Tuesday, May 24

Where are the DBNA leaders?

KUCHING: When six Bidayuh villagers who were alleged to have torched seven heavy machinery, four lorries and five logging quarters in Tebedu on May 9, 2011 were arrested, the first thing they did was to look for Nicholas Mujah, Secretary General of Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA).

Through Mujah lawyers were arranged to represent them.

The six Bidayuhs arrested for defending their own rights and ancestral lands are Bisa Anak Duda, Papai Anak Atin, Barak Anak Kolol, Mani Anak Marin, Karia Anak Daruh and Peter Anak Laiong of Kampong Mawang, Tebedu in Serian District were brought to court at the end of their four-day remand.

These people are the real heroes who dare to go to jail to defend their rights, and we must salute them for their courage.

They were arrested on May 14 following a report made by a camp manager, Chen Teck Soon after seven heavy machinery, four lorries and five logging camps in Tebedu in the Serian District were torched.

A large crowd of family members and village folk working in Kuching turned up in court to show their support for the suspects.

No charge has been brought against any of the suspects and they were released unconditionally.

Meanwhile, I heard some nasty remarks made by some people against Bidayuh leaders. Many asked where the Bidayuh leaders were. Questions like: why none of the so-called leaders of Dayak Bidayuh National Association came to help them? And why did they ask help from an Iban association? Is the DBNA scared that it may not receive funds from the government even if some of its members are unjustly and unfairly treated?

And where are the Bidayuh ministers and elected representatives?

Where are their ‘pelirs’? Are they between their legs?

These are some of the questions that I have heard.


Sri Belalang said...

That is the attitude of Dayak community.

It should be, if Bidayuh has problem, DBNA needs to help them, likewise SADIA to help Ibans and SDNU to help Dayak.

Back to the charge the villagers in Tebedu are facing, they may be released unconditionally, but at the end they may be re-arrested again to answer the charge. That is my opinion based on some criminal cases.

Guy Skebang said...

Dayak Bidayuh leaders are opportunist and corrupt lots. They are no different to Dayak Iban and Dayak Orang Ulu.

All the 16 Branches and 6 Units of the Association (DBNA) are dead quiet. Some common Bidayuhs are now wondering whether the silence is one of the pre-condition attached to the RM4 million plus RM2.8 Million (extension and facelift)federal grant to the association.

One can forget about Bidayuh politicians and businessmen. Since the begining of times, these groups have been on direct feed from the government -of-the-day. No wonder most of them are with the BN parties (PBB and SPDP mostly). Nissom is smart to park himself in PRS and milk out millions from therein.

So who is fighting for the bidayuh in trouble??

Anonymous said...


Augustine said...

That is what happens when Bidayuh have leaders like Manyin,Sagah,Dawos, and one Peter Minos. They all feed from BN hand ( read Taib Mahmud ).

Basically, the Bidayuh community cannot depend on those so-called leaders who disappear when the rakyat are faced with problems.

DBNA President is busy planting palm oil on cheap NCR land for himself.

I thought Manyin had done a bad job in this Tebedu case too!

Apai irau said...

Be it Dayak Iban or Bidayuh,their so-called leaders are "PELIRLESS" when it comes to protect,safeguard and defend their peoples' rights.Dayak political leaders are only good at lying and misleading their own people.They are COWARD and bloody useless .We ,the voters are also bloody useless,come election we vote for them and before the dust is settled,they allow robbers to bulldoze our land.I dont blame Jabu for being quite on Dayak issues as Jabu himself was the ACCOMPLICE in the move to DELETE the word 'DAYAK' in the Interpretation Ordinance some years ago.

Anonymous said...

Bidayuh leader boast so much that the always deliver 6 seast for the state bn. When problem comes concerning Bidayuh, they are so queit. Where are their balls?

Anonymous said...

Bidayuh leaders are all the same as the rest of the BN leaders. They are all waiting for handouts from Taib and a datukship. Give them a datuk title and they think they are in heaven. They don't give a damn if Bidayuh land are taken by the Taib and his timber cronies as long as they themselves are well looked after. The only message one can give the Bidayuh is to stop voting for them.

101.3 said...

DBNA leaders busy lobbying for contracts and other business. The rich one like peter monis still bz looking for young hem hem.

Yang lain takut kena senarai hitam. Semua murid Jabu.

Bitongang said...

Sekarang ada kes curi balak ( depan rumah Bidayuh ) di Kampung Raso 2.Apa macam? Terima kasih kerana masih mengundi BN dan memilih Taib Mahmud. Tahniah!

Anonymous said...

Bidayuh leaders in BN are there to protect their own pockets, not that of the peoples that they had coerced to vote for them. These leaders confine themselves to show-off how much native land they buy cheaply from poor natives that been to vote for them in the first place.

These leaders are small in number. And if the peoples themselves are not too gullible they can change by dumping these leaders on the wayside, for good. Nay, the people are poor, have been maintained to be poor by the present system backed by Barisan Nasional. Oh yes, the BN wants to see the people remains poor so as to be easy to make empty promises to comes elections, times and again. Even on empty promises coupled with pittance in cash during elections these rural people voted BN each time every time. They become diehard in a sense to the extend they cannot defend their own temuda, and the timbers grown thereon. In another sense their sense of value has been numbed to the extend if given RM100. 00 per household they will ok the ravage of their temuda.

Only outside help can bring changes to better the lots of the rural people.

Anonymous said...

Sebagai anak tulen bangsa bidayuh, aku sangat bersetuju dengan komen-komen yang mereka-mereka yang perhatin dengan nasib anak bidayuh [orang peribumi sarawak semua]yang memang tak dibela oleh ketua-ketua dalam DBNA. Ketua lah yang sepatutnya amik tau hal hal berkaitan mangsa kaum sendiri. Hak-hak tanah pusaka bangsa yang dirampas, mereka patut `protes'. kalau kita main sembunyi balik langsir panggung wayang...sampai bila pun tak terbela nasib bangsa kita. Melayu sudah ada UMNO, Cina ada MCA dan INDIA ada MIC, orang perbumi sarawak ada apa??? PEMUDA DBNA----wujud ke? Wahai bangsaku BIDAYUH dan anak peribumi Sarawak yang lain...bangkit sekarang? demi masa depan anak bangsa kita masa depan kalau masih sayangkan tanah pusaka kita.