because the money belong to Sarawak and for Sarawkians.

Sarawakians can only help themselves by helping Pakatan Rakyat to win to ensure among others :

a) all NCR lands taken away by BN and cronies shall be returned to the people

b) Our rights to freedom of worship as guaranteed in our constitution are protected.

c) All proposed hydro dams shall be cancelled.

d) A special trust fund of RM1 billion shall be set up for the natives of Sarawak living in the rural constituencies.

e) All Chinese and vernacular schools shall be given a fixed and yearly allocation.

f) All rural schools shall have the same facilities and standards as those in towns and cities.

g) All government projects shall go through a proper tender process.

h) All ministers including the post of chief minister shall be limited to only two terms.

i) A special committee shall be appointed to access and trace all ill-gotten wealth of Taib, family and cronies and make them accountable.