Friday, April 22

A new coalition government?

KUCHING: Speculation is rife in Kuching about the formation of a new coalition government between Pakatan Rakyat and Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) together with the Dayak-based parties of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP).

Altogether they have a simple majority of 36 seats including a seat held by an independent. Thirty-five seats are held by PBB in the 71 seats in the state assembly.

The rumours sparked off after PRS President James Masing called for closure of Sarawak National Party (SNAP) and its members join PRS as well as his call for the merger between his party and SPDP be sped up in order to strengthen the voice of the Dayak community.

Even DAP national adviser Lim Kit Siang called for the merger of SNAP and DAP.

Dayak leaders in the non-governmental organisations have expressed strong support for this new coalition.

They suggest that Masing be made the chief minister of the new coalition, while Baru Bian from PKR and Chong Chieng Jen of DAP be made deputy chief ministers.

Top Pakatan Rakyat leaders including Anwar Ibrahim, PKR President Wan Azizah and Deputy President Azmin Ali and Lim Kit Siang will be in Kuching this week-end.

According to a message from the State PKR headquarters, a special announcement will be made.

What is this special message is all about no one really knows, but many suggest it could be connected to the discussion on the formation of the new coalition.

Said a political observer: “This is the real reason why Abdul Taib Mahmud swore himself as chief minster soon after the results that the state BN government had just obtained its two-thirds majority.

“He has envisaged that this type of coalition may be formed in order to get rid of him as chief minister,”
said the observer.

Leaders of the PRS, SPDP, SUPP and Pakatan Rakyat are not available for comment.


Banting said...

A new coalition government - it is just rumours, coffe-shop talk I guess, just impossible and no logic at all.

Federal government and state government will not see it happens with the help of government agencies to protect racial harmony and political stability in the state.

A new coalition government is possible if BN is the loser by razor thin majority in the just concluded state election as they did in Perak, where BN has upstaged Pakatan Rakyat in the "defection" game.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...what a joke!!! so early this morning i get this sort of news...Masing, the CM? hahahaha...No better candidate to replace Pekmo? Need to pick someone just like Pekmo? What kind of change is this?

If you want to speculate please use some common sense.

Parties can merge but the people in those parties will never change. Do you honestly think Wong Soon Koh will not say anything to Masing being chosen as CM. Rayong will want something, the Bidayuh YBs also...

Pekmo rush to swear in was due to pressure. A lot can happen in 1 night.

Anonymous said...

Well, if its does materialise, I strongly support the effort. But bear in mind, Taib Mahmud can do anything to destroy them with his limitless money power puls the power of the unseen force. Just be careful.

Apai Saloi said...

I bet my bottom dollar that the coalition government shall not materalise.

With all effective inel networks and pools of personal advisors (from bomoh to Social scientist)taib created PRS and SPDP as an extension of PBB to place his army of loyalist therein. On the surface it looks like both PRS and SPDP are an independent politicial organisation with proper setup but make no mistake about it there are Snowdown Lawan, Musem Lamoh, Masir Kujat and William Nyallu placed in PRS. The rebellious 5 are protected in SPDP which means Mawan is alone. Rayong in SUPP is a new placement.

Given the above scenario, i do not believe the so-called new coalition government would materalise.

Happy guessing

Anonymous said...

Doubt it. How can Supp work with DAP? And Masing as the CM? God forbid! Most of us would prefer Baru Bian. And how about the current bunch of tainted ADUNs? Not unless they all dissolve their respective parties and come under a single umbrella. Looks good on paper but....... Anyway, it's the quickest way to get rid of Taib.

Anonymous said...

if this coalition gov can unite dayaks & chinese, why not?

Anonymous said...

For spdp i am sure mawan also want the cm or dcm post hehehe

Mata Kuching said...

The 10th Sarawak State Election fever is over and now is the time for all NGOs, Opposition leaders and concerned Sarawakians to get together to pressure MACC and PDRM to take concrete action against the thief minister Taib Mahmud , based on the numerous police and MACC reports being lodged against him recently.

Sarawakains demand a weekly update on the progress of the investigation if ever there is any todate. Justice must be seen to be done and all ill gotten wealth must be returned to the state and its people. Nagypt cannot pretend any more that he knows nothing after Taib Mahmud has led BN to another term albeit a lower 2/3 majority. Do not underestimate the full force of Sarawak’s people power.

puzzled said...

Makes no sense that DAP is not part of the purported coalition. They can well chuck SUPP into the Bakun Dam and no one will notice.

puzzled said...

Oops! Sorry!

SUPP has to come in, too!

Forgot PBB has those 35 seats!

That leaves PBB against the world!

Is that why they got ASFIA as the Speaker? It does give him the right to vote in the DUN, though! There'll be 72 DUN members, inlc Asfia, though the constitution should only recognize 71.

We're gonna have a DUN crisis!

Anonymous said...

WOW! The New Era Goverment of Sarawak is Just Beggin'! Get rid of taik mahmud & his cronies + dumb them to HELL OF JUSTICE! Welldone & great move Sarawakian!

Anonymous said...

I personally think that 'moles' planted by PBB in PRS and SPDP will ever agree...

Wartank said...

