Wednesday, May 4

Sarikei longhouses may not be named after headmen

One interesting article appearing in The Borneo Post today (4 May) is about the views expressed by the Resident of Sarikei Michael Dawi Alli on longhouses in the division that may not be named after their headmen.

Michael said: “His office has listed changing the longhouse naming system as one of its key focus activities (KFA) for this year’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

“A special meeting would be held for all longhouse chiefs in the division soon,” he said.

Michael mentioned the proposal during the meeting between community leaders and Deputy Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum in Pakan on Saturday.

He explained that the idea was mooted because of administrative problems caused by the naming of longhouses after their respective Tuai Rumah.

The most common problem was that longhouse names needed to be changed whenever a new longhouse chief was appointed.

“This is where and when such problems surface. This can happen many times to a longhouse and when there is no effort made to update the records with the authorities concerned, many problems crop up.

“The postal service provider will face problems in delivering mails or parcels as the names of the longhouses do not exist in their records.

“Similarly, the various agencies face problems in tracing residents after they change their longhouse names,” he said.

The Resident’s office has suggested longhouse be named after geographical features such as river, place or mountain, he said as these names would remain even if all the residents moved out.

This is a very good suggestion by the Resident of Sarikei Division, a suggestion other divisions should adopt.

The only longhouses in Kota Samarahan, Kuching and some in Sri Aman divisions where they are named after trees, rivers, mountains and even animals. They are called Kampung Gayau, Kampung Isu, Kampung Sematong (a type of jambu), Kampung Sibau, Kampung Nangka, Kampung Sungai Pinang, Kampung Jagu, Kampung Tekura, and so on.

But in other divisions like Betong, Sibu, Kapit, Bintulu, Miri and Limbang, the longhouses are named after their headmen.

Their biggest problem is that they need to change their identity cards with the change in the names of their longhouses. When they register themselves as voters, they need to update their ICs now and then following the change in their longhouse chiefs.

The problem now has been made worse when the government appoints longhouse chiefs and replaces them once a while.

The longhouse people no longer elect their own headmen.

Michael’s suggestion is really food for thought.


Anonymous said...

"They are called Kampung Gayau, Kampung Isu, Kampung Sematong (a type of jambu), Kampung Sibau, Kampung Nangka, Kampung Sungai Pinang, Kampung Jagu, Kampung Tekura"

The word "kampung" used above is not an Iban word. It is Malay word for village. In Iban "kampung" means "jungle". Longhouse is not a kampung (village or jungle). It is an equivalent of terrace house that we can see in urban areas.

To name a longhouse after trees, rivers,mountains and animals is rediculous also. Take for example we have Rumah Panjai Kekura, Rumah Panjai Tengiling, Rumah Panjai Babi Utan, Rumah Panjai Babi Cina etc. What would people think of the Iban. And it would not be palatable to call a longhouse Kampung Babi Cina.

I suggest Michael Dawi Alli find something logical and productive for his KPI.

Jangan bikin Iban bodoh ......

adat law said...

Bravo Mike. It is important to leave the affairs of the dayak community to their own kind because they knew about themselves more than anyone else.

Leave out the politician because they will exploit the affairs and adat law of the dayak race to barter trade their wealth with their political masters.

Rule number one is RE-ELECTION OF ALL TUAI RUMAH THROUGHOUT SARAWAK. And no mandatory endorsement by politician on their (Tr) appointment.

Jabu, Masing, Mawan and non dayaks PLEASE HANDS OFF. UNDERSTAND!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the suggestion.A longhouse's name should be fixed and should not follow the name of the Tuai Rumah,as Tuai Rumah in a longhouse is bound to change from time to time.AS for me,the name of our deceased Tuai Rumah is still in my IC.

Unknown said...

Betong longhouse never name after headmen... FYI

Anonymous said...

Igat Dawi, our longhouse in Lichok is never named after any of our headmen but was named after that tiny sungai LICHOK.

Jamal9 said...

The not so smart so called Chairman of Tr Association James9 (a Penghulu Politik) is no smarter than Andrew shilling.

They both do not qualify to comment on any matters regarding the adat Iban Law. ANANG MANSUT KE PENEMU ARI LUBANG BURIT because the more you involve yourselves with Adat Iban Laws, the more critical such Adat Law becomes.

Dawi Ali is 100% correct when he made such great suggestion.

The name James 9 and the rest of the Dayak Traitors do not deserve to be mentioned at all by the coming dayak generations. Your descendants shall be cursed for your undivided betrayal towards your own Dayak race.

Kaban PCM said...

Di Nanga Ngunggun, bisi 19 buah rumai panjai, lalu kami nyebut siti siti rumah panjai nya nitih ka nama tuai rumah. Enti nitih ke penemu resident ti tuyu tu, patut tau ka enda tiap tiap rumah panjai di sebut Rumah Ngunggun A, rumah Ngunggun B....sampai ke S. Tuyu!

Genuine Tuai Rumah said...

Fantastic idea Mike.

Ignore the comment by the ever develish High Prient of Jabu's Church in the corpse of James Sembilan for he has no rights to talk about the adat Iban Laws.

Burit babie said...

PCM supporter should have read the suggestion by YBhg Tuan Michael Dawi Ali in its correct perspective.

Penemu ke patut di pansut ukai baka penemu pandak kita PCM ke ngangkat ke Cina bediri ba menua Iban (Kong Ta kin di Machan). Penemu bingking kita nya patut simpan dalam gelung perut, anang ngemira ke ia.

Nadai salah menua kita di kumbai Nanga Ngungun.

Contoh 1: Berita tu ngenang pemeli siko Penyukung buta PCM ke ngambu diri bansa Iban ari, Nanga Ngungun, Kanowit.

Contoh 2: Urang ni penyukong PCM ke ngemeli nya bejako wai? Saut ia UKAI bakatu: Urang Rumah Janes Sembilann, Kanowit. Ia nya aja ke mapap penemu, urang Rumah James Sembilan ke bukai menyana magang.

RETI NYA: NANGA NGUNGUN KANOWIT MENUA DI TEMU URANG TANG RUMAH JAMES SEMBILAN DINI?? Kada enda 3 - 4 iko ke sama nama lalu dini endur menua nya?? Nya reti empa jako nya tadi.

Dawi ukai ngasuh kita ngena nama: Contoh ia: Berita tu ngenang pemeli siko penyukung buta PCM ke ngambu diri bansa Iban ari Rumah James Sembilann, Kanowit.

Contoh 2: Urang ni penyukong PCM ke ngemeli nya bejako wai? Saut ia bakatu: Urang Nanga Ngungun, Kanowit. Ia nya aja ke mapap penemu, urang nanga ngungun ke bukai menyana magang.

Besai penyerekang reti jako nya kaban.

Ti nuan deka ditemu urang nama ketegal kr nyadi penykung PCM, nuan tau ngaga signboard kediri.