Tuesday, January 17

Relaunching of Radio Free Sarawak on 17 Jan 2012

Radio Free Sarawak re-launches tomorrow Tues 17th January with an exciting new format and an expanded team of presenters on Short Wave 15420kHz, from 6pm daily.

Joining the show for the first time, as a surprise appointment, is one of Sarawak’s best-known Iban speaking radio presenters, Christina Suntai.  Also, returning to the show is the original presenter, ‘Papa Orang Utan’, Peter John Jaban, who acted as the show’s full-time D Jay last year.

The two high profile personalities will be joining the existing on-air team, which includes Michael Ngau, Stanley Rentap,  and Kakak Burung Tiong.


The station is limbering into ‘election gear’ with a new emphasis on inter-active dialogue with listeners:

“It is important, particularly during an election period, for listeners to the show to be able to contact us directly with their problems and issues and to give us their views and opinions”, explains the London based founder, Clare Rewcastle Brown.

There is a new local phone-in number, so listeners can leave messages or request to come on air.  From Tuesday the line opens on 082-237191, available for messages 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Radio Free Sarawak also connects with its audience via facebook and hosts an online site www.radiofreesarawak.org, where the show can be  listened to for free online.

Alternative voice

Radio Free Sarawak is also promising more action, more fun and more exposes, beginning with a world exclusive story involving a Sarawak based company.

Broadcast on shortwave from 6-8pm daily, the programme is regarded as an important vehicle by the opposition PKR party, which has been largely excluded from the BN dominated state media.   The station is featured in much of the party’s election material, now being distributed in target areas.

“For the past 30 years and more Sarawak has been run by a corrupt political elite, who have thought only of lining their own pockets”, says Rewcastle Brown.

“The state’s indigenous peoples have been left behind on health, on education and on the basic amenities of life. They have received no benefits from the deforestation of their lands and the destruction of the environment to grow oil palm.  These issues deserve to be raised and not hidden out of the way by pro-government broadcasts”

Radio Free Sarawak will also be returning to its original Short Wave frequency of 15420 kHz.

For more details on the new look Radio Free Sarawak visit www.radiofreesarawak.org  Or contact the Radio Free Sarawak team at info@radiofreesarawak.org   

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