A more viable, positive & constructive coalition than any previously envisaged.
The simple reason, East M'sians do not have to bow to any party from Semenanjung and can be self-governed, only come to a joint-consensus pertinent to national issues, in parliament. Thus, ensuring equal partner status.. as was established during the formation of Malaysia in 1963.

Tbsbidayuh said...

If it is possible, then it is a good sign for dayak future, but first, the coalition must sort all the members to avoid frogs and egocentric leaders like Dundang. Only then the "coalition" can be reliable, transparent and high integrity. The Dayak cannot afford any "foreplay" by their leader because the Dayak are not maniac but hoping for better future.

Or else? Any idea of coalition is a disastrous as DAP is now a racist party. Taib will charge them under national security act.

Anonymous said...

I would very much welcome the move. So please proceed to form a new Barisan Rakyat.

PKR agent in Krian said...

According to rumours, in addition to a self proclaimed Dr. Rayong, Dr. Jerip Susil and Ex. Sgt. Ranum Mina are PBB placed in SUPP. This would mean three (3) PBB planted in SUPP.

Just like PBB planting their loyalists in "other" parties, PKR is no exception. Their candidate in the person of Ali Biju is a PBB candidate in PKR. Thanks to Dato Douglas Sulang and Bernard Agan for the assignment accomplished-in-silent.

Saudara Anuar, Azmin, Baharudin dan Saudara Baru Bian, apa dah jadi. Adakah ini cerita yang sama dengan kisah anak Tun Rahman yang menang tanpa bertanding gara gara "pertolongan" Baharudin dan Baru Bian saperti yang didedahkan oleh Ex. YB Dominique Ng?? Berapa upahnya pak???

We are not interested in the $$$ and sen you made but please do not be a hypocrite!!!!!!

PKR accused SNAP of being BN sponsored but look here, who is the real culprit. Shame on you all...

YB Dato' Seri James better be careful of the T horses.

Anonymous said...

Well.. Its sound racist. But in fact, Dayak + Chinese makes about 70% of the total Sarawakians. Its not including those the Dayaks in the rural areas without the ICs.

Its make sense that the new coalition government to form...even though, its just a rumour & in fact will never happened.

I cannot believed that George Lagong will be supporting DS James Masing. In fact he should.

If this will be happening, than there also few members of PBB will jump ship to the new government... Sweet dreams anywhere.

But... If the new coalition government forms, I believe that this is just a rumours. And in this case, Taib will declare DS James the DCM Post and few more bribes so that PRS will stay with BN.

For the future of the Sarawakians, the Dayak/Chinese coalition is really needed indeed!

Anonymous said...

This should be the time of coalition even it's a mere dream. if there's a dream, there is hope. i sense that a lot of wayang kulit being played around in recent election.

most wayang kulit are staged by people in power notably the defeat of supp's, nyarok(spdp) and nyitar (prs).

a lot of backstabbing had occured. witnessing first hand, i managed to single out certain individuals from a single large party whom managed to win all seats contested.

Hence, for the sake of dayak unity in which is still a dream, someone like Masing should take lead. some of us, a lot of us actually including masing himself recognise the blatant work of backstabbers who is rewarded with a small chunk of meat.

a delicately crafted by the director, everything falls just nice into place where voters do not even realised how had they being pulled into the game benefitting the actors and director.

i do not trust the process of how this election had gone's not EC's mistakes however but more to stage acting playing a role and the voters as mere scapegoats directed by person(s) in power.

even anwar and kit siang had been duped into this power play. therefore, any leader out there take the lead together with masing to make sure a democracy is truly a democracy here in the most beloved state of sarawak.

Anonymous said...


PROVIDED that PKR and DAP must work closely in the forthcoming parliamentary election in at least two winnable rural constituencies. EXAMPLES:
1. P.202 SRI AMAN : Combination of PKR and DAP for calon Leon Jimmy Donald (DAP) will give good fight to incumbent YB Masir Enkujat (BN/PRS) with support from Chinese, Malays and Iban voters. YB Masir Enkujat saving-votes would come expectedly from postal voters from the military camp at Phakit.

2. P. 205 SARATOK : Combination of PKR and DAP . Surely YB ALI BIJU (calon PKR) can beat the incumbent YB Jelaing Mersat (BN/SPDP) or his likely replecement (Dr. ....) with support from Malay voters in Kalaka and Saratok for PKR, Chinese support from Saratok, Roban and Kabong for DAP. It is foreseeable that most Iban voters from kawasan DUN Krian will surely throw solid support behind YB Ali Biju.


PLEASE TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE ...DO NOT FROG ... into BN's net!! You will have the best chance to win P.205 Saratok. That is the way forward. You will create another rare history for the sake of rural community in Sarawak.

An Obserber

Anonymous said...

he he he I just woke up after a long hibernation...(sign). I started to search for a good, popular, sincere and dynamic Iban or Dayak leader who is not only can lead the masses but to command the respect of the very fabrics of all the community in Sarawak, who has new and explosive ideas to bring Sarawak to a new level of developments in all aspects e.g. eradication of poverty , rural developments, human resource developments, economic and infrastructure developments etc.. The problems with the Dayaks and Ibans is basically they cannot earned the respects from their own tribes who comes from other regions of the country because we chose to be different from each regions. Name one!