Thursday, May 12

Jabu is the best successor, say pensioners

KUCHING: About 100 former high ranking civil servants believe that Deputy Chief Minister and Deputy President of Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang should be the best person to succeed Chief Minister and PBB President Abdul Taib Mahmud in the event he steps down.

“Jabu is the most qualified in terms of his seniority as Deputy Chief Minister to Taib Mahmud for the past 30 years, and in the party hierarchy, he is holding the second top post.

“And thirdly, his KPI (key performance indicator) must be good otherwise Taib will not want to keep him for the last 30 years,” said Dr. Elie Luhat on behalf of the group.

Elie, a Kayan, was a high ranking officer in Sarawak Timber Industry Corporation (STIDC) before he retired a couple of years ago.

He is now a very successful farmer dealing what he calls in ‘smart farming’ such as rearing ‘ikan empurau’ (Sarawak’s most expensive fish), planting high rubber clones, and gharu.

The group comprised former schools principals, permanent secretaries, Residents, district officers and corporate figures.

“In our group, we have about 100 persons who discuss topics of the day, issues and problems that affect the day to day life of the people.

“We meet every morning over cups of coffee without fail,” he said, adding that they are usually having ‘brain storming’ sessions.

“The latest issue is of course a successor to Taib Mahmud. In our assessment, Jabu is the best person who should take over from Taib.

“In the event that Jabu declines, then we have to scout and look around in the party as to the one who should be considered as the next chief minister,”Dr. Elie added.

“That person must also be in line to take over the leadership and his selection should also follow the normal procedure.

“Failing to observe the seniority of the party members, there could be chaos in the party,” said Elie, who also considered himself as a social activist.

So what do you think?


Anti Slavery said...

Well expressed gentlemen. I saw the banner at A1 coffeeshop BDC yesterday.

But in all sadness, Jabu had declined the CM appointment long time ago. He was furious and mad when such idea was mooted. He accused the proposer of trying to pit him with his beloved god Sri Pehin.

It must be realised that unlike Taib, Jabu has nothing to protect. When he decides to call it a day (soon), he just liquidate his business and properties, park the billion overseas and migrate. Afterall his grandchildren are non dayaks and may not be able to endure the heat of sarawak when he is gone.

Or god may punish him for his betrayal towards his own Dayak species by cutting off his extensions.

Try Dr. James Masing as CM?

Banting said...

Not likely Taib will pass the baton to a person of similar age, 74 years old. After all, Jabu is not Taib`s blue-eyed man.

Secondly, some Iban leaders are not that confident anymore for an Iban to be a chief minister. I quote what Joseph Salang said, " Today Dayak leaders no longer aspire to the chief minister`s seat. We are just passengers in the nation. We don`t carry our own weight, others are paddling for us."

The pensioners who made the suggestion for Jabu to take over from Taib could be Dayaks, but the Malays/Melanau had suggested Awang Tengah, Abang Jo and the veteran Adenan as a Taib`s successor, and Taib himself has given the public a clue that he had identified a successor whom he had groomed for 20 years.

Apai irau said...

Interesting.Yes,Jaboo MUST be made the Chief Monster of Sarawak.No body can beat him in term of Party seniority,length of political involvement and loyalty to a witch master.BUT,as we know,he will NEVER make it even if he wants to.His trademark in politics is NUMPANG,sorry for saying this as it resembles his father's name,but it is a FACT.Menumpang in all aspects,either feeding his own family or dis-integrating the Dayaks.He is only brave when comes to scolding the Iban,but when it comes to help the Dayaks,his balls shrink.Have you ever heard of him talking about our NCR,our trees,Dayaks presentation in government agencies,educational advancement,etc?Nothing.Even when his wife's land that was taken by a government agency in Betong Jaboo could not do anything with it.To me,its better to put a dog as CM instead of Jaboo.

Unknown said...

Very funny proposal. Only god knows what behind all this proposal, and only god knows exactly what is bin these pople's heads who proposed him to be the successor. God please save Sarawak from another destruction.

Anonymous said...

To quote Banting's posting:

' ..what Joseph Salang said, " Today Dayak leaders no longer aspire to the chief minister`s seat. We are just passengers (pe-N U M P A N G AJA)in the nation. We don`t carry our own weight, others are paddling for us."'


Anonymous said...

We can't stop people from expressing their views. Not even the "senile" elders like those A1 Club members.

It is a good way to solicit for public opinions whatever the objectives are.

While Sarawak is still under the current administration and within the Malayan Colonization the idea of an Iban (qualified or not)as CM is far fetched dream. Hallucination indeed.

Dream on A1 Club Members!

Anonymous said...

Abang Johari is the most appropriate person to succeed Taib Mahmud as CM because he is the most senior in PBB and government, he is not after wealth eventhough he has all the opportunities in the world,is humble and easily approached, has strong followers, from well-respected family and many other relevant qualities.

Awang Tengah, Adnan Satem, Douglas Uggah or Alfred Jabu.....good but Abang Johari still the best.

James Masing the most suitable to become DCM to Abang Johari. A Dayak CM will not stay long because the Dayaks will be bought to topple him.

Anonymous said...

When Taib's gone, how much milk left for sucking?
Obama became President when the country is facing bankrupcy, what could he do?
Only left behind with soiled name to be spit on for genenrations to come.
If anybody still dreams of it go ahead.
Exception: When the Swiss government return all Taib's loot to Sarawak, then it would be good to take over the CM post.

Banting said...

Jabu is an Iban. Let see here whether the following statement from an Iban minister has any bearing with the issue - positive or negative thinking.

' The Iban are the single largest bumiputera group among the Dayaks, the latter comprising 42% of Sarawak`s population. Dayak are represented in 30 state seats shared between the four multi-racial Barisan component parties. Of these, 21 are Iban majority seats, reflecting Iban dominance within the Dayak community. Some years ago, Dayak leaders were still wishfully talking about being the natural heirs to the chief ministership - if only they could be united. This unity has proven elusive. Today Dayak leaders no longer aspire to the chief minister`s seat. We are just passengers in the nation. We don`t carry our own weight, others are paddling for us." (Source Sunday Star)

My same earlier comment has been robbed off. Perhaps someone was not happy with the above statement, but that is the fact.

Anonymous said...

why want to exchange a thief for another. let there be a total change. i think none of the bn ministers are quilify to take the helm since all are thiefs and robbers amd has eroded our18 poits.

Anonymous said...

This quote is very true;

' ..what Joseph Salang said, " Today Dayak leaders no longer aspire to the chief minister`s seat. We are just passengers (pe-N U M P A N G AJA)in the nation. We don`t carry our own weight, others are paddling for us."'

The Dayaks are too cheap to buy. Give Jabu to be a CM for 3-5 years, and later a Malay CM for another 20 years. They are laughing at Dayak stupidity...