Wednesday, May 18

Vote buying in the recent election

Vote buying and corruption were rampant in the recently concluded state election. Some were done openly in the case of Selangau constituency.

Other ways of cheating were through approving minor rural projects and issuing of cheques to Tuai Rumah (longhouse chiefs). In the case of Selangau, the cheques bounced.

What is funny is that the bounced cheques were detained and retained by the bank concerned.

Several reports had been lodged with the authorities, but such reports fell on deaf ears.

The BN campaigners did not fear the Election Commission, the Police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), because they know that these authorities would ignore vote-buying and corruption.

Nor did the BN campaigners feel sorry for cheating these ‘innocent and ignorant’ people, because they did not have any integrity left in them.

Their main aim was to win and to win at all cost.

And the people are partly to be blamed; because of their greed for money, they were prepared to sell their souls, their children’s future and their family’s honour.

Many Ibans, Bidayuhs and Orang Ulu know that their NCR lands and their communal forests have been taken away without compensation being paid, and yet these (stupid) people voted for the BN candidates.

For example, 80 percent of Bidayuhs from 10 villages in Tebedu voted for Michael Manyin in the recent state election, and after the election they realised that Manyin refused to help them when a timber company encroached into their NCR land and forests.

They took the law into their own hands by torching machinery and logging camps and for that action, a number of them have been arrested for their defending their own land. Now they regretted voting for him, and in fact they hated him. But it is too late to regret.

This picture clearly shows how the money was openly distributed among the longhouse folk in Selangau.


Banting said...

They voted for BN and when they are in trouble they went to the opposition to help them. I agree these people are stupid voters.

If I were a defeated candidate in Selangau, I would file an election petition on the grounds that a corrupt practice or illegal practice was committed in connection with the election by the BN candidate or with his knowledge or consent, or by any agent of the candidate. For this purpose I would compel the attendance of the longhouse folks who had been bribed to be my witnesses failing which they shall be guilty of a contempt of Court.

In the just concluded Sarawak state election, the result of the election was published in the Gazette on 29th April, 2011, it means an election petition must be presented the latest by 20th May that is twenty one days of the date of publication in the Gazette.

Apai irau said...

Vote buying and or corruption are synonymous to our election.It's attached to many people especially the among the rurals and has become a culture of sorts.As long as BN rules ,do not expect any action from any of the relevant authorities,they themselves are part of.The EC allows phantom voters in favour of BN,the Police were being used to intimidate the opposition ,the MACC will not act even how strong the evidences are.The only way to get out of this disease is to avoid oneself from being bought and if the temptation is too hard to resist then take the money but do not vote the givers or the corrupt candidates.

Anonymous said...

According to information received, one company was issued a licence to take Forest Produce in Betong Division Ulu Paku and Ulu Layar just a week before the last state election but residents only found out a few weeks ago. According to relaible sources the Tuai Rumah and JKKK members of one Longhouse has already lodged a Police report at Spaoh/Betong, let see what's next

$$$$ said...

The sad thing is,our very own BN Ministers (such as Josep Ntulu)and politician are the criminals who took charge of the crime (votes buying)during elections. The very criminal we address as (yang berhormat)YB next day.

Naive Iban said...

I beg to differ.

Please bear in mind that there is no such thing as (vote) buying in Iban culture. When one gives and the receipient acknowledges - mostly in kinds.

If I give you materials (money) and you return the favour by (voting for me) vote. Simple as it has been in the begining which makes it the very reason the iban people do not feel guilty at all. They receive the money without the slightest knowledge of the motive by the giver. Rasuah was never the culture of the Iban people.

The issue of (authority) ruling only exist at the longhouse level for generations so when one talk about how a government is formed, they are lost.

No thanks to Jabu for exploiting the cool culture of the iban people and keeping them tied down to the gelegar of the tempuan to serve his political achievement at the expense of the naive little brain of the iban people.

Anonymous said...

Corruption and abuse of power are Malaysian culture now. No point teaching Moral and Agama subjects in schools nowadays. These evil doings will curse our country to be always below par in prosperity and economic status. The worst part is leaders do them without feeling of guilt and conscience. You see them going to church/temple/mosques telling the world how righteous and good role models they are; then showing off their luxurious cars and branded attire. But the rakyat, are getting smarter and know well how they live beyond their means. Make me sick to the bone!

Anonymous said...

The Tuai Rumah can lodge a report to bank concerned and copy to Bank Negara that the said bank refused to return back the bounced cheque. Bank Negara will definitely will have to response and the bank concerned will have a lot to explain.
As a former bank officer I had the experience in handling similar problem and its really tough.
Someone ought to assist the Tuai Rumah and very certain that there will be response. I hope this is of help.

Anonymous said...

Vote buying in every election. But the rural folks alays sccumbled to it.
When they are being bullied and land taken away by gangsters then they will look for somebody to save them. But comes election time, the $$$ will blur their eyes and they will vote BN again.
When are they going to learn???
We will see if they have learnt in the next Parlimentary Election???

Anonymous said...

Vote buying is not only happened during the recent election but everytime when the election comming if inot,i think....long time before the BN canidet no longger have a power.The villagers or the long house peoples were always cheated and promised by BN canidet.But why...when they are cheated they go to the opposition ???? I think if you want to be cheated again and again please vote BN forever....

Anonymous said...

duit undi BN aku ari nya kena aku meli lumor.... laban nadai berekat, salah magang lumor beli aku.. Sial duit taib