Friday, May 27

Govt robbing landowners only a myth – Naroden

TEBEDU: Every single inch of the people’s land which are acquired by the government for development purposes will be compensated accordingly, assured assistant minister in the chief minister’s department Mohd Naroden Majais.

He said stories about the government robbing the people’s land, as claimed by the opposition during the recent state election, was only a myth.

“The government’s policy is clear. All land acquired for any projects will be compensated. Every single inch will be paid for, even when the projects were implemented for the benefit of the landowners themselves,” he said.

Naroden was speaking at the presentation of land compensation to 100 landowners from Kpg. Kujang Mawang, Kpg. Sain and Kpg. Kujang Plaman at the Dewan here on 23 May.

He said the compensation money amounting to RM508,667 was for the residents from the three villages whose lands were affected by the UPGRADING OF ROADS TO THE THREE VILLAGES.

COMMENT: We fully agree with Naroden that any NCR land affected by development for public purposes such as roads is certain to be compensated just like the above land.

Why did Naroden fail to mention the case of 500 Bidayuh NCR land owners from 10 villages in Tebedu whose lands were destroyed and occupied by a timber company after the forest department which is under Naroden’s ministry were not compensated?

The Bidayuhs were angry when those in authorities like Naroden, Michael Manyin, Richard Riot and the police failed to solve their problems.

Several reports have been made to the authorities until their patience ran out that was when they torched the logging camps and heavy machinery and lorries. The loss was estimated to be RM5 million.

Did the government ‘rob’ their NCR land and give it the company which has connection with the state government?

What will be Naroden’s comment on this?


Banting said...

YB Naroden Majis,

Would you look into this problem?
About 4,000 natives at Sungai Asap Bakun resettlement scheme are claiming native customary rights over land in the upper reaches of the Balui, Penuan and Bahau rivers near Sarawak Kalimantan border. They cclaim that the land was given to their ancestors by the British government and they have a map signed by native officer, Jarit Meluda, on June 15, 1953 to prove this. They native added all this while while they were under the impression that the state government recognised the piece of document as equivalent to a land title, but the Belaga District Officer told them that they had no right to the land, Diana Rose reported.

Do not just excel in pouting issues sweet to the ears but are empty in substance.

Apai irau said...

Noroden's answer will be similar to that of Awang Tanah...'any encroachment to NCR land are not done by the government but by the CONTRACTOR and or the LICENSEE who were given the license to extract timber or to do plantation .Noroden thought that all the ordinary rakyat are stupid fools.ISN'T THE LICENSE OR LEASE IS GIVEN BY THE GOVERNMENT AND THEREFORE THE GOVERNMENT IS EQUALLY OR VICARIOUSLY LIABLE?.Noroden,you are the fool not the rakyat and one day the rakyat will spit onto your face.

Anonymous said...

Nordeen the NCR land-grabber lynch-pin is Taib's proxy being his mouth piece...
WHAT did DBNA (Dayak Bidayuh Nadai A......) and Michael MuchAngin ..... Josep Pita MINUS ...say?

Anonymous said...

Naroden bin Majais is Taib's crony and ukoi kena Taib ngasu. He was recruited and recommended to politics by Taib own people when he was still in SEDC. He will not give you an honest answer even you pull his ears. He says whatever his "boss" wishes him to say.