Thursday, January 19

Clonal Rubber Seeds stolen
LET ME EXPLAIN: Elli (right) shows reporters the 1Malaysia Clonal Rubber seedlings after the press conference.

KUCHING: Dr. Elli Luhat of DLT group of companies has reported to the Police the loss of about 24 tons of clonal rubber seeds worth about RM27.6 million.

The seeds kept at two places - six tons of about 1.4 million rubber clonal seeds at Ark BIO Sdn Bhd (Grow Centre) Kpg. Sri Temenggong, Jalan Telaga Air, Kuching, and 18 tons of about 4.1 million rubber clonal seeds at Lot 1378, Section 66, Pending Industrial Estate, Jalan Buroh, Bintawa, Kuching – were discovered stolen in the afternoon of January 17, 2012.

Elli said that the seeds were ready for distribution to farmers for their 1Malaysia clonal rubber  seeds.

According to him, the Police have alerted their counterparts in other divisions.

He advised farmers that anyone who wanted to sell clonal rubber seeds to them should immediately contact the Police.

DLT group of companies is one of the two that are involved in the supply of clonal rubber seeds.

He has so far distributed two millions of the seeds. 


Iban rumah panjai said...

Theft of clonal rubber seeds at two different locations. I believe it was the job of more than two persons. With the co-operation of the public to give an information, the police would be able to arrest the suspects soon.

Anonymous said...

could it be non-existance seeds only on papers?