Wednesday, January 18

Mawan expels the remaining four

KUCHING:  The President of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party William Mawan Ikom has formally sacked the remaining four of the group which called themselves as ‘SPDP 5’ apparently ending a two-year old crisis in the party.

“They are sacked from the party and by implication they are no longer members of Barisan Nasional.

“The decision is regrettable, but you know I have been holding back (the decision), because I don’t like to do the thing that we don’t like to do.

“But sometimes a decision will have to be made in order to do justice to ourselves, to the party and to the Barisan Nasional and probably to the four,” he said after chairing the party’s supreme council meeting.

The four who are elected representatives are Tiki Lafe, (Mas Gading MP), Peter Nansian, (Tasik Biru assemblyman), Rosey Yunus (Bekenu) and Paulus Gumbang (Batu Danau).

The leader of the group, Sylvester Entri, Marudi assemblyman, was sacked in November last year.

All the five have expressed no confidence in the SPDP leadership after they walked out from the party’s supreme council meeting in January in 2010 following a major disagreement over the replacement and appointment of Secretary General.

Since then they had failed to attend the party’s supreme council meetings even though they had been invited to do so.

In announcing the expulsion, Mawan said:  “We wish them all the best.  We know that as far as SPDP is concerned, they are no longer members of the SPDP and by implication they are no longer members of Barisan Nasional.

“But if they profess to continue to support BN, that is well and good. But it should not within the definition of the BN framework, the understanding and the BN teamwork,” he said.

Regarding the formation of BN club by the five, Mawan said that he was not sure whether they as members of the club are members of the Barisan Nasional.

“We have various BN clubs and political clubs even in universities in London. But with regard to those who were once belonging to component parties and have resigned or sacked, I am not sure at the moment whether they still can continue to form an entity.

“We can acknowledge the existence of the support group, but not as an entity. It is not in line with the principle and understanding of Barisan Nasional. Otherwise it can set a dangerous precedent.

 “I shudder to think of the consequences,” Mawan added.

On the question of Chief Minister expressing support for the group forming a club, Mawan said that all component parties wanted BN to be strong and wanted everyone to support the Barisan Nasional.

“But he (Chief Minister) did not say that he formally recognised the legal existence of the club. Certainly the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister and even I cannot refuse the support given by those even by those who have been sacked, except that we cannot formally say that their entity is legal in the context of the existing principle of Barisan Nasional.

“You cannot deviate from that,” Mawan said.

He made it very clear that his party would oppose the group joining any member party of the Barisan Nasional or even ‘parking’ with any party in Barisan.

“It is not the question whether we support them or not joining any other party in the Barisan. It is never the case. That is understood long time ago.

‘Anybody who said otherwise is on purpose.  Not because they don’t know. They just like to say it in order to confuse the people for their own ends,” he said.

Mawan, who is Social Development Minister, was apparently referring to the President of Parti Rakyat Sarawak James Masing who had invited the five to join his party or to be ‘parked’ for the time being.

Meanwhile, Mawan has identified three possible persons as potential candidates to replace Tiki in the Mas Gading parliamentary constituency.

The three are Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism Ik Pahon Joyik, Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra) deputy general manager Anthony Nogeh and Zecon general manager Rayan Narong.

The three were introduced to the public over a dinner over the week-end in Bau.


Iban rumah panjai said...

Congratulations YB Mawan! SPDP has done the right move to sack them from the party. For the last two years this gang of 5 has been giving contradictory statements.

One thing for sure in BN agreement, any elected representative leaves or quits his party is banned to bring his seat. So, padan muka mereka. Let them contest as independents in future, and whether their constituents still support them.

Bravo YB Mawan.

Apai irau said...

to my learned friend Iban rumah panjai-don't be so confident that these gang of 5 could not bring their seats.In politics,things are not static-for all you know Taib might allow them to contest as BN PLUS and allow free contest between them and SPDP candidates like what Taib did in 1983,after the birth of PBDS.Secondly,never assume that these gang of 5 will be quite-they will do anything to survive politically,including setting up a new party;whether Mawan oppose to the new party or not is not a matter of concern to them-they have somebody who is strong financially and politically behind them and that's why they dare to take this route from the outset of the case.

Anonymous said...

Mawan should have done that before the last State Election and would have save himself a lot of headache.

In the present situation Mawan's problem is only just beginning. The SPDP intra fight is no yet over.

Anonymous said...

The fight in ernest has only just begun. Sad for Mawan b'cos he is now having to fight Taib, he will lose it. Obviously Taib needs all his assemblymen to support his state government. Between Mawan and other ex SPDP YBs in the Group of 5, it is commonsense to expect that Taib would support them instead of Mawan, president of SPDP. SPDP would be a party of 2 YBs remaining. And in Mas Gading Taib would have to listen to YB Nansen, not Mawan. This protocol dictates.

Less Mawan should forget and start to build up hatred against "parking in another BN component party" by having a notion that the present situation is caused by PRS, as an outsider to BN I see all these are the works of other component BN, not PRS. Of course that component BN is also trying to split PRS. Only by splitting all other component party else could this BN component remains strong ansd united and rule Sarawak. So do not bark the wrong tree.

In Mas Gading I would bet my bottom dollar TIKI will be fielded as BN candidate because Taib will say so.

Iban rumah panjai said...

Hi bro Apai irau, the fact is they have been sacked from SPDP and are no longer members of the party.

Setting up a new political party or hoping to get blessing from Taib to contest under the status plus-BN for their political survival is another issue which I can see may cause problems to the existing relationship between component party members in BN. Do you think what you are assumed may set a bad and dangerous precedent? As BN leaders said, they could not refuse the support given by any group from those who have been sacked. In BN spirit and consensus, does an elected representative allow to "hijack" the party`s seat?

As reported in the newspaper, we can hear another "salvo" from the group of 5 this weekend to rebut remarks and allegations made against them.

DG said...

Mawan can sack whoever toes the party's line but it is Taib who calls the shot when it comes to selecting BN's candidates in any general election. The leaders of Sarawak component parties really has no power over this matter. That is why we can see insubordinations are very common in BN component parties except PBB. These members who dare to defy their parties' bosses are those that are close to Taib. Their respect and loyalty are never with their respective parties or leaders; they only owe their allegiance to Taib. This is part of Taib's divide and rule scheme so that he will always be at the helm in total control.

kasambabi said...

Mr. DG, I can see it now.In other words all Sarawak state BN elected representatives are the puppets of Taib. So pathetic!

To a group of SPDP 5. It is alright you verbalize your love, admiration and appreciation for BN, praise BN frequently, reassure BN constantly, because you are elected under BN symbols. BUT comes next state general election, one thing for sure the four of you will not be nominated by SPDP, including Tiki to defend his MP seat. That is fact. Hope Taib use his wisdom, which is more important, 5 of you or SPDP.

Anonymous said...

The recent statement by Nansen referring to Tiki GE12's result and whereby he urged SPDP to nominate Tiki for the coming GE13 is really pathetic. He has forgotten that Tiki and himself are no more in SPDP. And being outside SPDP how in thre world would Tiki be renominated to contest in Mas Gading in GE13? Both are without any locus standi to speak or do anything about SPDP. And as Mawan said that they having left the party Nansen and Tiki cannot bring the respective seats, ADUN/MP with them. SPDP being a component in Barisan Nasional has the absolute right to nominagte anybody to represent the party in Mas Gading using BN symbol. As for Nansen, Tiki and their Group of 5 they started a BN Club, an illegal entity, they cannot demand any right to represent BN. Of course when SPDP put a BN candidate in either Mas Gading or Tasik Biru later, either Tiki or Nansen cannot be in the reckoning. Of course they are not!. That's why Mawan of late said "Nansen can kiss good-bye to Tasik Biru in the next State Election" which is by April, 2015.

Nansen and Tiki by saying they are in BN Club are merely 'cheating' the voters that had elected them before. By right of convention and political decency once you are out of the party, a component in BN, you are no more in BN. Both Nansen and Tiki, and for the matter the other ADUN in the original Group of 5, they all should resign their posts as Assistant Ministers and other political appointments they been assigned to: those appointments belong to SPDP, and not their personal-to-holder jobs to bring wherever they go. It is not right what they are now doing. They are merely protecting their self-interest, and that's wrong. Their present positions are through having been elected by the voters on the declared premise they were members of SPDP/BN. Once no more in SPDP/BN, to be fair to the voters, they must leave behind all those positions with SPDP, and be on their own. They have a right to build back but must start from point zero. Otherwise they must stand condemned as "cheats" and as build on the asset of SPDP. Notwithstanding CM Taib might have "given his blessings" to them they must start on their own. Maybe form new political party, contest and later on join BN if they won. To do so like they are now doing is not only confusing the peoples of Bau and Lundu, they are hiding beneath Barisan Nasional's skirt. That's the worst kind of cheap politicians: shameful.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, History repeats itself. Dayaks are left to fight within and outside the party. Let them stay disunited, so the asying goes, and just focus on making rich and powerful a few selected Dayaks who are more than willing to 'kill' their own kind even further. Saloi will forever be saloi; bodoh tapi sombong!